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November 10th, 2019 - 2043 regular season begins Monday!
The cup kicks off Monday and league play starts on Tuesday. Please make sure you have your lineups and pitching set up for opening day. Also, make sure you reconfigure your ballpark as necessary.

Press Releases

December 12th, 2019 - Too Late for Cosmetic Surgery? - Atlantic City Broadwalkers
How bad has the 2043 season been for Atlantic City? Answer: worse than 2019 has been for Donald Trump.

At the half-way point, Milo Metalbat's Broadwalkers are mired in last place in the Eastern Division of League II.2, and the majority of the aging roster looks like it has spent too many hours in a cut-rate Botox booth operated by Janet Jackson.

Just one member of the squad (34 year-old closer Lincoln Knight) was selected for the eastern all-star team. In a not-exactl...
  - metalbat13

December 12th, 2019 - Recognizing our all-stars - Strongsville Razorbacks
The Razorbacks were represented by three first time all-stars this year. All three are products of the Strongsville farm system and earned their first selections to the all-star team this year.

Melvin Caruso was honored as the starter for the West, who won the game 4-3. In his seventh season with the club, Caruso has a BAA of .240 and has 11 quality starts and 3 complete games, one of which is a shutout, in 17 starts this season.

The youngster Vince holden has a 3.07 ER...
  - BUDude

December 12th, 2019 - Free Smart Phone Screen Cleaner Service for Fans - Charleston Sharks
For the rest of the season the Charleston Sharks will offer a free screen cleaning to your smart phone when you attend our games. Enjoy a crystal clean screen and the optimal viewing experience as you stream the game on your Smart Phone while at the ballpark.

Limit one cleaning per customer.

  - Ken_Kennilworth