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#88588 Forum >> Discussions >> 2055 Cup Seca 07/04/2022 9:28:36 pm
Cheers to Hayseed and Hood River! Nice to see Fern and the boys put a purple trophy on the shelf.
#88589 Forum >> Discussions >> 2055 Black Cats + Inferno Baseball electriceel883 07/05/2022 2:00:59 am
2055 Team Roster Review:

Just 3 draftees made it to this point, 2 pitchers and 1 catcher.

Kennedy I am hoping can be a top of the rotation guy. He surrendered 13 homers in 200 IP in AA and is now in AAA where in a small sample size he has allowed none. His control so far shows to be solid but not spectacular. Homers and walks is why highly-touted Pitcher Moreno had a heartbreaking year, so that is what my eye is on.

Holden has exactly the same comments as last years #1 Nevarez (with 1 less POT)...he promoted to AA after a solid year in A: .827 HR/9 and 2.94BB/9.

I assume most people would cut Nevarez (my last remaining pick of 2054): 6.15 ERA, 36 HR in 186 IP but I havent so far.

Gentile I am hoping is the Right-handed C of the future. He has about everything you could ask for but power. .294/7/52, .357 OBP, .765 OPS in AA.

Nicolás Páez [38 claims] was the big fish. He is having a ridiculous season too: .357/9/49, OBP .398, OPS .961, 9 OA, 1 Error in 84G. I think he has over-achieved quite a bit: he strikes out a lot and he's had some hot and cold years.

Dwayne Knudsen [3 claims] Another guy with that shrinking POT. He started at 14 and is now down to 12. I signed him to have a better fielding 1B to eventually platoon, though I am training him at 3B as well. He would be below average there but maybe an ok injury replacement. He has a nice FB rate. though his power needs some developing: 1 HR/38 AB.

Ryan Buck [2 claims]. A longshot. His SI is quite low to "may have learned all he can in AAA" for an NP. He is the right-handed DH version of a platoon. If Goodson develops a few more points and is a good enough hitter to hit in all lineups (A la Hodson) I wont need him. Also there is Shane Collins. if Buck develops his power, that is a needed facet of the lineup. He's still usually near the top of the cut-list though.

Yasmany Corral [16 claims]. The second significant claim of this season: Despite being 34, the 3 time Cy Young Winner still has massive SI and seems to have plenty in the tank: 46 IP, 34 hits, 4 HR, 3.33 ERA. He does walk some guys, but slots into my Top 3.

Salvador Robledo [1 claims] Basically Quintero insurance. batting .370 in limited work.

Scott Grooms - Free Agent Signee. Not quite as enthused about him. While he has nice defensive range and arm for a SS, one thing he does less well than Rodriguez in errors. 2 in 12 starts. He is a no power GB hitter who is hitting .278. Certainly ok as a stop-gap, but he costs 3.4M and is 34.

Manuel Cañizles [1 claims] I have a bit of a weakness for VG POT guys. His control is just 3, but 2 pitches and stamina to be a starter told me he was worth a shot. There is something hinky about the recommendations: He was drafted this season, assigned to Rookie Ball, but is now recommended to AA even though he never appeared in A ball for his drafting team, nor is he at the age (22) where he would have an automatic recommendation out of RB. So being the stodgy cuss I am, I assigned him to A Ball. I will put him in AA starting next season.

Mauricio Macias [1 claims]. More back of the roster fodder. 2 pitches but lacking control, but ERA in the minors and for L3 LaGrange (with only 65 SI) was ok, as were his homers.

Cody Cota [4 claims]. Another one of the GH, DS guys with good FB rates. He is also a S who hits better against RHP. That being said hes barely useable in OF with 13 range, poor PD with mediocre offensive numbers in AAA in 2054-55 with a 14 hit tool. 1 HR/35 AB. Another "well thats why he was on waivers".

Jose Luis Olivares - Free Agent Signee
Matt Nelson - Free Agent Signee

Closed the Waivers period signing these two guys from the 18/21 year old pool and leaving one spot open as usual. Olivares is pretty meh, but unhittable fastball, stamina makes him worth a look. His homers are slightly high but he has better control at this point than a lot of guys. Nelson is an even longer shot but like Olivares is predicted to rise to meet his comments. He is a long way away, but all of his attributes are rising pretty evenly. Lottery ticket.

Signed and dropped or previous prospects let go:

Chan Ho Ji; Julián Macias; Rene Carbone; Frank Beaty; Jaime Valdes; Daichi Mizu; Alejandro Palacios; Francisco Jimenez; Carmelo Gallegos; Jessie Grady; Jintao Baek; Leonardo Longoria; Alfredo Lopez.

Macias, Beaty, Valdes, Jiminez, Grady, Lopez latched on with other teams.

Played their last games as Infernos. All have found new teams except Helm, or were released too late to claim.

Marcos Valera
Enrique Briseno
Andrés Cuevas
Russell Helm
Pedro Prieto
Tony Rodriguez
José Murillo
Omar Cintron

Updated Tuesday, July 5 2022 @ 11:00:46 am PDT
#88590 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion PrivateSnowflake 07/05/2022 4:36:42 am
I suspect I know what the off season plan for Bloomington will entail...

I've given up trying to find and develop a HR hitter. I've run through a few good looking prospects the past 3-4 seasons, but the minor-league HR totals never translated to the big leagues. Going back to small ball...
#88591 Forum >> Discussions >> 2055 Cup Hayseed 07/05/2022 8:49:14 am
Thanks guys.
#88592 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion Rock777 07/05/2022 9:09:29 am
Bechtel is a freak of nature.

I suspect his ratings are actually better than what is shown. How else can you explain a guy with those BC/PD numbers having such a high OBP.

Its been very difficult to pull 20+ HR guys off waivers of late (never mind 30+). I think people in general have gotten better at identifying them...

Updated Tuesday, July 5 2022 @ 9:12:59 am PDT
#88593 Forum >> Discussions >> 2055 Cup wickersty 07/05/2022 1:47:05 pm
Way to go dude.
#88594 Forum >> Discussions >> 2055 Black Cats + Inferno Baseball electriceel883 07/05/2022 4:35:03 pm
...that old RNG has me in it's spell...that old RNG that you weave so well....

Since things are so tenuous I was apprehensive about playing first place New Orleans (2-4 against them earlier in the season). Well, we swept them in 3 games, on the heels of sweeping Boise for our 8th win in a row, so we have gotten a little bit hot lately.

Finally won one of those tricky 2-1 games where we only have a few hits (this time 5) behind another strong start by Olivera. Moreno now has a stretch of 3 good starts, this time going 7 1/3 IP with no homers allowed in a 5-2 win. Corral followed that up with not a fabulous start but a decent one: 4 ER in 7 1/3. Second straight series the BP pitched flawlessly, this time Johansen with 2 outings and a win and a save.

Waters is now having a solid year, Quintero an acceptable one, Goodson and McCann having very good ones.

With Cup over and shorter series, no more pitching my best pitchers everyday. The Mayor is up tomorrow and Harvey will probably get his first work in a while.

Moved to 59-61, into 3rd place, 4 games ahead of relegation.

Updated Tuesday, July 5 2022 @ 4:39:33 pm PDT
#88595 Forum >> Help >> Minor League/Major League Question todd 07/05/2022 6:56:07 pm
If I take a player out of the minors on Saturday morning, play him in the majors all week till Thursday night before training, then place him back into the minors before Friday's training update, come Friday morning will he receive a full weeks training of minor league? I know he won't get any major league experience, but I'm wondering if he will still get regular minor league training? Thanks!
#88596 Forum >> Help >> Too many 3B/C Jwrose 07/05/2022 7:53:20 pm
I would like some input from as many owners as possible. I won'r need to solve this til next season, but I have a 3B/C in the minors ready to join the show. Issue is, I have a great C a very good 3B and 2 other good backup 3B/C in the bigs now. Like I said I don't have to solve it this season, my team is already 20 games from clinching so moves aren't necessary. Just want to see what everyone thinks
#88597 Forum >> Help >> Too many 3B/C electriceel883 07/05/2022 8:10:15 pm
I assume you are talking about Kohiyana/Montejo /Moreno/Ocampo ?

T. Kohiyama - C

Play Llamas in the OF, he is .8 there already - to replace McCarty, who lost 6 SI last year so will probably lose a lot next season too

Montejo looks like your best 3B prospect, should get majority of AB.

Moreno - Looks like a backup at C/3B to me - could easily slide into LHP platoon or backup C. His hitting issues going back to the minors could make a scenario where he could give way to Ocampo at some point.

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