Thousand Oaks Kings

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Location: Thousand Oaks, CA (West)

League: VI.15 - West

Owner: nsparks89 send message
          [since June 23rd 2014 | last seen April 12th 2024]

Manager: Jose Serrano

Ballpark: Thousand Oaks Coliseum

Rank: #593 - Rating: 67.98

Fan Mood: 84.32

Prestige: 9

Color: Purple & Gold

Team Notes:

• Jan 13 2064: Yuriy Ponomarenko was selected to the national team of Ukraine.
• Jan 13 2064: Fernando Almeida was selected to the national team of Portugal.
• Jan 13 2064: Jack O'Sullivan was selected to the national team of Ireland.
• Jan 13 2064: Baptiste Thomas was selected to the national team of France.
• Nov 02 2063: Jacob Jones was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Nov 02 2063: Erich Kovác was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Nov 02 2063: Erich Kovác was released.
• Nov 02 2063: Jacob Jones was released.
• Feb 19 2063: Doug Medlin was released.
• Jan 13 2063: Yuriy Ponomarenko was selected to the national team of Ukraine.

League Record:

Wins: 0     Losses: 0     Pct: .000     Last10: 0-0     Streak: -

Ave: 0.0 - 0.0     RS: 0     RA: 0     DIFF: 0         Power Index: 99.0


Group 41 [0 | Still Alive]

Press Releases:

Jul 09 2041: Thousand Oaks Begins Rebuild - by nsparks89 on July 8th, 2019

After what has been a truly frustrating year, a year that started with a team that seemed to have so much hope, the Thousand Oaks Kings have decided to move on from some of their key veterans and in turn give those reps to younger players. In the DH spot, a 25 year old will step in for a 33 year old who just never fully lived up to the hype and at Pitcher a younger 31 year old free agent signed out of free agency replaces the former rookie of year and long time ace for the Kings. Here's to hoping this change in strategy will help change our fortunes.

Your Owner,

Feb 19 2037: New Era in TO - by nsparks89 on July 27th, 2018

After years of mediocrity in TO, ownership decided to make a change and upon axing Gary Manley as manager the ownership has decided to bring in Cesar Montano as manager. They have left him with a low budget team, but still feel as if they may be able to compete if Montano plays his cards right.


Aug 14 2031: Frustration in TO - by nsparks89 on April 13th, 2017

The frustrating year at Thousand Oaks continues. Pitchers who were once great, are having a very down year and power hitters are cold and not providing the needed pop in the line-up. The speed is there, with the youth providing a lot of speed around the bases, but with very low averages being provided by the most important hitters in the line-up; the Kings are continuing to find frustration. To quell the frustration, the Kings have decided to turn to the youth in the line-ups and have decided to roll with these bats. They will ride the young bats through the rest of the year, hoping that they will gain the needed experience to blossom into impact players.

With regards,


Jan 20 2023: Thousand Oaks Under New Ownership - by nsparks89 on June 9th, 2015

After a successful three years at St. Louis/Grand Forks, nsparks89 has decided to move ownership to his college town and is hoping to resurrect a struggling program. After remodeling the minors: making it cheaper, more talented, and deeper; he has also brought in a wealth of veterans to help bolster the talent of the major league roster. The hope is with bringing in the new talent, this will help to improve the team and even though a lot of players have been brought in, with the minimum 50K/20K contracts TO should still be able to save money and leave bankruptcy. You can never guarantee anything, but under new ownership we hope that TO can and will be brought to the height of brokenbat fame! It all begins in the 2023 season.