Oak Park Indians

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Location: Oak Park, IL (Central)

League: VI.15 - West

Owner: None

Manager: Mickey English

Ballpark: Oak Park Stadium

Rank: #434 - Rating: 84.31

Fan Mood: 107.69

Prestige: 21

Color: Navy & Red

Team Notes:

• May 03 2062: Russ De Lucia was signed as a free agent.
• Mar 14 2062: Erik Clinton was released.
• Jul 21 2061: Steve Garner was signed as a free agent.
• May 03 2061: Corbin Steele was signed as a free agent.
• Apr 07 2061: Rueben Medina was signed as a free agent.
• Mar 14 2061: Juan Bonilla was signed as a free agent.
• May 03 2060: Allan Berger was signed as a free agent.
• Apr 07 2060: Curt Estes was released.
• Apr 07 2060: Marcelo Barajas was released.
• Apr 07 2060: Sachio Satozaki was signed as a free agent.

League Record:

Wins: 28     Losses: 16     Pct: .636     Last10: 8-2     Streak: W3

Ave: 5.5 - 4.8     RS: 244     RA: 209     DIFF: +35         Power Index: 102.3


Group 96 [0 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Feb 19 2024: The New Year - by Shyfire on August 28th, 2015

Three hours before the newly found Henderson Cardinals open their spring training season vs Corpus Christi Owner Shyfire held a press conference. When asked about the firing of Long-time manager Neil Knight Shyfire had this to say "Neil Knight is an amazing guy and a great manager but he simply wasn't winning games. I felt it was time for a new era and decided to part ways with Neil. I wish him the very best for the future." This firing came after (then) Las Cruces finished with yet another losing record. Under the leadership of Neil Knight the franchise never had a winning season. For his replacement Shyfire hired manager Robert Palmer. Manager Palmer took to the podium shortly after and said this. "I'm so blessed to have this opportunity, to manager such a talented squad and will do the very best that I can to ensure the the restoration of the winning culture this franchise once had.

During the press conference Owner Shyfire was asked what inspired the move for Las Cruces to Henderson and responded "Most owners would lie to you but i'm not. The Henderson Cardinals are business as much as we are a sports team. We spent money on our franchise and making the team good because thats waht franchises are supposed to do but in Las Cruces all we could do was that. We also needed a New stadium as Las Cruces Stadium was one of the oldest active stadiums in brokenbat and the City was not willing to negotiate. With our limited resources it was hard to be financially stable in Las Cruces. We chose Henderson because the city was wanting and willing to have us and will support us until the bitter end.

in an unexpected appearance, Former Henderson Cardinal/Las Cruces Wrangler Doug Bishop announced his official retirement from professional baseball. "I have been blessed by god himself for being able to play my entire career with such a wonderful organization. Throughout all the ups and downs of my career The franchise has always stuck with me. When i underwent Tommy john surgery they stuck by me and gave me a new contract. When I went ice cold they supported me". "I was drafted in 2006 and in mind boggling to think that I was able to play the game that I love until I was 38 was ju...st. I'd like to thank everyone who helped me along the way. A special thanks goes out to my mentor and high school pitching coach. When no one believed in me you stood by me and I can not thank you enough. I'd also like to thank my Wife Renee and my son and daughter Dwyane and Sara. You guys are some of the most selfless people out there and I love you so much. After all these years its time for me to give back to the franchise that gave me my big break. At this point I would like to announce that I am now the Bullpen coach of the Henderson Cardinals." Bishop revealed that in 2021 he signed a contract that stated when he retired he would become the bullpen coach of the cardinals. Bishop, 38, played his entire 18 year career with the Henderson Cardinals. He will always be remembered as a Cardinal for life. Owner Shyfire revealed that during the opening ceremony, Henderson will pay Tribute to Doug Bishop's career.

Its a new year, and a new season, Play Ball!!!