Starkville Killer Bees

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Location: Starkville, MS (South)

League: VI.5 - East

Owner: None

Manager: Nicholas Branson

Ballpark: Starkville Stadium

Rank: #432 - Rating: 84.67

Fan Mood: 89.21

Prestige: 58

Color: Black & Yellow

Team Notes:

• Jul 21 2061: Logan Palumbo was signed as a free agent.
• May 29 2061: Ethan Marini was signed as a free agent.
• Apr 07 2061: Miguel Martínez was released.
• Apr 07 2061: Taylor Tomlin was released.
• Mar 14 2061: Guillermo De La Cruz was released.
• Mar 14 2061: Cristian Vargas was released.
• Jan 13 2061: Sylvester Stanton was selected to the national team of Jamaica.
• Jan 13 2061: Tucker Newsom was selected to the national team of Belarus.
• Nov 02 2060: Peter DeLong was hired as the new coach.
• Nov 02 2060: Elliott Shuman was hired as the new coach.

League Record:

Wins: 41     Losses: 54     Pct: .432     Last10: 3-7     Streak: L5

Ave: 4.4 - 4.8     RS: 414     RA: 458     DIFF: -44         Power Index: 97.7


Group 54 [1 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Apr 25 2043: New Manager - by lilsteph2003 on November 20th, 2019

I decided to find a new manager and I saw this manager named what we call him "Buddy" Gonzales. Seems like a former player. Make sure you watch our games, and let the rebuild begin.

Nov 04 2033: Season Reviews - by Yakret on October 6th, 2017

Season Awards

League Rookie Pitcher of the Year Ernesto Leiva

Team Awards


ERA Leiva
Wins Waters
K's Parker
Saves Najera


HR Hester
RBI Hester
Hits Bravo
SB Hester
Ave Corrales

The main target was achieved as the Team finished 4rth up from 6th and with a record of just over 500.

Overall Ranking up as well .....
A good start but still a long way to go.

Jul 23 2033: Skip Allard gives an annual report - by Yakret on September 8th, 2017

At his recent press conference the skip was asked to review how things were going. His review covered three topics

1. The rebuild
"It is going well, trying to balance experience and youth is never easy..... our improved results from last year show we are beginning to get it right...there is still a ways to go."

2. Young player Development
Allard added that the younger players were working hard and really are the future for the club....he added..."we had to let a couple go but on the whole we have a good bunch of lads ....their desire for success and hard work is very encouraging"

3. The fans
Allard praised the loyalty of the fans...."our fans are team can expect fans to turn up every week without us giving them something in return.....hope for the future .....improved performance and our appreciation of their loyalty which we never take for granted..this is demonstrated by their improved confidence in us..." he added the club really appreciate this and will continue to give 100% for them...

Asked to rate the performance for the year so far he gave the club a C for results .....improved but can continue to strive for more....and an A+ for attitude and hard work...

He concluded " we will continue to build for a successful future ....but we will always keep one eye on the present..."

Mar 04 2033: New look Robins ready to roll - by Yakret on July 30th, 2017

Manager Keith Allard revealed the latest additions to the Robins Squad. He was quoted as saying "the additions we made at the end of the previous season saw better results ....our latest additions give us real hope of a much improved campaign'

Jan 15 2027: Welcome to Warner Robbins. - by Coachberry18 on April 9th, 2016

Georgia has a new baseball team. Starting this season the Warner Robbins Jets will begin play. The team moved from Charleston, South Carolina. The team is named for Robbins Air Force Base, home of the Museum of Aviation. Team owner Lucas Berry spoke to local media about the move "It was very hard to leave Charleston. The fans there are absolutely spectacular but we really felt the best thing for this team was to move to Warner Robbins. This is a town that likes its baseball and we're looking forward to success here. Now and in the future." In making the move, the team also set up minor league teams in Berlin, GA, Cumberland Gap, TN, Norman, NC, and Logan, WV.