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Location: Bridgeport, CT (Northeast)

League: VI.32 - East

Owner: CabbageWarrior12 send message
          [since October 24th 2017 | last seen June 15th 2018]

Manager: Billy Ferraro

Ballpark: Bridgeport Ballpark

Rank: #616 - Rating: 48.85

Fan Mood: 120.24

Prestige: 7

Color: Red & Blue

Team Notes:

• Jul 07 2036: Jaime Trejo was claimed off of waivers.
• Jun 27 2036: Leonardo Ornelas was released.
• Jan 15 2036: Taga Quichocho was selected to the national team of Guam.
• Jan 15 2036: Angelos Filippidis was selected to the national team of Greece.
• Jan 15 2036: Paul Dubois was selected to the national team of Belgium.
• Jan 15 2036: Paul Dubois was selected to the national team of Belgium.
• Mar 30 2035: Wes Bench was claimed off of waivers.
• Mar 25 2035: Domingo Benítez was claimed off of waivers.
• Mar 25 2035: Masanori Satō was claimed off of waivers.
• Mar 10 2035: Francisco Cisneros was signed as a free agent.

League Record:

Wins: 47 Losses: 28 Pct: .627 Last10: 8-2 Streak: W4

Ave: 5.2 - 4.2 RS: 392 RA: 315 DIFF: +77


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Press Releases:

Jun 10 2036: Rafael McConnell Contemplates Retirement - by CabbageWarrior12 on June 12th, 2018

Rafael McConnell has been a staple piece in the Bridgeport Americans' club for 20 years. Not only has he been a force on the field, but in the clubhouse as well. The 38-year-old vet has earned himself 6 All-Star appearances and has hurled a 3.84 lifetime ERA with 180 wins.

However, there always comes a time in a player's career in which their skills begin to dwindle, and for McConnell, there is no exception. McConnell's stats over the last three years have not been as good as the ballclub would like. He has had an ERA above 4 with a record of 19/17 (wins/losses). With this in mind, McConnell must decide whether he wished to continue his career into next year, or if he will throw in the towel and call it quits.

When asked about his questionable retirement, Rafael responded with a very short but clear answer: "I want to play for the Americans for as long as I can."

GM Cabbage gave his thoughts about this after Friday night's game. "I mean, I love the guy. I realize that he has a huge impact on the younger players and rookies, and that is a very desirable trait when it comes to any player. He has been on this team since 2019, so I understand his will to keep playing for us and only us.
"Would the team be the same without him? No, of course not. I know that I wouldn't release him until he was ready to retire. In the short time I've gotten to know him, I know what a good guy he really is."

In other news, the Bridgeport American's officially sign Harrison Field, a first baseman out of Auckland, New Zealand.

Jan 15 2036: Season Ends in Disappointment - by CabbageWarrior12 on May 7th, 2018

A strongly started season for the Bridgeport Americans ended in shambles as the end season record was a below-.500 78-82, the first time in GM Cabbage's career. Without the Panama City Dolphins in the division, the East Division looked mighty weak at the end of the season, with the Sheboygan Samurai winning it with a record of just 88-72.

The newly acquired Leonardo Ornelas finished with the best average on the team at .306 (his lowest since 2025). Frederico Arevalo finished with a surprise 28 home runs, leading the team. He also led the team in stolen bases at 23.

As for pitching, Patrick Haas led the team in ERA at 3.44, not what you want your lowest ERA at (especially when you include the bullpen). However, Martín Arcia led in wins with 14 (also had 10 losses).

All-in-all, the Americans had a season worth forgetting, as they hope to regain their focus for the oncoming 2036 season.

May 11 2035: Bailey Released; Big Draft Picks - by CabbageWarrior12 on March 18th, 2018

Stewart Bailey, a free agent-signee that GM Cabbage was hopeful for, was released on May 3rd. “I was hopeful for him. I thought he had big potential. But the way he was pitching wasn’t good enough to stay on the team, especially with all of these young guys coming up,” said a disappointed Cabbage. Stewart departs from the Americans holding a 6.57 ERA in 24+ innings. He hits free agency accepting waiver claims.

The last two draft picks for the Bridgeport Americans have been exciting, to say the least. The first of these two, third baseman Jaime Rodrígues, has a potential rating of 14 and an SI of 63. The 19-year-old currently resides in Jupiter rookie-ball. The second pick, chosen this Friday, was outfielder Lloyd Clawson. Clawson also boasts a potential of 14 and has an SI of 59. He is also in the Anericans’ rookie affiliate. GM Cabbage is very excited for these two prospects and says “with the right training and development, these guys could become our next starters.”

The Bridgeport Americans currently sit tied with the Rockville Bison, and are set to play two more games with them this series. The Americans’ record currently sits at 21-11.

Mar 10 2035: Big Signings Followed by Big Releases - by CabbageWarrior12 on February 28th, 2018

The Bridgeport Americans did some big house cleaning before the 2035 season officially gets underway. Now that GM Cabbage is a time-traveler and has seen the future of the 2035 season, he knows some changes to make before the season starts.

For starters, 11-year veteran and 3-time all-star Scott Carrick was released yesterday. Carrick slashed a .282/.328/.483 during last year's performance. Carrick was Bridgeport's second-longest tenured player and was drafted nearly 5 years after Rafael McConnell.

Carrick has potential to make it into the Bridgeport American's Hall of Fame, although his numbers don't completely help his case. Carrick will have to wait at least a year after retiring to be able to qualify for the Hall of Fame.

Another player to be released was the 9-year veteran and 1-time all-star Charlie Freeman. Charlie had decent batting stats and had plenty of home runs in his 6 years as an American, but his real strength was his fielding, as he posted a .996 fielding percentage with a gold glove award. However, the Americans have catcher Christian Alonso and value him a bit more. So to free up some cap room, he had to be released.

Freeman's chances at the Hall of Fame are small, but still possible. The biggest factor to whether he would be inducted of now would be his fielding statistics. However, his chances still remain small.

The RHP Ping Hu was also released as of this morning. Ping's stats over 8 years aren't pretty, as he has a 5.13 career ERA in over 1,354 innings of work. Ping did make the 2032 all-star team, however, and posted a 3.12 ERA that year. That was, unfortunately, his only year with an ERA under 4.

Ping's chances at the HoF are next-to-none, and frankly, it's questionable as to why he was kept on the team for so long.

Danny Fleming was the final mentionable released player. The third-baseman averaged .242 over 4 seasons. The 28-year-old delt with injury all his career, ultimately solidifying the decision to cut him from this year's roster.

Danny Fleming has no chance at the HoF. His numbers are not good in any way, shape, or form. Sorry Danny...

All of these changes freed up approximately $4.55 million in cap room, making way for free agent signees such as Leonardo Ornelas, Lázaro Torrez, Francisco Cisneros, and other players that could hopefully be pulled in with waivers.

Mar 07 2035: 2035 Annual Prospect Rating - by CabbageWarrior12 on February 26th, 2018

#1: Catcher Erik Bond - While Erik hasn't had the best two seasons in the minors since his draft in 2033, Bond's ability to play all positions as well as his discipline at the plate and high RBI total put this star at #1. ETA: 2036
#2: Catcher Darren Bass - He was the star draft pick in 2034 and currently has the most potential in the minors. He is a speedy power hitter and has above average fielding behind the plate. He slashed .331/.380/.441 in the Rookie league before being moved into A. Darren's age, at only 18, is also a major piece of his valuableness. ETA: 2039
#3: LHP Phillip Stump - Phillip Stump was claimed off of waivers in 2029 and has been on the rise ever since. Although he technically isn't considered a rookie anymore with 186+ innings recorded in the bigs, he still currently resides in AAA baseball. Last year in the minors was one of his best, posting a 3.29 ERA over 126 innings. From last year to this year, his SI has risen 14 points. ETA: 2035
#4: Second-Baseman Ji Hu Choi - While Choi has yet to play a game in professional baseball, his raw power and speed give him a large boost. Just from the scouts alone, it is believed that Choi can become a very good full-time utility player, as he is very versatile in positions. ETA: 2035
#5: Catcher Daniel Donald - Just another catcher in the top five; Daniel Donald was drafted in the second round of last year's draft right after Darren Bass. Donald already has an SI of 80 at 22 years of age. While he did not post the best numbers last year (slash line of .217/.295/.328), he is projected to do much better in his second year of professional baseball. ETA: 2037
#6: RHP Alvin Becker - Becker jumped from A to the bigs last year, but did not produce as well as Bridgeport was hoping for with a 5.10 ERA. However, that is to be expected with a large jump such as that. Alvin currently resides in AAA and hopes to produce a big year and return to the majors as soon as this year. ETA: 2035
#7: RHP Domingo Guzman - Guzman actually did better in his 12+ innings of work in the majors rather than in AAA. However, with such a small sample, Domingo is projected to sit in AAA until he can break below 4 with his ERA, which sat at 6.67 at the end of 2034 (in AAA of course; he pitched a lights-out 2.19 with the Americans). ETA: 2036
#8: Third-Baseman Elliott Curran - Elliot has flown under the radar and is one of the more unnoticed prospects. Elliott, while his raw stats aren't great for a 20-year-old, his slash line of .284/.326/.431 says differently. Curran is projected to begin the year at A and, with a bit more improvement, will move up to AA before the season ends. ETA: 2038
#9: First-Baseman Lázaro Torrez - Torrez was the gem signing of the 2035 offseason. While he has yet to play a single minor-league game, he will be given playing time this year in the American's Rookie league. Torrez's scouting report is very vague, but the American's feel that they can mold him into a star. ETA: 2040
#10: RHP Stu Collins - Stu Collins has had unbelievable seasons in the minors. His stats, however, tell a different story. With only an SI of 63 at the age of 24, Stu Collins needs to put in a lot of work before moving up to the majors. ETA: 2037
#11: Outfielder Noel Toscano - Toscano is very much related to Daniel Donald as their abilities are fairly similar. What Toscano is missing, however, is Donald's glove. Once Toscano gets his fielding percentage up, he could easily make the top 5. ETA: 2036
#12: Outfielder Ariel Salgado - While Salgado's production took a halt last year, he possesses the raw talent to make it to The Show. Salgado's speed is what puts him at #12, however. ETA: 2037
#13: First-Baseman Jerry Ruby - Ruby was drafted last year in round #5 but possesses the skill of a first-rounder. His speed is also a huge part of his performances. His major flaw is his fielding, which must improve in order to see any playing time in AAA and the majors. ETA: 2036
#14: Third-Baseman Vincent Joseph - Normally, 10th round draft picks are tossed into free agency or aren't even drafted, but Vincent Joseph has proved all teams wrong. Lodged in A, Joseph is very speedy around the bases and his batting skills help contribute to a .271/.321/.401 slash line. The Americans would like to see more stolen bases from him, however, as his high speed seems like a waste. ETA: 2038
#15: Shortstop Adrián Serna - Serna had a decent run in 2034 in Rookie ball, allowing him to move up to A. Bridgeport needs to see him raise his average and/or home runs before he moves up any further. ETA: 2038
#16: Third-Baseman Sean Myers - Sean Myers had a great year coming into his rookie year in Rookie ball. His impressive slash line of .319/.359/.463 moved him up to A without the bat of an eyelash. All he needs to do is improve his stats through hard work and training. ETA: 2039
#17: Outfielder Robby Hoffman - Hoffman was drafted in the 3rd round of last year's draft. He is projected to develop into a decent slugger, although the American's would like to see a bit more home runs from him in the future, especially now that he's in A. ETA: 2039 - Dan's stats in the minors somewhat go against his attributes. Bridgeport will have to make a move in the next couple of years as to whether Dan Koehn is a good bet at keeping. If not, Dan will have to test free agency. ETA: 2037
#18: LHP Dan Koehn - Dan Koehn has potential, but doesn't have the attributes as of now. his main issue is that his age is slowly creeping up on him, and his attributes are not where they should be at his age. At 21, his SI is a very low 48. His stats in the minors are very good though, so with some major attribute improvements, Koehn could very well see some time in the bigs. ETA: 2038
#19: RHP Luis Carrillo - Luis has posted decent numbers in his 7 minor-league seasons. His ERA has its off-seasons, however, and his fielding either is very good, or just plain awful. We'll have to see in time whether he can make it to The Show. ETA: 2036
#20: First-Baseman Fred Sims - Sims began his professional career like a rocket, hitting above .300 numerous times. However, in light of recent years, his production has come almost to a stop, and his power numbers are lacking greatly. Sims has the potential of a backup, as for now, unless he can somehow improve his numbers. ETA: 2036
#21: LHP Billie Woodard - Woodard has not produced very good numbers during his few seasons with the American's. A baseball card stat-geek would instantly let this player go, but his potential and age still gives Bridgeport somewhat of a reason to keep him. ETA: 2037