Charleston Hawks

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Location: Charleston, SC (Southeast)

League: Legends - East

Owner: Ken_Kennilworth send message
          [since November 26th 2019 | last seen June 20th 2024]

Manager: Brandon Hills

Ballpark: Charleston Dome

Rank: #8 - Rating: 249.92

Fan Mood: 128.40

Prestige: 66

Color: Red

Team Notes:

• Feb 05 2065: Arnie Langford was claimed off of waivers.
• Jan 13 2065: Federico Granados was selected to the national team of Dominican Republic.
• Jan 13 2065: Bryan Shackleford was released.
• Aug 25 2064: Jody Andrews was signed as a free agent.
• Aug 19 2064: Ricky Smith was released.
• Jun 20 2064: Gregory Neil was released.
• Jun 10 2064: Levi Frey was claimed off of waivers.
• May 31 2064: Henry Meredith was claimed off of waivers.
• Mar 12 2064: Crespin Cortez was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Jan 13 2064: Enrique Peña was claimed off of waivers.

League Record:

Wins: 0     Losses: 0     Pct: .000     Last10: 0-0     Streak: -

Ave: 0.0 - 0.0     RS: 0     RA: 0     DIFF: 0         Power Index: 106.3


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Press Releases:

Sep 20 2060: Crespin Smacks 500th Dinger!! - by Ken_Kennilworth on July 29th, 2023

Crespin Cortez, 13 year major league veteran and 5 time MVP, added yet another stellar achievement to his resume:

500 career regular season home runs!

Apr 06 2058: Help Wanted - Team Trainer Needed - by Ken_Kennilworth on January 12th, 2023

Must be willing to use aggressive treatments with players on injury ridden team. Techniques considered acceptable include spells and incantations, animal sacrifices, and in the extreme cases touching up x-rays to pass medical review. Competitive salary with health plan.

Mar 08 2058: Put the Excitement Back in Your Play with Ageless Broken Bat! - by Ken_Kennilworth on January 2nd, 2023

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Oct 30 2057: Charleston CEO credits several for 2057 Championship—You'll be Surprised by the Fifth One! - by Ken_Kennilworth on December 21st, 2022

Charleston Hawks CEO, Julius Sleveen, in an interview with Journal of Broken Bat Business Management, acknowledged contribution from several sources for the 2057 championship in BB Div III-3. The veteran players, developing major leaguers, manager & coaching staff received most of his praise, deservedly so in his opinion.

But he wanted to recognize to his executive assistants, economist Milton Keynes and consultant Drucker McKinsey. Sleveen said “I believe the strategic vision molded with their help gave us the edge in finding our way forward. Our concern coming into this season was to avoid the middle level trap that franchises can fall into by continuing an imitative strategy that is effective mostly at lower levels. As such, I encouraged innovative entrepreneurial approaches which our staff found. The challenge ahead as we move from upper middle (Div III) to lower upper (Div II) is to continue finding innovations that give our players an advantage."

Oct 13 2055: Hawks Clinch Division Title, Champaign Flows in the Clubhouse. - by Ken_Kennilworth on July 15th, 2022

Today the Charleston Hawks secured a playoff berth with a 6-5 win over the host St Charles Sluggers, then held an hours long celebration in their locker room, drenching all there in sparkling wine.

Commented Manager Mariano Barrios "I am proud of how our guys rallied late in season when challenged by Bossier City. All the teams in our division played quality ball all year long and I feel fortunate to have the opportunity to represent them in the playoffs."

When asked about how he would prepare the Hawks to the playoffs, Barrios said "because the final standings are locked in for the division, we will rest our veterans while giving some of our young players experience. Also, we will honor long time Hawk veterans by having them assume the roles of manager & coaches in the final series as my coaches and I will take off those days."

Team Stadium Manager & VP of Marketing Seymore Butz also announced that tickets for the playoffs will go on sale tomorrow.