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#85216 Forum >> Help >> Team Evaluation mrprogamer2020 10/20/2021 11:30:20 am
Sort your lineup Based on BA so my idea for your RHP lineup should be-
1. Jimenez
2. Lorenzo
3. Diaz
4. Lynch
5. Gray
6. Larkin
7. Tucker
8. Russ
9. Huntley
Do something similar to that for LHP lineup. You have a fire number 3 and 4 hitters. Keep them both as long as you can.

Willis should be number 2 in your rotation. Everything other than that looks good. Your Single A players are really good, keep them in the place they need to be and if they are recommended to move up, wait a couple days before doing so to maximize their SI growth.

That is my opinion, hope you learned something!

BTW, would you please give me feedback about my team as well, not many have done it.

Thank You!
#85217 Forum >> Help >> What is a decent/good/acceptable WHIP? electriceel883 10/20/2021 12:47:25 pm
I tend to ignore a lot of the minor league stats because of AI usage. Especially low stamina guys. The AI is "relatively" following the pitch counts I set in the spring training chart, leading to very different stats. And before training update #2, his stamina was 3 xD. It would be very hard for an AI to manage a guy like this under any circumstances. It did have him start a game, and that minor league update had his ERA go up 1 point lol. His FIP was way lower than his ERA when he was starting games, because of other teams pitch counts or a default one.

#85218 Forum >> Help >> What is a decent/good/acceptable WHIP? Rock777 10/20/2021 2:36:43 pm
I generally consider FIP a pretty useless stat. I like looking at WHIP, K/BB, HR/IP, GB/FB. Stuff like that.

When I said below 1.500 was good, it was more in relation to minor league stats. For a major leaguer, I would say 1.500 is the danger zone. You really want guys closer to 1.400 (or lower) in the major leagues. I would generally be satisfied with a 1.416 team WHIP, but that could still be below average in many leagues. Its really very league dependent.

Updated Wednesday, October 20 2021 @ 2:38:08 pm PDT
#85219 Forum >> Help >> 3 Baseman Search mrprogamer2020 10/20/2021 3:27:23 pm
Does anyone have a good third baseman they recently released or one in the free agent list? My current one is for reference. Thank You!
#85220 Forum >> Help >> What is a decent/good/acceptable WHIP? electriceel883 10/20/2021 3:38:17 pm
Well of course, there is room for improvement still. I have one pitcher on my whole staff who's actually maxed on SI and 4 in the 70's low 80's. I dont expect consistency from those guys, but compared to how my pitching looked these last 2 seasons, its like driving a Cadillac right now.

The workhorse again this year is Alderman (1.271 WHIP). 1300ish WHIP is where I would ultimately like to be. We would be doing a better with better hitting of course. I have a couple exciting bats in the minors, but getting the hitting is hard.
#85221 Forum >> Help >> What is a decent/good/acceptable WHIP? Rock777 10/20/2021 4:15:07 pm
I've been struggling with the bats forever. I find it much harder to find good bats on waivers. Sure I got Kim uncontested, but he's definitely the rare case.
#85222 Forum >> Help >> What is a decent/good/acceptable WHIP? electriceel883 10/20/2021 5:12:42 pm
Decent guys I have gotten. But the best ones Hodson, Arriaga, Nakajima etc are previous draft picks/inherited. Might have some top performers coming through the minors though.

Starting to feel more and more I should just draft one bat after another.
#85223 Forum >> Discussions >> 2052 Regular Season electriceel883 10/20/2021 5:44:04 pm
This about sums it up:

New Braunfels Chili Peppers W 20 L 20 .500 DIFF: 0

#85224 Forum >> Leagues >> III.1 JJRR 10/20/2021 6:11:52 pm
Core lineup set with the conversion of Fong to 3B and Fontenot to SS. Mitchell at 2B has added some errors but hanging in. Old Man Abernathy is holding down 1B.

Starting to see some pink on our latest stats table. Long way to go.

Moving some of those 3A guys up Seca! :)

Likewise on some young pitchers at SP and relief. Don't worry folks, you'll all get a shot at them.

Plan is development, better performance and a hot streak. :) "Hope is not a plan." someone said.

Quite pleased with FA rookie Werner #246628 so far. He had nice AAA offense and has added some much needed hits to the lineup.
#85225 Forum >> Discussions >> 2052 Cup Cactusguy21 10/20/2021 6:37:20 pm
I don't know how you guys do it with Cup. I always play to win the thing. Getting far in Cup is just as important to me as league.

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