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#94063 Forum >> Discussions >> 2064 Draft Round #2 coachwannabe 04/19/2024 7:28:34 am
Yeah, I should have clarified. I like him at 3B, but I’m rather loaded at that position, and since he has better range (and weaker arm) than my other options, I’ll probably train him to backup both the 2B and SS positions instead. Appreciate the advice!
#94064 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion Seca 04/19/2024 8:47:41 am
Hehe. Each time you go into the dog house the leash is a little shorter when you get out.

We've been blessed with depth at SP. Have 8 guys I think who have demonstrated they can do the job. No room for someone who doesn't have it.

We are already looking at last season's Cy Young winner and wondering if he needs a bit of time to collect himself.

A nice hitting pop on Ramirez. "Good" hitting is always a crap shoot. 15 feels like a playable number.

He's turning into a decent asset. Unheralded as a 12 pot 5th rounder without much of a character count for his scouting report. Got some defensive versatility, good eye, can steal a base and pop the odd HR.
#94065 Forum >> Discussions >> 2064 Draft Round #2 Fireballer34 04/19/2024 8:48:46 am
Got exactly what I wanted last round this round. I needed pitcher so I went that pool in round 1, as I’ve always done. Got a 14 POT with only one comment though, and I considered it already a bad draft. So I decided never to draft position pools again unless I REALLY need it, and look what happened! Went North American pool, just hoping for somebody to put my minor league over the top, found some mid guys I would have been happy with in round 4, and then I see this guy.
Farrar is a future ace for sure, love this pick.
#94066 Forum >> Help >> Player help Dynes 04/19/2024 10:52:05 am Just picked this guy up but am unsure what to train him as, I wanna say SS, but I wanted a future 2B, and he might be a demon catcher. But I feel like the obvious choice has to be SS. Also, how can I project his attributes?
#94067 Forum >> Discussions >> 2064 Draft Round #2 Jason2327 04/19/2024 1:34:49 pm
Went pitcher today and got 13pot excellent curveball. Downside he's going to be able to pitch all day
#94068 Forum >> Help >> Player help Rock777 04/19/2024 3:24:26 pm
I don't really love his Range for SS. The arm is totally wasted at 2B, but if its a position of need its not like the arm hurts.

I personally wouldn't have drafted him because I am a Hitting snob. But with his defensive build I would gravitate towards 3B. Fielding and Range are wasted at Catcher, but has you said he could also be a good defensive Catcher.

The upside of a strong defender is you can play them anywhere. Of course the downside usually shows up in their offensive game.
#94069 Forum >> Discussions >> 2064 Draft Round #2 repoman 04/19/2024 4:22:45 pm
Got an insane board for SS, even though the pool is at 75% already.

SS 21yo great hit, outstanding field, 13pot good
ss/2b 20yo NBADH, above average slug, amazing field, 14pot above average
SS 19yo NBADH, decent slug, really quick, solid field, 15pot good
ss 18yo prol slug, amazing field, 13pot good
no position! very good hit, prol slug, atrocious field, 13 pot very good

To recap:-
1. can hit, (probable) fielding 15-16-13, 13 pot
2. can't hit, fielding 18-17-17, 14 pot
3. can't hit, fielding 13-17-15, 15 pot
4. average hit, fielding 18-14-17, 13 pot
5. 16-15-15-17 hitting profile, can't field at all, 13 pot!

If the last guy didn't hit a ton of groundballs I might have gone with him, but instead I went with no.1 and got Moreno.
#94070 Forum >> Help >> Player help Dynes 04/19/2024 6:39:51 pm
Hmmm..Thanks, I do agree he might not be the best ss, but I kinda have a guy set for 3b. I'll for sure consider it. My only qualm is hitting, but I could not pass up 16-pot with strong defense.
#94071 Forum >> Help >> Minor League Prospect Ratings bhardin22 04/20/2024 8:43:23 pm
In my prospect rankings for all of my prospects, players will have a rating of like 85.3 or something along those lines that does not match up with their SI. Any help would be great!
#94072 Forum >> Help >> Minor League Prospect Ratings Fireballer34 04/21/2024 4:29:20 am
First of all, I’d ignore prospect ratings. They don’t capture how good a player truly is, they are just fun to look at. Prospects ratings aren’t just SI, it some formula involving age, SI, and potential. So most of the time it won’t be a perfectly round number.

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