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Location: Ithaca, NY (Northeast)

League: VI.19 - East

Owner: Krakonico send message
          [since January 04th 2013 | last seen December 12th 2017]

Manager: Sean Pratt

Ballpark: Titans Metrodome

Rank: #350 - Rating: 90.70

Fan Mood: 150.96

Prestige: 12

Color: Navy & Gold

Team Notes:

• Sep 13 2034: Crespin Canales was released.
• Aug 21 2034: Alberto Sandoval was signed as a free agent.
• Apr 10 2034: Kurt Snow was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Jan 15 2034: Wendell Fisher was released.
• Jan 15 2034: Alejandro Scholz was selected to the national team of Argentina.
• Nov 04 2033: Ben Edwards was named the Rookie Pitcher of the Year.
• Jan 15 2033: Alejandro Scholz was selected to the national team of Argentina.
• Oct 24 2032: Rodney Potter was released.
• Oct 24 2032: Gabriel Aiello was released.
• Oct 24 2032: Kurt Snow was released.

League Record:

Wins: 103 Losses: 38 Pct: .730 Last10: 9-1 Streak: W2

Ave: 6.9 - 3.9 RS: 972 RA: 550 DIFF: +422


Group 3 [0 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Sep 12 2034: Season 2034 Third Quarter recap - by Krakonico on December 7th, 2017

Ithaca, N.Y.- After a second sting at level four the Ithaca Titans has fallen to level six again, many claimed it was the hard decision of the General Manager to fire almost all the team and as he tried to rebuild it with the minor system. Two years in level five of the league structure and it was obvious, the inexperience and lack of skills of several players allowed the team to be back to earth.

But now the team seems to have revitalized, it's starting five has been competent, as four of them are placed in the top ten of the entire league, and the last is just left by a mere win. The All Star Closer of the team Tony Lara gave his position to a new gem in the name of Russ Hood, and he is frankly living the dream, it's the first time in the team that the crucial position is being given to a rookie, and while he could not top the brilliant closer in his first year, let us note that the former was given the job after four years in the pen.

The team is now in first place of the League's East Division, with a difference of 17 games above its closest opponent, Flint Falcons, also the magic number to face the winner of the West Division for the League Tittle is also 17.

In a side note, but also as important, Kurt Snow was inducted to the Ithaca's Hall of Fame.

Oct 15 2030: Path to immortality - by Krakonico on February 11th, 2017

Ithaca, N.Y.- Was a calm afternoon in September 14th, 2012 when the scout brought several players to the development coach of Ithaca Titans, that late in the season where all the ‘gems’ were taken out when this small lefty boy (5’ 10”) by the standards was presented. At first the general manager didn’t wanted to have high hopes on Lance Tyler, but now that is the name that everyone remembers.

He started in the rookie team, and one year later, when the general manager sacked several players he was called up to the top team, where he spent three seasons in the bullpen, some said that his development was going to hinder, that he needed to be in the minors, and when the team acquired several veterans he was transferred back to the A division team. From 2013 to 2015 where he took part in 47 games, winning six (6), losing (4), one (1) save and three (3) holds and a 6.24 ERA; not quite impressive, but at least he was not a seasoned pitcher.

He was called back to the big roster as a starter in 2018, where he did an outstanding ‘first’ season with a record of 18-6, 1.90 ERA, 137 Ks, 56 BBs, BAA .182. That was the starting of a rising career that spawned 16 seasons (including the actual, 2030).

His accolades are the following: 8 All Star pitcher, 3 All League pitcher, 1 Cy Young, 2 L-VI League Championships, 1 L-V League Championship, 1 Golden Glove, 67 POTG, record of 228-111, 3.00 ERA, BAA .223, 1,588 Ks. At the present Tyler is the owner of several records for the team, wins in a season, career wins, career innings pitched, career strike outs, single season and career ERA, single and career WHIP, and career POTG. As for leagues, he is the holder of League V.9 single and career wins.

At the beginning of the season he prompted if that this would be his final season, but as the year developed, he is considering to play one more, despite having his 36th birthday. He want to continuing mentoring Garrett De Rosa, as he feels that him (De Rosa) would be his perfect replacement as a star pitcher.

Jun 15 2027: Insane? - by Krakonico on May 18th, 2016

Ithaca, N.Y.- Today the General Manager of the team went rampaging about the last results of the team and in a abrupt spark he fired several players including the almost entire pitching squad. Only two pitchers were left, future hall of fame Lance Tyler and Toni Lara.

Several minor leagues players were also sacked, as their report weren't satisfactory to the GM's standard. Catchers Ivan Zavala and Cruz Miñoso decided to resign, as now the team was not the same and probably wont stay at the level they think they deserve.

The GM was unavailable to answer some questions, and the player's president didn't want to talk to the press.

Mar 20 2025: Ithaca Titan's Hall of Fame and 2025 Season Start - by Krakonico on November 23rd, 2015

Ithaca, N.Y.- This year marks the 25th anniversary of the team. Our history started in Greensville, NC, and we were known as Tiger, lately when the actual president took control the team moved two times, first we went to Cape Coral and the team was named Warriors, but that name just lasted one season when the sponsors retired and we got a new one and suggested the name 'Titans', after spending two seasons in the hot city of Florida, the teams secured their final location here at Ithaca, N.Y. The place in which the team got his first championship.

Now that we are back to the level five in the league structure and commemorating the 25th year of the club, the president is kind to open the "Ithaca's Hall of Fame", where players that made history within the team will be recognized for their work inside and outside the game.

The first player to be exalted, was one of the first players that came to the team, Herman Brennan, who holds three records that seems unbreakable, single season batting average with .365, career avg with .349, and season hits with 225. His entire career with the team was just five years, in that time he reached 602 ABs per year, scored 98.2 runs, 209.8 hits, 31.2 doubles, 7.6 triples, 16.8 HRs, 92.8 RBIs, among others.

The second and last player to be exalted is Jay Lester, the King, for several years he was the captain of the team, the franchise player, he holds three career records for the team, hits with 1,656, runs scored with 893 and stolen bases with 494 (this one is in danger).

The Hall of Fame Committee will review the careers of every player and if they found that they deserve a spot, they will be considering to the vote for the fans, the maximum to be exalted is three players per season, and the eligibility is three years after their retirement.

And talking about 2015, this year the team will fight for a position to stay in this level and rise, the roster will be almost the same than last year, and by the news there won't be promoting from the minors only if it is necessary. The starting pitchers will be Cabrera, Canizares, Soto, Tucker and Tyler, Magana will be the spot starter and will fight for the forth spot with Tucker, Ryley, Burke, Su Jeong, Viciedo and Clemente will be the relieve support and Tony Lara will reprise his role as the closer.

The lineup will be: Cueto as 3B, Mendoza as RF, Ornelas as SS, Hinojosa as CF, Snow as LF, Morales as DH, Zavala as C, Canales as 2B and Lopez as 1B, as back up will be Padilla (his last year), Miñoso, Ordoñez and Avalos. The team is prepared as they finished his spring training, mostly the minor players showing that they can perform well at this level, with a record of 21 - 9, the most memorable series was against former rivals Vero Beach Gulls, in which the team swept them.

Today is the beginning of the season, and we will have the opening game of the 2025 Cup against St. Petersburg Warriors, will the best team win the series.

Oct 14 2024: End of 2024 season - by Krakonico on October 31st, 2015

Ithaca, NY.- For the next eight scheduled games it would be like having a heart attack. Ithaca Titans are just two games ahead of Waterbury Ravens for the East Division tittle. The team wants to have at least a difference of three, so just one win over them would let the New Yorkers celebrate again.

Ithaca is prepared to face today, in their last confrontation, the team in the last position Jackson Mavericks, if they win this the magic number will be six, no matter the results of Waterbury. In the following days they will have a three games against Kokomo Giants, "They are placed in the fourth position, but they are a strong team, we are going to face them like we are in the Raven's position, taking every game as the last. But the boys know that the pressure are on them, as we are the leaders." said the manager Gregory Manley in the press release.

The General Manager has been absent this season, and that was the reason the team was silent. But the movements he made signing top prospect and some reinforcements, made the team to be competitive at this level. Let us hope that the team can reach higher levels of the league structure and someday we will be competing in the Legends League.