Asheville Arch-Angels

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Location: Asheville, NC (Southeast)

League: IV.8 - East

Owner: nojosdad5 send message
          [since July 02nd 2016 | last seen January 17th 2018]

Manager: Chuck Jackson

Ballpark: Paradise Park

Rank: #271 - Rating: 110.08

Fan Mood: 93.72

Prestige: 15

Color: Rust

Team Notes:

• Apr 03 2035: Federico Jaramillo was signed as a free agent.
• Apr 03 2035: Lloyd Kohl was signed as a free agent.
• Jan 22 2035: Sydney Wilder was claimed off of waivers.
• Jan 15 2035: Billy Bob Powers was claimed off of waivers.
• Jan 15 2035: Tatsuo Udaka was released.
• Jan 15 2035: Ray Mills was released.
• Jan 15 2035: Tobias Jacobsen was selected to the national team of Norway.
• Nov 04 2034: Benjamin Cantu was awarded the Cy Young award.
• Aug 21 2034: Kendrick Cain was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Aug 21 2034: Daniel Baez was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.

League Record:

Wins: 7 Losses: 19 Pct: .269 Last10: 3-7 Streak: W2

Ave: 4.1 - 5.2 RS: 106 RA: 134 DIFF: -28


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Press Releases:

Oct 22 2034: Pierson is a hero in Asheville! - by nojosdad5 on December 18th, 2017

Pee-Wee Pierson's walk off HR seals the deal to clinch the division title.

Jan 15 2034: Friars kicked out of Gadsden - by nojosdad5 on October 7th, 2017

After 6 seasons in Gadsden the club is relocating. According to sources the city of Gadsden decided to not renew the teams contract. The Friars will be relocating to Asheville, NC and playing at the brand new stadium at Paradise Park. Rumor has it that this move was planned to happen, but not for another year. Asheville has assured the team that the new stadium will be ready for opening day. The Gadsden Fightin Friars will now be the Asheville Arch-Angels.

Oct 04 2033: Friars say good bye to Limpy - by nojosdad5 on September 28th, 2017

Gadsden released UT Infielder Jin Goo Lim today. Manager, Cactus Jackson said "he's a decent ball player with some years left in him. We simply could not justify paying him $3.15 mill. to sit the bench. We wish him the best of luck."

Jul 20 2032: Bold moves! - by nojosdad5 on June 22nd, 2017

2032 picked up right where we left off in 2031. No hitting! The pitching has been good, but not good enough to make up for not hitting the ball. You can't win if you can't score. In an attempt to get back on track we have parted ways with manager "Doc" Hunter. In his place, we've hired Chuck "Cactus" Jackson. He has a history of helping good hitters come out of slumps, and that's just what we need. We have a lot of talented ball players, but we're not getting any run production out of them. We've also taken a gamble and brought back a player we let go to soon in favor of youth. I'm pround to announce the return of the "Prince", Alfonso Ponce. He has always been a leader, both on and off the field. Plus, all the players know and trust him. Let's just hope that, at age 35, he still has a few games left in him.

Apr 21 2032: A tale of 2 teams. - by nojosdad5 on May 30th, 2017

The 2032 season has gotten off to a puzzling start for the Gadsden Fight'n Friars. After a terrible 0-8 start, they have clawed there way to 9-9 with a +2 scoring differential, and a team batting avg. of .220. On the flip side, this same ballclub is 11-1 in the Cup with a scoring diff. of +96, the team is hitting a .320 and ERA of 1.17. The question is, which team will show up for the long haul? When asked about it, Friar's 2b "Kid" Wiley said, "we always get off to a great start to the season just to flounder down the stretch. Hopefully, this year's slow start will mean great things later when it really counts. The great Cup start just means we have a good team with talented players that can get the job done. We just have to put it all together. The up side is we have been winning of late in the season as well ad the Cup. All-in-all, I expect the fans will be happy with the year ahead."