Charlotte Chili Peppers

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Location: Charlotte, NC (Southeast)

League: VI.9 - East

Owner: zmackdavis send message
          [since April 17th 2018 | last seen April 17th 2018]

Manager: Dion Clayton

Ballpark: Charlotte Coliseum

Rank: #412 - Rating: 78.91

Fan Mood: 112.00

Prestige: 5

Color: Red & Black

Team Notes:

• Sep 02 2035: Team acquired by zmackdavis.
• Aug 19 2035: Wesley Jensen was signed as a free agent.
• Jun 25 2035: Guilherme Vieira was released.
• May 29 2035: Félix Cerda was released.
• May 03 2035: Justin Stanley was released.
• May 03 2035: Fabian Gonzalez was released.
• Apr 07 2035: Pat D'Agostino was released.
• Mar 17 2035: Team relinquished by 12Parsecs.
• Jan 15 2035: Guilherme Vieira was selected to the national team of Portugal.
• Jan 15 2035: Surya Angkasa was selected to the national team of Indonesia.

League Record:

Wins: 74 Losses: 53 Pct: .583 Last10: 4-6 Streak: W1

Ave: 5.5 - 4.2 RS: 701 RA: 529 DIFF: +172


Group 33 [1 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Jul 04 2031: Charlotte re-signs Doyle after an apparent "clerical error" cut him from the team - by 12Parsecs on April 2nd, 2017

The Charlotte Chili Peppers held a press conference today announcing the signing of 26-year-old outfielder Jack Doyle — the same player they cut just two weeks ago.

It got weird.

Peppers owner 12Parsecs fidgeted and looked away as he and Doyle shook hands. As the two prepared to take questions, Doyle, not realizing his mic had been turned on, said "Why the f**k did you cut me in the first place?"

That's exactly what local reporters wanted to know, too.

"It was a clerical error, you know?" the owner said awkwardly. "I told one of the interns I wanted to get rid of the, um, black soil, right? And next thing you know, he cut Jack Doyle. Classic mistake."

According to an anonymous source, 12Parsecs was drunk when he ordered the GM cut Doyle after seeing his sub-par hitting statistics.

It wasn't until the next morning, when staff pointed out Doyle was only 26, that the owner realized he made a mistake.

"10 years from now we'll all be laughing about this, right?" 12Parsecs said. "Right?"