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Location: New York, NY (Northeast)

League: V.4 - East

Owner: amalric7 send message
          [since January 20th 2016 | last seen May 22nd 2024]

Manager: Ariel Escobar

Ballpark: Lancers Lair

Rank: #127 - Rating: 137.13

Fan Mood: 101.11

Prestige: 81

Color: Navy & Red

Team Notes:

• Aug 09 2064: Kesean Jordan was claimed off of waivers.
• Jul 09 2064: Alberto Andrade was signed as a free agent.
• Jul 02 2064: Joaquín Martín was signed as a free agent.
• Jun 15 2064: Dale Jensen was claimed off of waivers.
• May 25 2064: Trent Morrison was claimed off of waivers.
• May 17 2064: Vince Casper was signed as a free agent.
• Apr 15 2064: Adrian Hernandez was released.
• Mar 04 2064: Owen Dukes was claimed off of waivers.
• Jan 22 2064: Edgar Ramírez was claimed off of waivers.
• Sep 20 2063: Luis Soria was released.

League Record:

Wins: 56     Losses: 49     Pct: .533     Last10: 5-5     Streak: L2

Ave: 5.4 - 4.9     RS: 570     RA: 513     DIFF: +57         Power Index: 101.3


Group 55 [2 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Aug 19 2047: I'm not crying, YOU are - by amalric7 on October 23rd, 2020

After 12 often brilliant seasons, the New York Lancers today bid farewell to the two greatest pitchers in franchise history: Mario Rock and Salvador Mejia (The Hammond Hammer). In a neat twist the team's #1 and #2 starters throughout that entire 12-year span hang up their lances with matching 156-win careers, tied for best in team history. Both were inducted into the Lancer Hall of Fame immediately before their release, their names all over the team's pitching record books.

Owner/GM amalric7 was visibly emotional during a virtual press conference. "While there are many people to thank for their contributions to the Lancers success in recent years, the climb to the very pinnacle - and the championships that came with it - would have been utterly impossible without the incredible contributions we received from The Rock and The Hammer. Any time they were on the mound we knew we had a shot to beat anyone and everyone, and usually we did. You don't replace pitchers of this caliber, you just hope and pray that someone decent comes along in their place. We're still looking. I wish them a long and happy retirement."

The Scotsman then appeared to dab at his eyes with a tissue, but denied it was tears or anything that may be construed as related to a pandemic. The Lancers are currently on course to demote back to LLIII for the first time in ten years, when Rock and Mejia - both in their second seasons - guided them to LLII for the first time in team history.

Jan 15 2043: So Good They Named/Crowned Them Twice - by amalric7 on October 26th, 2019

From this time last season:-

Now the question is: can the Lancers replicate their success in an even-numbered season? The Big Apple brigade have promoted and/or won a title every other year from 2033 on (yep: 2035, 2037, 2039, 2041), but have only one second place finish at best in between.

Well yes, yes they can. Back-to-back titles for the Lancers is beyond their wildest dreams, but they have no intention of slowing down. They will however have to do it without their Jedi - longtime center fielder Jeffrey Di Carlo, a veteran of 1170 games and a career Lancer with an .801 OPS and 414 stolen bases (2nd in team history) will be moving on, likely into retirement. The team's 1st round pick way back in 2029 had this to say:-

"I've lived the dream. I'm just a kid from El Paso who made it big in New York, and I'll always be grateful for everyone around me. This is an amazing organisation, and its been a privilege to play here. To go out at the top, consecutive Legends championships...who could ask for more?"

Who indeed. May the Force be with us.

Jan 15 2042: Start Spreading the News... - by amalric7 on August 10th, 2019

...The Plucky Minnows from New York can no longer be considered minnows, though perhaps they can still retain a little pluck after reaching the pinnacle - Legends Champions 2041!

In a season for the ages the Lancers were true to their moniker, leading from the front and never looking back. Ultimately they charged to victory in just their second season in the top flight, completing their rise all the way from LLV under the stewardship of amalric7 and (since 2035) manager Red Monroe. Five division titles and four league championships including the Big Kahuna at the end leave New York looking down from Olympus at the mere mortals below them (tongue firmly in cheek).

Now the question is: can the Lancers replicate their success in an even-numbered season? The Big Apple brigade have promoted and/or won a title every other year from 2033 on (yep: 2035, 2037, 2039, 2041), but have only one second place finish at best in between. Asked for his thoughts the canny Scotsman said:-

"Shut up and pass me the champagne!"

Jan 15 2040: Legendary Lancers - by amalric7 on March 10th, 2019

For the first time in team history the New York Lancers will play ball at the highest level - Legends.

After spending almost all of the 2039 season in the top three of II.1 East, the Lancers went on an unprecedented charge at the end of September winning eleven straight games and sixteen of seventeen overall (their only loss coming in the one extra-inning affair of the entire stretch). The very last of these clinched the title with five games still to play, and New York followed that up by winning the league championship over Santa Monica 4-2. Owner/GM amalric7 had this to say:-

"Just to compete at that level was an honour, the competition is so tough up there. To win it and promote to Legends was a dream come true...heck, I didn't even have to bribe, blackmail or murder anyone to get there! Well, not too many at least. This upcoming season will be tougher than a three week old steak, but we'll chew our best!"

Jun 25 2037: Rafael "MV4" Ortiz Retires - by amalric7 on August 31st, 2018

Rafael Ortiz, without question the greatest player in franchise history, finally hung up his cleats June 24th 2037. Ortiz, who was nicknamed "MV3" after winning his third career Most Valuable Player Award following the 2030 season (a nickname later changed to the less-rhyming MV4 following his fourth such award in 2033), was the very definition of a franchise player and team leader. When times were hard, Rafael was always there, raking baseballs to all parts, making clutch hits and winning games that seemed all but lost. In addition to his four MVPs (and at least three runner-ups) Ortiz garnered 102 POTG awards, was an eight-time All Star and was named All League no fewer than nine times, testament to his consistently high levels of performance.

Rafael dominates the Lancers record books - he retires as the franchise career leader in hits (2072), batting average (.317), doubles (544), home runs (232), RBIs (1030), RISP (.359) and POTG awards (102), and single season leader in hits (230 in 2029), batting average (.346, 2029), doubles (63, 2030), SLG (.620, 2033), OPS (.996, 2033) and RISP (.411, 2033). He is top five in every other category.

Owner/GM amalric7 was visibly emotional at a team press conference to announce the retiral. "It is impossible to overstate just how much Raffy has done for this franchise. Impossible. I...we...would not be where we are today without his efforts. Raffy has been the embodiment of everything Lancer baseball stands for, and his legacy will shape everything we do from this point on. Number 14 may have played his last game for us, but I know he looks forward to joining our front office team to ensure we continue along the trail he has blazed. We will not see his like again."

Rafael Ortiz bobblehead night will be October 23rd, the final day of the season, when the Lancers play home to West Palm Beach. New York will be sure to give Raffy a rousing send off.