Kodiak Mules

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Location: Kodiak, AK (Arctic)

League: II.2 - West

Owner: Frankebasta send message
          [since September 15th 2013 | last seen June 20th 2024]

Manager: Andre Epps

Ballpark: Six Flags over Kodiak

Rank: #18 - Rating: 221.97

Fan Mood: 141.96

Prestige: 88

Color: White

Team Notes:

• Jan 22 2065: Arturo Tatís was claimed off of waivers.
• Jan 13 2065: Ricardo Aguilera was claimed off of waivers.
• Jan 13 2065: Shan Yuan was selected to the national team of Taiwan.
• Jan 13 2065: Floris Hendriks was selected to the national team of South Africa.
• Jan 13 2065: Xiaojian Ng was selected to the national team of Singapore.
• Jan 13 2065: Shi Cao was selected to the national team of Hong Kong.
• Jan 13 2065: Harrison Jamieson was selected to the national team of Australia.
• Jan 13 2065: Larry Hsu was hired as the new coach.
• Jan 13 2065: Coach Carlos Guardado was let go.
• Nov 02 2064: Louis Gagné was released.

League Record:

Wins: 0     Losses: 0     Pct: .000     Last10: 0-0     Streak: -

Ave: 0.0 - 0.0     RS: 0     RA: 0     DIFF: 0         Power Index: 103.5


Group 39 [0 | Still Alive]

Press Releases:

Oct 30 2064: Mules's 7th pennant! - by Frankebasta on June 12th, 2024

It's been a very enjoyable season for the Mules, and for me personallyas the manager:
for the first time in franchise history allthe Starting Pitchers played only as SP, never been demoted to the bullpen:

"Big Boy" Martín 35 GS
"Cannonball" Church 33 GS
"Money" Cedillo 32 GS
"The Gambler" McDermott 30GS
"The Enigma" Freeman 28 GS
For a total of 158 GS out of 160.
Only McDermott missed a start by injury, replaced by Bob Higgins during interdivisional games,
and after the title was clinched, "the System" Dewey made his debut in the season's last game.

Shout out to "Lord" Moreno who went 15W-1L strictly a MR.

On the other hand, the opposite happened to the hitters: the presumptive starter at 7 of 9 positions wound up riding the bench during the title stretch.

Pre-season End of season
C "Gyro" Turner -> "Mayday" Mayhew
1B "Brother John" Bell -> "Dizzy" Jamieson
2B "The Gladiator" Gagné -> Pete Connell
3B Adrián González -> "Smokey" Jesse Beard
SS Van Maxwell -> "The Kid" Zarate
RF "Ciao Ciao" Cao -> Toni Covarrubias
CF Robbie Maher -> Yamato Nakayama
LF Yamato Nakayama -> Gary Slade
DH Toni Covarrubias -> Juan Carlos Delgado

Shout out to "The Kid" Zarate, not yet graduated from AAA, was called up for interdivisional games and earned his stripes being the most dynamic hitter on the team. His 105 GP in the infield were the second most only to 1B Bell.

Sep 16 2063: Ciao Ciao ball! - by Frankebasta on March 15th, 2024

in a 18-hit romp over last place
Montebello, foreign born
"Ciao Ciao" Cao earns game MVP after bringing in 7 runs and hitting for the cycle.

Mar 10 2049: Mules sailing to Lahaina - by Frankebasta on February 10th, 2021

"We can leave it all behind"

that's the only words preferred by the Mules's ownership when the franchise was moved out of Texas, across the continent, and the ocean too.

The community of Laredo, totally blindsided by the decision, is left weeping for the loss.

Sep 26 2042: Paris back in town - by Frankebasta on October 14th, 2019

Tickets ran out in Laredo for the biggest home game in years: locally disgraced former Mules' 2039 Legends Cy Young Winner Bryan "Problem" Paris, his salary now paid by Denver, coming to town to face the new star in town, "Soylent, da hitters eater" Nelson Green

Mules fans went home happy after a convincing 4-1 win, SP Green winning the game and MVP honors with a complete game 1-run effort (9 men on base, 7Ks).
Even more satisfying for the home crowd, the Loss being credited to Paris (4 ERs in 7IP, 9 hits but 7 doubles!)

Mules getting closer to Staying in Legends for one more season!

In other news, fans are looking forward for the debut of the biggest prospect in team's history: Jerry "World" Owen, por16 SS, is expected to be called up any day now

Mar 04 2041: So Long, Costy - by Frankebasta on June 2nd, 2019

Ownership, Management, Players, and sundry, all wish to extend their own, personal, BEST WISHES to Jayson Costantini for his future career as a Broken Bat manager.
He's been our skipper for 5 exciting seasons.

Ownership regrets to have to make this choice, but salary constrains forced parting ways with many of the Mules's stars, and Costy is only the latest one to go.