Cleveland Heights Rats

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Location: Cleveland Heights, OH (Central)

League: III.4 - West

Owner: Ratfink2019 send message
          [since June 30th 2019 | last seen September 22nd 2019]

Manager: Benjamin Bell

Ballpark: Cleveland Heights Stadium

Rank: #156 - Rating: 138.15

Fan Mood: 93.56

Prestige: 28

Color: Black & Neon Green

Team Notes:

• Jun 07 2042: Eric Benedetti was released.
• Jun 07 2042: Craig Russo was released.
• Jun 07 2042: Benjamin Bell was hired as the new manager.
• Jun 07 2042: Vic Bernardi was fired as manager.
• May 25 2042: Vic Bernardi was hired as the new manager.
• May 25 2042: Bernardo Báez was fired as manager.
• May 08 2042: Leo Bush was released.
• May 08 2042: Kelvin Bates was released.
• May 06 2042: Bernardo Báez was hired as the new manager.
• May 06 2042: Blaine McBride was fired as manager.

League Record:

Wins: 66 Losses: 94 Pct: .413 Last10: 5-5 Streak: L1

Ave: 4.0 - 4.5 RS: 641 RA: 727 DIFF: -86


Group 96 [0 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

May 25 2042: Fired another manager.... - by Ratfink2019 on September 12th, 2019

Yep the Rats have fired Butch Baez after a woeful 3-11 stint. Butch took the firing in stride and says he learned a lot in his first go as manager. Vic Bernardi the veteran manager who is also called Scooter will take over. Scooter is known for developing players and that is the only hope for the future of this once proud franchise. The owner is getting quite the reputation as being very impatient with his team and managers and roster shake ups could be coming soon. The players still have a few of the remaining club house comfort cats left over from the Blaine McBride days to ease their stress. This team is a disaster as the owner struggles with lack of experience and obsession with canning managers.

May 06 2042: - by Ratfink2019 on September 7th, 2019

Blaine "Bubba" McBride was fired today as the manager of the Rats. After a strong finish last season a 5-21 start cut short his career in Cleveland Heights. Bernardo "Butch" Baez has replaced him. This is Butch's first stint as a manager. Hopefully he can turn things around before we loose so much $$ we will be removed from ownership. Butch enjoys fast cars and good polka music. He is a expert bingo player and can be found at local bingo halls during his off time. Butch has a dog named Zeke and is married with 4 children. His oldest son is an accomplished accordion player and his polka band has 3 gold records. When McBride was asked by the local press for a statement on his firing his response was ##@%$&^***%#&. he then took the only key to the men's room with him.

Aug 31 2041: Manager Canned... - by Ratfink2019 on July 23rd, 2019

Steve "sweet pea " McConnel was fired after a long losing streak and replaced by old vet manager Blaine "bubba" McBride. McConnel had lost control of the team and turned the clubhouse into a cat rescue sanctuary. Craig Russo the teams star player and cat lover had no comment and just purred when asked about the cats. McBride has set a limit of 20 clubhouse cats in hopes of restoring the teams focus on baseball.