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November 2nd, 2023 - Spring Training starts Friday!
Spring training starts tomorrow, so please set your spring lineup and pitching assignments.

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November 29th, 2023 - North Port 92.6 SWB "The bobcats are in third place!", De Fazio becomes inducted, Edwards on Kusunoki. - North Port Bobcats
"Here's the one two to Cowell, and it's a blooper into right field around 3rd is Duarte and he SCORES!!!! Bobcats take the LEAD!" -Walk-off hit
"Fujiwara gets his sign, he looks at home plate, and the pitch, and he swings and misses, strike three and for the first time in 5 years, the Bobcats in third place!" -Fujiwara
HOF #88 SS Victor De Fazio has announced he is inducted into the HOF for North Port, he was rushed into the hospital the other day after having a heart attack, he is alive but is spending a few nights in the hospital, but the ceremony will still be held!
"Kusunoki is hopefully going to fit somewhere in the rotation this season, hopefully." Frank "The tank" edwards went out to the media saying that Kusunoki could def make the team, one day.
May 21, 2062
Stay safe and have fun
  - TMC_22

November 27th, 2023 - New General Manager, New Goals - Evansville Indians

Today I stand before you at the new General Manager of the Evansville Indians. I've looked at the great history of this ball club. We've had some real highs and some real lows. Lots of general managers, lots of ball club managers. Stability, is something needed here in Evansville. We have some nice pieces here in our major league team and some nice pieces in the minors. At this stage we've got to have a very strong emphasis on developing young players that we have and drafting and finding new young talent in the free agent pool. The team we have now, I'll let them play, Coach Raines is in full control of the lineup card at this time. We both see eye to eye on where we would like to be the rest of the year and the future of this ball club.
  - SpeedyRacer977191

November 27th, 2023 - BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!!!!! De Fazio Retires! - North Port Bobcats
SS #88 is being put up on the wall of HOF for North Port.
Here's what TMC had to say.
"Victor, one of the greatest on North Port, 5 1/2 season's and cut short. He hit about 20+ Hr's every season along with getting 50+ Rbi's and playing SS the entire time. Thank you Victor, for giving North port something."
May 14th, 2062.
Stay safe and have fun
  - TMC_22