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#92722 Forum >> Leagues >> VI.9 SanKaloon 09/21/2023 3:57:45 am
It has been a rough stretch against the West, 2-8 so far. But I did get my first complete game shutout, so that was fun.
#92723 Forum >> Leagues >> VI.9 electriceel883 09/21/2023 2:57:00 pm
#92724 Forum >> Help >> Negative Cash Balance Jaguar 09/21/2023 10:43:47 pm
Thank you
#92725 Forum >> Suggestions >> Waivers El jefe 09/22/2023 8:00:18 am
+1 for 3 seasons
#92726 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion tamale 09/23/2023 4:34:42 am
Waterloo picked up Pacheco... nice to see him remain in the division :) I kept him around on my shortlist, but refrained from picking him up again. Similar profile to Harp, another FA signing who took a while to develop but the patience finally looks to by paying off. Pacheco needs a POT boost to profile in his neighbourhood. I'm also interested in Scot Ren, the Jets had a lot of interest and wonder whether his results will look better when placed in his proper role (LHS).

Despite my comments from last week the main reason for the mass benching/demotions and AAA roster is just to give more time to evaluate. Currently going with the spartan MLB roster while I decide what to do with those guys. I would call up Kyle Watt but due to finding a couple of catchers recently he's now training at 3B again (a long way behind).

Had a pretty good run in the draft this season, with McFadden and 3 potential pitchers. I don't use low control arms at all, but maybe Gonzales and/or Mahoney will change that. I think they have a chance. Also intrigued by Ceja. Over 80 IP in the organisation and hasn't given up a single HR. Only 1 per 29 IP as an amateur. Hope to have found one there in the 4th round.
#92727 Forum >> Leagues >> II.1 Jason2327 09/23/2023 6:01:24 pm
Good grief! My pitching starts getting decent and my hitters can't see the ball now
#92728 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion JJNZ 09/23/2023 10:53:11 pm
Other than the Birmingham and Lawrence series, we've been abysmal. I'd have to check, but I think excluding those series and including the last cup round I was part of, I think we'd be 1W, 24L. That's probably the worst RNG we've ever had in 40+ seasons in the game. I guess we're lucky to include the other two series then.....
#92729 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion JJNZ 09/23/2023 10:56:22 pm
Should check before posting. Lawrence smoked us. The other Hawks, Charleston let us sneak in a couple of wins. Plus we did ok v Yumas and Ocean view Woods before interleague, so it's a case of perception being worse than reality. Still, reality isn't that flash.....

2 more rage cuts today, with at least one more pending.

Pondering an off season relocation to a more pitcher friendly environment, it would be a shame to give up the current theme though.
#92730 Forum >> Discussions >> 2061 Open Thread electriceel883 09/24/2023 5:49:27 am
Some interesting trends going into All-Star week. We lost our first inter-league series 2-3 against our old friends, The Magnum P.I.'s. Turns out they are the best pitching outfit in the League by quite a bit with a 3.45 ERA. So losing the 3 games 5-0, 4-1, 4-2 didnt feel quite so bad. Oddly we won G1 15-1. Our very own second in the League 3.79 ERA has the best FIP to go with it at 3.75. But then, Nunez has struggled horribly with his always good FIP, and now on the long term DL Stowe is very similar in this respect, as his is 2.5 points higher. I keep hoping Nunez will turn it around, but he's in this second straight season of this garbage, .413 BAA against same-sided hitting is perplexing and ludicrous. However our pitching staff is best in the League with 49 homers allowed. Leading the League in CG and SHO is par for the course. I have shortened some pitch counts but apparently still less than everyone else. I imagine some regression will happen, as our BAA is middle of the pack, but then we have a league low 153 walks, as I have been prioritizing control over the last several seasons, even with Coronado and Bustamante entrusted in closing the barn door in right handed relief. We are however 7th in strikeouts despite Kennedy leading any other pitcher by 30 and good velocity for a lot of the staff as 6 pitchers are 16+ and 9 are in double digits (11 if one includes Stowe and Omi). This of the remainder of my one-time High Point High Heat Strategy. We are second in inducing ground balls.

The erstwhile Dopes will be a very interesting matchup today. They are 33-37 but far in front in inducing ground balls but also lead the league in Homers by quite a bit at 92. We are 3rd in homers but 18 behind their tally (4th in slugging). We are 3rd in BA, and 3rd in putting the ball in the air, thanks mostly to Pags and Mares. Our OBP isnt where I'd like it to be, being 3rd and .338. Would really like to get to .350 if we ever can. Like increasing team control, a work in progress. Guys like Nelson and Carr seem to have less value, and Shanks will be aging out at some point. Respectable but not great OPS at .775 and .277 RISP.

We were once a dangerous SB team but that has completely fallen apart. Got tired of McCann getting caught all the time (hes never had an amazing SB% but usually reasonable) so hes not allowed to steal at the moment. Just 29 SB and 65.9%. Also watching Mori not throw out runners a lot. Its 36.7% but seems much lower. Despite me not caring a bit about speed unless attached to SB ability, we have a fairly swift team: 10 players have at least 14 speed with 4 more in double digits. Only Buck, Goodson and Mares are REALLY slow. Shanks only plays in off lineups. He went from attempting every 2 games or so to like 1/10 last season. he's still extremly efficient at over an 80% success rate but that OBP of 3...ugh. Newell's having a crappy season, but he's the flavor of the moment on the basepaths, having 13 speed but being very aggressive. His Cup/League tally is 27/38 for an acceptable 71%. But he also has an OBP of 3. But that is because he is hitting very poorly with hopefully quite a bit of SI left to gain.

We once murdered left handed pitching, but our group this year has a very poor .245. Often I swap out one poor performing guy for another. It would be nice if guys like Buck, Padgett, McCann or Newell found themselves against lefties at some point. That said we are still 19-14 against them as nearly half our games have been against them. 2nd place Littleton is 13-6 against LHP, but are the only other team in our division that has done well against them. Interestingly almost all their own rotation is L. Only Kalamazoo on the other side is above .500 either. Last time in III we had only 48 games against Lefty SP.
#92731 Forum >> Discussions >> 2061 Open Thread Alyksandur 09/24/2023 7:59:01 pm
 I am just sooo [CENSORED] done with interdivisional this season. I’m 7-18 so far with a no-hitter against me besides. Can we just play the All-Star Game and go let me go back to the East? I’ve gone from eight games over .500 to three games under. -.-

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