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High Point Shaolin Stars

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Hurr Durr
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Butte Pirates

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I say this as a weak sister in my league... how would this do anything but bring down the quality of competition?

In basically every division at every league level, there is already an obvious and often very wide gap between the two or three teams actually competing to promote and those just trying not to demote... and maybe even one or two who are all but out or have things all but wrapped up sometime around the break.

I'm not sure how there's any way that just saying half of the LL2 teams, for example, are now Legends teams is going to do anything but make that gap more pronounced.

I also don't like the proposed shift away from the nicely balanced schedule we have now to an imbalanced schedule that's heavy on division opponents; they do that IRL for travel and to foster geographic rivalries in relatively static divisions... which doesn't really make sense here.

If it's variety you're after, maybe try to enjoy the Cup more.

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San Luis Obispo Turtles

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I do not care for this suggestion. It's not a terrible alignment. I won't get all worked up into a huff and claim it's going to ruin my enjoyment of the game, but I definitely prefer the current alignment to this idea. As described in the OP, this starts with a 24-team LL 1, and then presumably each lower league doubles in size like it does currently until we reach a similar number of teams. This is effectively going to result in lopping off the top of the existing pyramid. Check out the below comparison of the current alignment to the proposed alignment to see what I'm talking about:


You can see the new alignment, in terms of numbers of teams and division, is exactly the same as the current alignment without the top level. Yeah, we have twice as many teams in the new League 1, but as far as I'm concerned that just waters down the prestige of being in League 1. I think this is a bad tradeoff for the minimal benefit of seeing more faces in League play. We already have Cup play to give us more opponent variety.
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Edmond Bulldogz

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the proposed LL and teams is gd but there is no need for the extra divisions keep the same number of divisions.

LL teams divisions
1 24 2
2 48 4

maybe do 3 up 3 down for promotions etc
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Colorado Springs Buzzards

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+1 only if we get 3promotions 6demotion. But 24 team leagues would make All-Star players really rare. Also make 4divisions with 2 wild cards must win wildcard game to promote. Complicated schedule for sure?
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Tombstone Red Devils

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It would make it easier to get to legends, easier to stay there, and as mentioned earlier, water down the quality of the top league.

-1 to the suggestion

barely, but like mentioned, seems like a big change to something that is not broken.

Scrap this and give me the ability to schedule friendlies on off days instead for variety!
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Fall River Naughty Dawgs

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Pew pew ... recipe for a deader game
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Haverhill Halflings

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One of the more interesting effects of the small league sizes is that almost every game counts. Even at the end of the season, the majority of the teams are in one race or another :)
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Waterloo Dinosaurs

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Just my opinion, but I like it as is. With a 12 team league I am able to "get to know" my opponents. Think that would be lessened with more teams.

Ultimately, it would also foster a greater feeling of Rivalry within each division as well (Particularly in Legends, as twice the amount of players would now be at the top)

Would it? Rivalry stems from repeated confrontations. I would think a larger league would reduce rivalries.

If the pyramid structure needs freshening up, maybe have the 4th place team move sideways (obviously wouldn't work at Legends). Ie., the 4th place finished in II.1 East goes to II.2 East, etc.. (This idea is off the top of my head - haven't thought through the repercussions).
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Haverhill Halflings

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I'd be sad if I got kicked out of III.1 because I'm in fourth. I'd like to continue competing against the teams I've built up rivalries with.

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