Prattville Black Cats

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Location: Prattville, AL (South)

League: II.2 - East

Owner: NotGood88 send message
          [since August 28th 2020 | last seen May 22nd 2024]

Manager: Elwood Miller

Ballpark: Andrian Briggs Athletic Field

Rank: #6 - Rating: 248.78

Fan Mood: 122.48

Prestige: 50

Color: Purple & White

Team Notes:

• Aug 04 2064: Bartolome Tamayo was claimed off of waivers.
• Jul 23 2064: Martín Mora was claimed off of waivers.
• Jul 02 2064: Laurence Pierson was claimed off of waivers.
• Jun 20 2064: Cruz Gonzalez was claimed off of waivers.
• Jun 15 2064: Emilio Alonzo was claimed off of waivers.
• Jun 08 2064: Ángel Montoyo was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Jun 08 2064: Jody Sivertsen was signed as a free agent.
• Jun 08 2064: Jose Cruz was signed as a free agent.
• Jun 02 2064: Ángel Montoyo was released.
• Mar 25 2064: Hugo Fransson was claimed off of waivers.

League Record:

Wins: 67     Losses: 38     Pct: .638     Last10: 5-5     Streak: W2

Ave: 5.1 - 3.2     RS: 533     RA: 339     DIFF: +194         Power Index: 103.0


Group 93 [3 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Mar 25 2064: Prattville PR Man vs. Polish 1B: Who Wins? - by NotGood88 on April 15th, 2024

"I thought I'd seen it all" bemoaned Prattville PR man and franchise legend David Lamb. "I thought, 'Surely it couldn't get any worse than Ybarra.'" However, he thought wrong. The San Antonio native was visibly sweating as he prepared to introduce recent draftee Aleksander Szewczyk. "His last name looks like what happened to my Word document when I fell asleep on the keyboard last night," Lamb exclaimed. "Aren't there supposed to be more vowels?" Lamb is purportedly advance-planning a party to celebrate Szewczyk's release, should it come before Lamb steps down from his role.

Oct 18 2063: Unwise Draftee Cuts: A Summary - by NotGood88 on March 24th, 2024

As owner NotGood88 is stressed in anticipation of a season-deciding series against the Concord Jets tonight, he decided to compile a list of draftees he cut that have performed so well with other teams that he now regrets doing so. After careful consideration, the final list is…

7. [url=http://]Azriel David[/url] - Although largely residing in the lower leagues, David's short stint in Prattville produced exactly 0 of his 1,280 career hits.
6. Yukio Saitō - Let loose after 2 disastrous seasons, the Japanese forkballer later blossomed into an elite reliever for Revere, leaving heads scratching back at the Black Cats office.
5. Genaro Lira - 4+ middling campaigns with the Black Cats were quickly erased from memory, as his offensive revival helped Gulf Breeze ride a wave up to LL 3.
4. Gary Santoro - Cut at 18 by the Cats, Santoro used a second chance at Colton to become a fixture in their offense, with 3 straight 20-homer seasons under his belt now,
3. Korey Abel - The tropical air of Wahiawa helped en-Abel the outfielder to procure 3 All-Star selections in his 4 full campaigns with the Sharks.
2. Josh Smart - Owner NotGood88 did not feel very Smart after seeing the 2055 draftee break the 100-RBI plateau at the young age of 25 as a member of Chesterfield.
1. Clint Caruso - Few can argue against a .316 AVG and a 1.022 OPS, as Caruso's Appleton is on the verge of securing a promotion to III.1. Obviously, the scouts didn't see that type of season when he was let go at 19.

Afraid the list was too short? Fear not! There are more, recently cut players who still have a chance to make me pay for dropping them. On the watch list are…

Daniel Bates
Cody Isom
Fidel Casillas
Wes Speer
Marcos Vasquez
Andrian Hess
Lewis Boyle

Tune in at a much later date when someone in the front office remembers this list and decides to update it!

Apr 14 2062: De La Cruz Blanks Hogs! - by NotGood88 on November 19th, 2023

The second Prattville no-hitter in 2 seasons came on April 13, 2062, on a cold day attended by 37,828 Black Cats faithful. 4-time All-Star pitcher Mateo De La Cruz pitched his 2nd career complete game and 1st shutout, and made sure to do it in dramatic fashion. The 12th-year veteran allowed no hits and just 2 walks while striking out 9 en route to a 4-0 victory. This comes just 337 days after Jeremy Harley no-hit Cape Corall (May 11, 2061).

May 11 2061: Harley Throws No-Hitter! - by NotGood88 on September 10th, 2023

In a game against the Cape Coral Blue Locks, Prattville pitcher Jeremy Harley was in the groove. "My pitches were really moving well today," he said afterwards. "The batters seemed more fooled than usual." And right he was. The 30-year old righty locked down the Blue Locks, allowing 2 walks and no hits for a no-hitter. After the game, owner NotGood88 could not recall whether his franchise had ever thrown a no-hitter prior to Harley's 100-pitch effort. The game ball will be sent to the team Hall of Fame.

Oct 21 2060: Woodall Impresses In Brief Debut - by NotGood88 on August 6th, 2023

Even as Prattville struggled to a 70-90 result in III.4 (en route to a demotion), bright spots of youth shone through. Kelly Trout made an excellent case for Rookie of the Year, and a host of other rookies debuted this season. However, one of them, considered an underdog and a longshot his entire career, excited players and fan alike.

Berry Woodall, who hails from Calgary, didn't have much going for him. He didn't have a cannon arm, or a slugger's bat, and he was a Canadian with a meager 10 POT to his name. But he could cover some real ground (18 SPD and 16 RNG), so the Alabama-based Black Cats picked him up in the 5th round of the 2057 draft.

Even as he shined in the minors and became a fan favorite, his doubters hounded him. Multiple teams advised his team to release him, even after gaining a POT. Owner NotGood88 saw something in him, though, and kept him on board.

Woodall shot his way up through the ranks, and at age 20, got the call to the bigs to play out the season after Prattville had clinched relegation, and he made the most of it. In 5 games, Woodall went 6-18 with 2 doubles and 3 steals, good for a .333 AVG and .813 OPS, sparking rumors that he could be the leadoff man next year. Will he? Only time will tell…