Lawrence Hawks

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Team: Lawrence Hawks [ID #452] Bookmark Lawrence Hawks

Location: Lawrence, KS (Plains)

League: VI.6 - East

Owner: Jayhawker send message
          [since January 15th 2021 | last seen December 01st 2021]

Manager: Jim Glynn

Ballpark: Lawrence Memorial Stadium

Rank: #449 - Rating: 80.34

Fan Mood: 79.16

Prestige: 18

Color: Red & Blue

Team Notes:

• May 29 2052: Brendan McWilliams was released.
• May 29 2052: Leonardo Gallegos was claimed off of waivers.
• Apr 18 2052: Tyler Starr was claimed off of waivers.
• Apr 14 2052: Logan Dwyer was claimed off of waivers.
• Apr 07 2052: Toby Hodson was claimed off of waivers.
• Apr 03 2052: Crespin Valdivia was released.
• Mar 30 2052: Billie Luther was claimed off of waivers.
• Mar 30 2052: Rodrigo Aguilera was claimed off of waivers.
• Mar 20 2052: Ramon Romero was released.
• Mar 18 2052: Fabián Santos was claimed off of waivers.

League Record:

Wins: 0     Losses: 0     Pct: .000     Last10: 0-0     Streak: -

Ave: 0.0 - 0.0     RS: 0     RA: 0     DIFF: 0         Power Index: 99.6


Group 79 [0 | Still Alive]

Press Releases:

Oct 06 2051: VI.5 East Champions! - by Jayhawker on September 9th, 2021

With 13 games left on the schedule the Lawrence Hawks were already breaking out the goggles and champagne! When asked on what the key to this successful season was, Jayhawker elaborated:

"When we hired Coach Glenn, he had a reputation for getting the most out of his players - we have seen that again this year. The whole team contributed to help us lead the division wire to wire. A great accomplishment for the boys.

It'll be an interesting next couple of years as the veterans are close to retirement and will be battling some of the youngsters for spots on the team. I feel confident in what we have major league talent throughout the farm system, but it will be put to the test soon."

With the division in hand, 3 players were promoted to majors:
P - Rodney Elliot
OF - Lazaro Peralta
2B - Jordan O'Shea

Fans should get a nice look at the next generation, as 10 of the 13 remaining games are in Lawrence.

Apr 29 2051: Lawrence Hawks Update on Long-Promised New Logo - by Jayhawker on July 28th, 2021

As part of the growing trend in the US, owner Jayhawker unveiled the next steps in Lawrence’s plan for a new logo as part of the team rebrand:

“We have submitted our proposal to the League Commissioner. I’m told that with the influx of naming and image changes, the Commissioner has set aside a specific time during his weekly schedule to review these requests. I would anticipate knowing the status within a week. Once it gets the all clear, we will immediately transition to the new uniforms and release merchandise for purchase by the public. We were targeting to have this change during spring training, but some delays forced us to push this change into the current season.”

When pressed on what guided the desire for the change, he had this to say:

“Upon taking ownership, there was already an eye towards a logo change as it felt like we too closely resembled some other teams in the league, notably Kennilworth’s Charleston Hawks that rebranded in 2044. The league rules for new ownership specify a ‘freeze’ period where minimal changes can occur and this provided time for feedback from the fans. Like the approach in guiding the club, capturing the authentic spirit of the club was the top priority. The project team tried to blend our location and club history together when creating this part of our identity. Locals will recognize the circus font and coloration from a certain well-known establishment and the modernized hawk represents the refined predator our team is on the field. In my eyes, this change, along with the color scheme introduced in 2049 completes our “rebrand”. I also want to assure our fans there never was and will never be any consideration to change our nickname from the ‘Hawks .”

“We would especially like to give thanks for the support of “Not Half(ling) Bad Designs” out of Haverhill, MA. Their input during all design phases of this project was key to its success, and they were a top class organization to work with.”

The Hawks swept Evansville this evening to occupy the top spot in the division for the first time in 7 years. They go on the road for a 4 game set against the Plantation Polar Bears before resuming cup group play against Tempe Titans.

Jan 13 2051: "Crown Jewell" - Greg Jewell wins ROY for VI.5 - by Jayhawker on July 6th, 2021

After coming to the Hawks thru waivers a couple months into the season, Greg Jewell finished the season with 10 HR and a .294/.331/.436 slash line to claim rookie of the year.

Reflecting on the award, Jewell had this to say:
"It is nice to be recognized by the league, but is not the end goal. I still have areas of improvement that I need to continue to work on in order to bring my game to the next level. The coaching staff here has reignited my love for the game and I can envision having a long career in Lawrence."

Manager Jim Glynn also showered praise:
"Our scouts identified that he could be a great hitter and I am thrilled that the details could be sorted and a contract agreed. Greg had a heck of a year coming in a couple months into the season and helped buoy the outfield. I have no crystal ball, but if he keeps grinding in workouts I think he could be in discussion for All-Star teams in the future"

Year 3 of new ownership saw a return to winning in year 3 of new ownership, posting an 84-76 mark good for 2nd in the division. Three Hawks were chosen as All-Stars in 2050, highlighting a successful season.

Mar 25 2049: Lawrence Unveils New Uniforms - by Jayhawker on February 16th, 2021

The Lawrence Hawks have updated there uniform colors before the start of league play. There was a short press conference to address the change: "Just as we talked about in our opening press conference, we want to emphasize that this season is the start of a new chapter in Lawrence baseball. Updating the color scheme and logo was the best way to reinvigorate the fan base and have a tangible new beginning. Unfortunately our new logo design is still in process of approval with the league council, so just the color scheme will be updated this season."

Sep 18 2048: New Owner Pledges Change for Lawrence Hawks - by Jayhawker on January 16th, 2021

After the previous owner was forced to relinquish ownership by the league due to reports of the toxic culture within the organization, new owner Jayhawker addressed the press for the first time:

"Well, it's no secret that we will be in a rebuilding phase the next few years as we put together a talented roster. I've been a local fan for all my life and having the opportunity to takeover the team is a dream come true. We anticipate making significant changes before the next season, as you may have seen the news conference this morning of bringing Jim Glynn in to replace Eric Barrett as manager."

When questioned on what he sees as the future for the Lawrence Hawks, he had this to say:

"The change in ownership the past is just that - the past. We look forwards to build a transparent and successful future. To represent this change in the club's history, we plan to move forward with a slight rebrand in the coming seasons. I hope to turn this franchise around and be a competitive team that the fans can be proud of on and off the diamond. There are many well run in the league and we aspire to be the envy of them all."