Lakewood Lions

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Location: Lakewood, CO (Mountain)

League: VI.14 - West

Owner: None

Manager: JaVale Porter

Ballpark: Lakewood Stadium

Rank: #675 - Rating: 56.14

Fan Mood: 84.99

Prestige: 23

Color: Purple & White

Team Notes:

• Jan 13 2056: Kiko Iriarte was selected to the national team of Guam.
• Jan 13 2056: Jelle Wolders was selected to the national team of Curaçao.
• Nov 02 2055: Hugh England was hired as the new coach.
• Nov 02 2055: Ted Snyder was hired as the new coach.
• Nov 02 2055: Keandre Irvin was hired as the new coach.
• Nov 02 2055: Russell Hay was hired as the new coach.
• Nov 02 2055: Brock Duggan was hired as the new coach.
• Nov 02 2055: Coach Jack Hall was let go.
• Nov 02 2055: Coach Brant Rangel was let go.
• Nov 02 2055: Coach Daniel Brinkley was let go.

League Record:

Wins: 4     Losses: 3     Pct: .571     Last10: 4-3     Streak: W2

Ave: 3.4 - 3.4     RS: 24     RA: 24     DIFF: 0         Power Index: 97.4


Group 57 [0 | Still Alive]

Press Releases:

Mar 16 2032: Introducing the Lakewood Land Sharks - by Jayman on May 20th, 2017

Formerly the Woodland Beavers, ownership has moved to Lakewood Colorado and hopefully a new era for the team. This will be the tenth full season for the club owner, and there is much hope that this will be the year that we can find advancement to LL5. Of course, every spring the air of optimism blows across the field with the smell of confidence in the locker room - but this year we are hoping the feeling is real. Management has changed its strategy a bit, spending as much time trying to build through free agency as we had been trying to build through the farm system. With that we come into the 2032 season with 4 new pitchers. Jerome McLain signed as a free agent while Yukio Yokoyama, Enrique Silinas and Theo Pate were picked up off the waiver wires. Our farm system has truly paid off when it comes to players as all but three of our players have a skill index of over 100, while those three are young players with SIs in the 90s.
Over the past ten seasons the club has finished second in the league 5 times, including the last three seasons. The owner, the new fans in Lakewood and perhaps some of our old fans in Woodland are hoping that this is our year for advancement.

Sep 18 2031: Beaver's Loose Their Lease - by Jayman on April 23rd, 2017

This will be the ninth season that the Beaver Club has resided in Woodland CA, and the tenth year for the ownership. The town officials of Woodland have informed the ownership that they will not be renewing the lease on the teams stadium for next season. After nine years the city hopes to attract a team that will potentially advance out of League Level 6.

Management is taking this as a wake up call, "We have done a great job of building our farm system and getting a great consistency over the seasons, but - although we play respectably - we are consistently falling short of advancement." was the statement given by the front office. "We will move on next season and continue to work towards advancement with new strategies, and we thank the people of Woodland for the time and loyalty they have given us."

Also in the statement was an an outline of the new strategy. The team had been totally focused on building through the draft and minor league teams. They feel as though they have been successful at building that system and it has produced a consistency in the team that keeps them as a competitive club within their league. However, they are missing the catalyst that will propel them to advancement. The team will be sharing it's focus now on Free Agency as well. Free Agency is a much more difficult thing to depend on and requires a bit of luck, but in combination with working with the farm teams, the Beavers hope it will be the next step.

Also, in that light of change, Head Coach of about 4 years, Nate Hatch, has been replaced by Dylan Cook. Hatch was focused more on player development, while his replacement is more offense oriented.

To complete this transition and give a fresh start, the team also announced that this will be the last season that the "Beaver" name and logo will be employed.

Mar 14 2023: 2023 Outlook - by Jayman on June 19th, 2015

2023 will be the second full season of our ownership of the Beavers. Last season we brought in Wendall Pittman as manager and he brought the team above .500 with the help of a strong lineup. All but one of last season's starting lineup is returning this season. Pitching was the main reason for our third place league finish last season, and though we have many of the same pitchers in place we have had much improvement in the potching staff and a well pitched spring training thus far so we are optimistic.
Financially the team is still losing money but that has been part of the game plan since we had a nice cushion of money when we took over. We are hoping as the team improves we will see that reflect in the bottom line.
Woodland has also been focusing on building the minor leagues and is looking forward to some of those prospects joining the major league roster over this and the next couple seasons.
As for this season the Beavers are looking to be a competitive team to win VI.16 West.

Mar 16 2022: 2022 Season Outlook - by Jayman on April 4th, 2015

Last season we finished up with the second worst rating in club history. But taking over the struggling team mid season winning was not a priority. During the second half of 2021 we were able to build a good major league roster through waivers and now we are looking to take VI.16 West and advance to league V.

The minors were nonexistent when we took on ownership and we now feel very confident in the future of our team.
Enrique Infante is a 21yo pitcher with 14 potential
Kyle Parker is 22 yo SS with 13 potential
Ramiro Cassillas is also 22 yo a 3B and has 13 potential.
We also have seven players in the minors with 12 potential.

We also uprooted from Rochester Hills over the offseason and have landed in Woodland. We dropped the Turtles logo and have now become the Beavers.

Apr 14 2021: Rochester Takes on New Owner - by Jayman on January 25th, 2015

Rochester Hills has aquired a new owner and is looking forward to a bright future, however not without a little work and patience.
The current state of the team is a bit of a mess with the average age at 31.5 years, a lack of depth and not much of anything happening in their minor league ranks. For that reason we have set out the following goals which we believe will take a season or two before we can start heading up the ranks towards V.1.

1. First we would like to build a younger major league roster to allow us to be competitive in the short term in V6.
2. Along with that we would like to fill out our depth chart so we are better able to cope with injury.
3. Lastly, and most importantly we would like to build our future with a minor league system that will produce a major league team through which we can build on.

We realize this is a long process that will require patience and dedication. We are, however lucky to have deep pockets currently which will allow us to run the team in the red for a few seasons before we start to build the fianaces back to making the team sustainable.