Reading Red Tails

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Location: Reading, PA (Northeast)

League: VI.12 - East

Owner: lreichard send message
          [since August 29th 2020 | last seen August 12th 2022]

Manager: Billy Capasso

Ballpark: Reading Yard

Rank: #601 - Rating: 67.01

Fan Mood: 101.33

Prestige: 33

Color: Red & Black

Team Notes:

• Jan 29 2056: Carson Woodward was signed as a free agent.
• Jan 29 2056: Luis Esquivel was released.
• Jan 29 2056: Ben Russell was signed as a free agent.
• Jan 13 2056: Truman Woodling was released.
• Jan 13 2056: Mariano Calvo was released.
• Jan 13 2056: Nathan Davies was released.
• Jan 13 2056: Khalil Dorn was released.
• Jan 13 2056: Ramon Guevara was released.
• Jan 13 2056: John Paul Cruz was selected to the national team of Philippines.
• Jan 13 2056: Javier Peralta was selected to the national team of Peru.

League Record:

Wins: 14     Losses: 10     Pct: .583     Last10: 5-5     Streak: W1

Ave: 6.4 - 5.8     RS: 153     RA: 140     DIFF: +13         Power Index: 99.3


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Press Releases:

Jan 15 2047: Under New Ownership! - by lreichard on August 29th, 2020

There are a lot of changes coming to the Reading franchise with the purchase of the team by new owner Logan Reichard. Reichard made his billions in tech and has been aa huge baseball fan since his childhood.

So far, there have been two major changes with the team. They have rebuilt their stadium, now called Reading Yard, as a replica of Fenway Park, where Reichard would go watch games as a child. Also, the team has retired their old nickname and will now be called the Red Tails, in honor of the famous African-American pilots.

The team is retaining its manager and working to find creative ways to field a competitive roster without bleeding money. The team has lost nearly $50 million the past two seasons and Reichard vows to make the team profitable again while being competitive.

Look for a mix of young talent and veteran free agents on the field for the Red Tails this season!