Eau Claire Hall Of Fame

Hall Of Fame Players

Hall of Famer Herman Musial
United States   #12 - Herman Musial [ID #55409]     P
Home Town: Yuma, Arizona           School: none
Hall Of Famer                     Bats (R)           Throws (R)           Positions: P
Games 404, W 146, L 127, S 2, CG 33, SHO 6, ERA 4.61, BAA .262, WHIP 1.346, IP 2384⅓, K 1859
Notes: Herman Musial was a real workhorse. He leads the franchise in innings pitched all-time. He also leads the all-time strike-outs list.

Musial played for the franchise between 2009 and 2020. He was a key factor during the golden years of the club.

After his time with the club he played for two other seasons with the Wheaton Ravens and the Erie Aces.

Hall of Famer Nicolás Castellonas
Mexico   #97 - Nicolás Castellonas [ID #74368]     OF
Home Town: Xalapa, Mexico           School: none
Hall Of Famer                     Bats (R)           Throws (R)           Positions: OF 1b 2b
Games 2164, AVE .271, OBP .375, SLG .501, OPS .876, H 2213, 2B 649, 3B 109, HR 335, RBI 1338, SB 448
Notes: Drafted from the Latin Academy Nicolas Castellanos quickly established himself as on of the premium players for the club.

He played for the club between 2018 and 2033 and never wore a shirt from another club. He is the all-time hits leader and is second all time in games played and homeruns

Hall Of Fame Managers

Hall of Famer Jesse Collier
United States   Jesse Collier [ID #690]     Manager
Birthplace: Memphis, Tennessee
Hall Of Famer
Games 1419, League Wins 543, Playoff Wins 9, Playoff Championships 1, Cup Wins 107, Cup Championships 1
Notes: "Doc" Collier was the manager of the club during the golden years of the franchise.

Collier guided the team to their only major trophy. Winning the cup in the 2015 season. He also led the team to our highest level of competition (division II).

Collier was the clubs manager between 2014 and 2020. He was replaced by Capelli during the 2020 season but the club never recaptured their former glory.

Fans still speak fondly of his achievements and whenever the club is struggling you can hear fans singing his name.