Scranton Bears

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Location: Scranton, PA (Northeast)

League: III.1 - East

Owner: buffmckagan send message
          [since December 22nd 2013 | last seen December 18th 2018]

Manager: Billy Bob Roberts

Ballpark: Dunder-Mifflin Stadium

Rank: #47 - Rating: 193.16

Fan Mood: 98.94

Prestige: 18

Color: Black Pinstripes

Team Notes:

• Aug 29 2038: Bill Proietti was signed as a free agent.
• Aug 25 2038: Mel Gallo was released.
• Aug 25 2038: Ernesto Ramirez was claimed off of waivers.
• Aug 25 2038: Jay Davis was claimed off of waivers.
• Aug 21 2038: Leonard Harada was released.
• Jun 20 2038: Cameron Kemp was claimed off of waivers.
• Jun 15 2038: Ricardo Vasquez was released.
• Jun 10 2038: Rafael Miranda was claimed off of waivers.
• Jun 08 2038: Donnie Tyree was claimed off of waivers.
• Jun 04 2038: Ronald Kusunoki was claimed off of waivers.

League Record:

Wins: 83 Losses: 77 Pct: .519 Last10: 4-6 Streak: L3

Ave: 4.2 - 3.9 RS: 666 RA: 630 DIFF: +36


Group 17 [1 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Sep 08 2032: Bruzzone hits 300th career homer in 3-2 loss - by buffmckagan on July 5th, 2017

SCRANTON — In front of a sold-out Dunder-Mifflin Stadium crowd, "Bruisin'" Mark Bruzzone had a different nickname Wednesday night - "Mr. 300."

The 32-year-old slugger became the third player in franchise history to achieve 300 home runs in his career, joining longtime shortstop Joe Clark (342) and former teammate Benito Cardenal (305).

Bruzzone said it was an "incredible blessing" to reach the career mark, but it is not the time to bask in his achievements.

"It's great to finally get there, but we still lost the game," Bruzzone said. "I've got to keep hitting more of those if we want to keep ourselves out of relegation."

The Harrisonburg Hydrogen bested Scranton 3-2, getting another foot up in a potentially tight relegation battle.

Jun 27 2032: Bears whip out "Big Dick" for the first time - by buffmckagan on June 16th, 2017

SCRANTON — The Scranton Bears had a hole in the starting rotation after perennial starter Casey Peck went down with a torn labrum. They knew the right way to fill it.

The team called up "Big Dick" Curran Thursday, who said he was "ready to rise to the occasion."

Scranton went on to defeat the Apple Valley Raccoons, 5-4, but "Big Dick" was unable to finish in his first time, throwing for 8 1/3 innings. He gave up 7 hits, 4 earned runs; walking 6 batters, and striking out five. It ended up being an ND for the BD.

"I was pleased with Big Dick's performance," manager Billy Bob Roberts said. "I was hoping he could finish, but as long as the team's happy, that's what matters.

"I had some great protection," Curran said. "My teammates made sure as little got out as possible."

He had a packed stadium in his debut, as a sold-out crowd of 37,500 attended the game.

The team plans to put him away after Peck's return from the DL, with plans to fully keep it out starting in 2033.

Mar 08 2032: Scranton SP Lebedev cleared of spying allegations - by buffmckagan on May 16th, 2017

WASHINGTON, D.C. — Scranton Bears' first-year starter Dmitry Lebedev has been cleared of any wrongdoing with the American government, officials said Tuesday.

A native of Moscow, Russia, the 2025 Bears' first-round pick met with the press earlier that night to discuss the allegations he faced. After multiple cyberattacks in the United States and France at the hands of his home country, the southpaw was rumored to be in on the plans.

Lebedev said his distance from Washington, D.C. and his desire to contribute to the Bears' starting rotation were two alibis proving his innocence.

"The only hacking I want to see happen this year is by batters as a result of my pitching," Lebedev joked. "I love to play baseball and would not want to throw away my hard work to something as bad as this."

Sources around the league said Lebedev met with Scranton ownership and with the Broken Bat commissioner's office, who sent out a memo to the league maintaining Lebedev's innocence.

Lebedev is expected to make his major league debut in the Cup later this month.

Mar 03 2031: Dale's commitment questioned after 2-game suspension - by buffmckagan on February 25th, 2017

SCRANTON — Bears outfielder Doug Dale is under scrutiny after missing two of three games against the Portsmouth Phoenixes in spring training earlier this week.

After being listed as out with fatigue, information has come to light which suggests Dale may have been suspended for the three-game series' finale. Fans on Twitter tweeted photos of Dale inside a Chili's Grill & Bar near the team's hotel in Tampa. A video of a possibly intoxicated Dale shouting, "I feel God in this Chili's tonight" was leaked onto Twitter, with the poster saying Dale said because he is expected to start in the outfield.

Bears minority owner Michael Scott was said to be dining with Dale, in what he claims was just a fun night out to help remember his times at Dunder-Mifflin. Scott said some of his favorite memories as a D-M employee were the annual Dundies awards, which he organized and hosted until leaving the company in April 2011.

Owner buffmckagan denies any improper activity by the 23-year-old left fielder, and said he wished to comment on the matter no further.

However, Dale quickly seemed to put the matter behind him, recently going 4-6 with 4 runs, 3 doubles, and 1 RBI in a 14-5 win over the Huron Moose on March 3rd.

"I may have been a bit foolish," Dale said. "But it's not going to affect me here on out. I'm all baseball, all the time."

"It was dumb, but we've had a talk and I'm going to make sure this isn't an ongoing problem," outgoing starting left fielder/mentor Angelo Reyes said.

Jul 23 2030: Star DH Cardenal rumored to step aside - by buffmckagan on January 20th, 2017

SCRANTON — After failing to reach the All-Star Game for the first time since 2022, Benito Cardenal is expected to relinquish his starting designated hitter position to 2B Antonio Frias.

"I really did not want to do this, because a lot of him is still there," owner buffmckagan said. "But when you're 35 years old and hitting .240 consistently, and a new young guy has been waiting longer than he should have, a change has to be made."

"I've been giving it my best," Cardenal said. "I hate the decision."

Frias will move to designated hitter and 2026 first-round draft pick Jose Garcia will take over full-time at second base.

Cardenal is still expected to serve as a pinch hitter for the rest of the season, but could see release at any time.