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#90726 Forum >> Discussions >> 2058 Draft Rd 4 Seca 01/27/2023 8:07:15 am
Salas is interesting. Decent HR numbers. Has awkward defensive skills though.

Only 1 pickable player on our board. Will get the week to show he can do something in minor ball. Likely packing his bags next Friday.
#90727 Forum >> Suggestions >> End this now electriceel883 01/27/2023 8:28:11 am
I ignore as possible team records from 2012 or earlier, before the team got its first manager, like pre-1900 in MLB. The records are there, but if my guys exceed them, they get the "modern record" which sounds impressive, yes? xD
#90728 Forum >> Discussions >> 2058 Draft Rd 4 electriceel883 01/27/2023 8:38:26 am
Yeah, there are good and bad elements to him. Gomez has overcome stuck BC, as well as Mares to some degree. I dont see how the fielding really affects playing LF, so not worried about that. But it does mean he's really a 12 and not a 13
#90729 Forum >> Discussions >> 2058 Draft Rd 4 coachwannabe 01/27/2023 9:04:08 am
* My first rounder
* My second rounder
* My third rounder
* My fourth rounder

Thrilled to find a 15 POT in the 4th round. This draft has been good to me so far (and we needed it)!
#90730 Forum >> Discussions >> 2058 Draft Rd 4 jclemen2 01/27/2023 9:11:39 am
Happy with our 4th rounder. I don't think you're going to find any 4 or 5 tool players at this point, so I'm usually just looking for someone who can hit. Hugh "Huge Nasty" Leach definitely isn't hitting any triples or stealing any bases, and he's either playing 1B or DHing, but a lefty with very good hitting and decent power could contribute somewhere down the road.

17 year old lefty, 59SI/12POT. He's 10/8/4/6 now with 5 fielding. With potentially 40+ pts left to spread between those and a nice FB rate in HS hopefully he hits a bunch of dingers for us some day.

edited to say nice pick Tuskegee!

Updated Friday, January 27 2023 @ 9:12:31 am PST
#90731 Forum >> Discussions >> 2058 Draft Rd 4 electriceel883 01/27/2023 9:53:40 am
Leach has a really nice GB/FB with a power comment! Nice.
#90732 Forum >> Discussions >> 2058 Draft Rd 4 lostraven 01/27/2023 11:23:46 am
Definitely far worse fourth-rounders out there. Happy with Hines.
#90733 Forum >> Discussions >> 2058 Draft Rd 4 jclemen2 01/27/2023 2:04:29 pm
Salas for Irvine has some nice HR numbers, even though his FB rate is a little lower. He's a better position player with some range and a little better arm than Leach.

I'd take a player like Hines in the 4th, he's a faster worse fielding version of Leach. :) -- Hey Corvallis, you know we're probably close to a 15 year anniversary for baseball sims together going back to Baseball mogul days. 🤣

Leach has the best nickname so far though out of those three. Hopefully they all are productive ML players some day!

Updated Friday, January 27 2023 @ 2:05:29 pm PST
#90734 Forum >> Discussions >> 2058 Draft Rd 4 amalric7 01/27/2023 3:13:55 pm
New York landed a nice zoomer in Grey. He's got a shot.
#90735 Forum >> Leagues >> II.1 Holmes 01/27/2023 4:49:19 pm
That all extra innings sweep by the Thunder I mentioned in my second to last post seems to have jinxed something. Since that, we have gone 14-3, und Bloomington has just cratered...
I'm pretty sure those things are going to come back to normal.
I just hope my young players show some improvement until then. I was pretty close to losing patience with Diaz this morning. He's only still here because if I call up Martinez to replace Diaz now, I'll have nobody to call up when Keller retires after the interdivisional season.

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