Dubuque Miners

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Location: Dubuque, IA (Midwest)

League: V.16 - West

Owner: coffeycp send message
          [since November 19th 2021 | last seen June 07th 2023]

Manager: Oswaldo Padrón

Ballpark: Dubuque Diamond

Rank: #382 - Rating: 89.72

Fan Mood: 107.15

Prestige: 9

Color: Rust

Team Notes:

• Feb 05 2060: Augusto Solano was released.
• Jan 13 2060: Gilberto Marquez was selected to the national team of Peru.
• Jan 13 2060: Wilner Pierre was selected to the national team of Haiti.
• Jan 13 2060: Sebastian Hüber was selected to the national team of Germany.
• Jan 13 2060: Zlatko Pavlović was selected to the national team of Croatia.
• Apr 25 2059: Loren Ursler was released.
• Apr 25 2059: Aníbal Cruz was signed as a free agent.
• Mar 12 2059: Alfonso Villanueva was released.
• Mar 12 2059: Brad Carson was released.
• Mar 10 2059: Vincent Eddy was released.

League Record:

Wins: 0     Losses: 0     Pct: .000     Last10: 0-0     Streak: -

Ave: 0.0 - 0.0     RS: 0     RA: 0     DIFF: 0         Power Index: 97.1


Group 13 [0 | Still Alive]

Press Releases:

Mar 25 2055: Vickery and Miners Part Ways - by coffeycp on May 23rd, 2022

Long time Dubuque Miner Curt Vickery parted ways with the team today in advance of the 2055 season start. The first baseman's absence makes way for youngsters. It remains to be seen who will take his starting lineup slot for the time being.

Jan 13 2055: Team MVP, season recap for 2054 - by coffeycp on May 7th, 2022

Long time Short Stop Jeffery Salerno nets the 2054 Dubuque Miners' Most Valuable Player to the Team award. Salerno put up a career-high 117 RBIs, 220 hits, and a .329 batting average in 2054. The 32 year old has played 1255 games over his 8 year career on the Miners roster.

Dubuque Miners owner Coffeycp described the 2054 season simply as "progress." The team finished 2nd in the West Division of VI.32 with a .519 win rating. They went two rounds in the USA Cup for the first time in 20 years. The team started off on the right foot, taking the division by storm for the first half of the season and holding down 1st place until interdivisional play started. The Miners began an ugly losing streak about midway through the season that they never fully recovered from, despite finishing high in the standings. The West Division was pretty uniformly pounded by the East. The Miners are starting to see the fruits of their now 3 year old rebuild though, and management is pleased with the direction. Team Manager Edgardo Peña expects to be in the race for 1st in the division for 2055.

Aug 02 2054: Acuña and Dubuque Miners part ways - by coffeycp on April 11th, 2022

32 year old veteran pitcher Fabián Acuña has been released as a Dubuque Miner. Drafted by the Galveston Generals in round eight of the 2041 draft, Acuña spent six quality seasons in the pitching lineup for the Miners. He was picked up by the team as a free agent signee in 2045 and finished off his minor league development years with the Dubuque Miners' affiliate clubs. While not a home grown talent, Acuña was a fan and coach favorite for his consistency and stamina. The coaches always knew what they were going to get when they put Acuña on the mound. He represented his home country of Honduras in the World Classic in 2053 and 2054. The Miners thank Acuña for his years with the team.

Asked about the move, Acuña replied, "There comes a time in every career where the player's performance starts to drop a bit. I think I still have a little bit to offer to a team if there is anyone interested, but I'm also ready to put in the towel. If I don't get a call then I will probably head back to Tegucigalpa and build a baseball diamond. You are gonna be seeing more of us Central Americans in the majors, just you wait."

Jul 19 2054: Eddy, Salerno, McCracken appear in 2054 All-Star Game - by coffeycp on April 9th, 2022

The Dubuque Miners had three representatives at the All-Star Game this season. Vincent Eddy, the Miners' current centerfielder and lineup starter since his rookie year in 2049, made his fourth All-Star appearance. Shortstop Jeffery Salerno made his fifth All-Star appearance. Salerno has been a feature in the Miners' lineup since 2046 and has been in the club's system for 14 years now. Salerno was drafted in the third round in 2040 by the Miners and has now put up 1179 games with the club. Rick "Slick" McCracken is the Dubuque Miners' young gun. Although this is only the second All-Star appearance for this cocky second baseman, he fell in with the veterans quite fine. At 25 years old, "Slick McCracken" is the Miners' leading runner, an artist at stealing bases, and a hitter who holds his own as well. He is in his second season as a starter with the Miners, although he was in the backup lineup for two seasons before making his first full season debut. Rick "Slick" McCracken is the future of the Miners and we hope to see many more All-Star appearances from him in the future.

May 17 2054: 2054 Season Update - by coffeycp on March 22nd, 2022

Management is pleased with how the season has progressed. Owner Coffeycp called the season, "a success beyond comprehension so far," after the Dubuque Miners' recent series against the Sparks Reds in which Dubuque won three of the four games. Coffeycp's remarks shine light on the owner's confidence after the last two losing seasons. Speaking on the success this season, manager Edgardo Peña credits the pitching staff. "Javier Chavez (Dubuque Miners Pitching Coach 2052-2054) has really gotten the boys motivated this season. They are playing on their heads and their stats reflect that."