Coconut Creek Cowboys

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Team: Coconut Creek Cowboys [ID #489] Bookmark Coconut Creek Cowboys

Location: Coconut Creek, FL (Southeast)

League: VI.15 - East

Owner: None

Manager: Tevin McCoy

Ballpark: Coconut Creek Fields

Rank: #415 - Rating: 86.47

Fan Mood: 120.72

Prestige: 95

Color: Rust

Team Notes:

• May 03 2055: Nathan Carrick was released.
• Apr 07 2055: Nicholas Bowen was signed as a free agent.
• Aug 19 2054: Gonzalo Aguilera was signed as a free agent.
• Jun 25 2054: Shane Deutsch was released.
• Jun 25 2054: Buck Milam was signed as a free agent.
• May 29 2054: Marcus Ruff was signed as a free agent.
• May 03 2054: Damon Fu was released.
• May 03 2054: Juan Pablo Delgadillo was signed as a free agent.
• Apr 18 2054: Team relinquished by abegavelek.
• Jan 13 2054: Koen Willems was selected to the national team of Netherlands.

League Record:

Wins: 71     Losses: 48     Pct: .597     Last10: 8-2     Streak: W1

Ave: 4.5 - 4.0     RS: 537     RA: 473     DIFF: +64         Power Index: 101.7


Group 27 [0 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Mar 15 2051: Brewer Bears Face Relocation - by Donnie on July 16th, 2021

Since their move to Brewer, Maine, the Bears organization has struggled immensely. The team has seen its rating plummet and its fans upset. There have only been five winning seasons since the move in 2034, and only one in the last ten years. Because of this recent lack of success, the city council of Brewer has decided not to renew the Bears' lease on their stadium, effectively rendering their stadium, well, no longer their stadium.

Because of this, the owners of the franchise were left with a tough choice: carry this sinkhole of an organization to a new city in Maine, or sell low and cut their losses. They chose the latter. In their pursuit for a potential investor, they came across a man named Donald Jickard, who eventually folded and bought the plummeting franchise.

Mr. Jickard, a rich investor from the state of Florida, has decided to move the franchise south to his hometown, Coconut Creek, in the hopes of a revival.

"It won't be easy," Mr. Jickard stated in an interview last Wednesday, just hours before the purchase of the team. "I know I'm in for a lot of work, but this team has been down and out for too long. I remember watching this team as a child. Seeing their threepeat back in the early 2000s astonished me. Now to see where they've ended up, it's heartbreaking."

The organization will see a name change as well, although it's not be as new as fans may think. Jickard has decided to call back to the organization's roots and rename the organization to the Cowboys.

The Coconut Creek Cowboys, due to a lack of a finished stadium, will reside at the local high school's park until construction is complete on a new "state of the art" (according to Jickard) stadium. More to come soon.