Hempstead Giants

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Location: Hempstead, NY (Northeast)

League: VI.14 - East

Owner: Stormkrow send message
          [since October 14th 2015 | last seen December 22nd 2017]

Manager: Bruce Abercrombie

Ballpark: Hempstead Field

Rank: #452 - Rating: 71.90

Fan Mood: 100.71

Prestige: 16

Color: Orange

Team Notes:

• Nov 04 2033: Ernesto Magana was named the Rookie of the Year.
• Jan 15 2033: Peter Hill was released.
• Jan 15 2032: John Schneider was released.
• Mar 02 2031: Harold D'Agostino was released.
• Mar 02 2031: Justin Barry was released.
• Mar 02 2031: Barry Roth was released.
• Mar 06 2029: Manuel Ventura was released.
• Mar 10 2026: Bruce Abercrombie was hired as the new manager.
• Mar 10 2026: Bernardo Prado was fired as manager.
• Sep 12 2025: Josh Higgins was released.

League Record:

Wins: 0 Losses: 0 Pct: .000 Last10: 0-0 Streak: -

Ave: 0.0 - 0.0 RS: 0 RA: 0 DIFF: 0


Group 39 [0 | Still Alive]

Press Releases:

May 03 2026: The Slow Start - by Stormkrow on February 19th, 2016

“Good afternoon, and welcome to the BBR. Broken Bat’s all radio news show. I am your host, Chris Hoke, and my colleague, at the desk is James Durant.”

Chris continues, “Well James, this year’s season is well on its way; any surprises for you so far?”

James clears his throat and begins, “well the slow start out of the gates for the Hempstead Giants is rather disappointing. After last year’s performance, a lot of baseball elites thought the Giants were on their way up.”

Chris replies, “I agree. But when they dropped their proven manager for a more developmental manager, it turned a lot of heads. Let’s go now to colleague, Janice White, who is at the Giants stadium for this afternoon's practice.

“Afternoon Chris and James, I am Janice White of BBR, and I am currently at the Hempstead Field stadium for the Giants practice. After a surprisingly successful inaugural year under new ownership, the Hempstead Giants seem to have stumbled out of the gates this season. Last year’s 2nd place finish in the Eastern Division, with a record of 92 – 68, seems like it may have been just luck, as the Giants seem to be outmatched against their league rivals this year.

New team manager, Bruce "The Boss" Abercrombie, was quoted as saying, “our boys in the farm are developing nicely, but they’re not ready to cut their teeth in the big league as yet. However, as an organization, we need to keep in mind that these young guys are investments into our future, and bringing them up too soon may hinder their progress. Our veterans have more than proven themselves on the field. We may be battle-worn, but I have full confidence this club will find it’s groove. We just need a catalyst to kick it off, I just hope he doesn't wait too long to start this year’s spark.”

Janie continues, “Well that seems to be the teams position, the rookies are staying were they are for now. Let’s hope the Giants find that spark with the current roster, otherwise we might have another year of transition come next season.”

Jan 20 2024: Rebuildind and Relocated - by RoyalCard on August 22nd, 2015

A new era beginning in Hempstead. The Gulfport A`s franchise
was moved to Hempstead, New York Local fans already begin
to want to know the team, it seems that we will be a successful
franchise. Manager "Skipper Hogan
Go Giants! Go Giants