Baseball News

September 18th, 2017 - Davis wins the cup!
In a lopsided two game sweep, the Davis Blue Devils beat the San Mateo Ninja. The Devils were led by "Boom Boom" Jacobs and Tavon "The Jet" Jennings who both had five hits over two games. Congratulations to the el_jefe_loco and the Devils!

September 15th, 2017 - Cup Final Monday!
The cup final is Monday and will feature a Northern California series between the Devils and the Ninja. The Davis Blue Devils (IV.4) have been managed by long-term owner el_jefe_loco and feature Miguel Cuellar on the mound and hot hitting "Boom Boom" Jacobs leading the offense. Their opponents are the San Mateo Ninja (II.2) lead by another long standing owner Crazy Li a long with two-time MVP Cristiano "Moonshot" Santana. First pitch is Monday at 2:00 pm Pacific time – good luck to el_jefe_loco and Crazy Li.

September 3rd, 2017 - 20 years of Hattrick!
This month celebrates 20 years of Hattrick. Although probably not the dominate game that it once was, it was the first really large browser-based massively multiplayer online sports management game. At one point, roughly one million players were playing Hattrick. In many way, it was the inspiration for games like Broken Bat and others. Congratulations on 20 years and 63 seasons of football (soccer) fun!

Press Releases

September 19th, 2017 - Mike Childs, Hall of Fame Outfielder - Port Arthur Pirates
A bright spot in what has become a dismal season for the Port Arthur Pirates, a season that will see them relegated back down to Division IV at it's end, announced today that 34 year old outfielder Mike Childs would be the first entry into Port Arthur's Hall of Fame. Seven seasons on the US National Team, six seasons as a All Star outfielder, MVP and All League center field in 2026, we are honored for Mike to establish the bar for entering Port Arthur's Hall of Fame.
  - Valmion

September 19th, 2017 - Managerial Change - New Orleans Knights
The Knights have moved on from Sam Jones as interim manager and named John "Buster" Cheung as their new manager. Jones was named interim earlier this year and held onto the post while management interviewed candidates. The decision was made to give Buster a chance to manage this club for the last month of the season to get a feel for them moving forward. He will need to find a way to balance veterans, prepare prospects and get the most out of a club that has seen 2 straight seasons of struggle...
  - mjreichard

September 18th, 2017 - Historic run falls short - San Mateo Ninja
The San Mateo Ninja made a deeper cup run than they ever have previously in team history this season, reaching the finals themselves. Unfortunately, their luck ran out at the last second and they were promptly defeated in a 2-0 sweep. Despite exceptional performance in cup games leading up to the finals, the team played the final two games as lackluster as they have been the entire season in league.
  - Crazy Li