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Location: Oakland, CA (West)

League: VI.6 - West

Owner: Jjwattjr send message
          [since October 31st 2018 | last seen October 31st 2018]

Manager: Denzel Cross

Ballpark: Oakland Stadium

Rank: #720 - Rating: 32.63

Fan Mood: 55.70

Prestige: 4

Color: Green

Team Notes:

• Apr 25 2038: Team acquired by Jjwattjr.
• Apr 07 2038: Adrián Montañez was released.
• Mar 14 2038: Marco Cantu was released.
• Jan 15 2038: Diogo Sousa was selected to the national team of Portugal.
• Nov 04 2037: Leonardo Rodriguez was released.
• Nov 04 2037: Bob Cannon was released.
• Oct 08 2037: Gilbert Shelton was released.
• Sep 26 2037: Team relinquished by Oakland89.
• Mar 20 2037: Team acquired by Oakland89.
• Mar 14 2037: Team relinquished by TheRealMMMan.

League Record:

Wins: 43 Losses: 90 Pct: .323 Last10: 3-7 Streak: W2

Ave: 3.9 - 6.0 RS: 524 RA: 800 DIFF: -276


Group 65 [0 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Oct 15 2034: Let's Hope The A's Can Cross Paths with Winning - by mike_levitt on December 16th, 2017

Breaking News:

The Oakland A's have fired Sonny Hibbard after two seasons with the team.

GM Tivel thanked Hibbard in a brief press release:

"The Oakland A's thank Sonny for his commitment to this organization. We wish him the best, and we are confident that Sonny will be a winning manager in this league.

The team has hired Denzel Cross as its new manager. King brings a winning attitude and record to the A's, which is something that we have needed for some time."

Insiders said no one saw this coming, so it was probably a direct request from ownership to make this move.

What will be interesting to see is if the A's go full-in on the Free agent market next season, which historically they have ignored.

One insider said that ownership is preparing to "go big, or go home", which could indicate that they will be big spenders, and potentially go into default in the league, just to win.

Sep 22 2034: A's Shuffle Lineup to Clean Up The Basement - by mike_levitt on December 11th, 2017

36 games behind the league leader, the Oakland A's aren't going to sniff a winning season, but the team still shifted their lineup around, to see if they can create a year-end spark.

Manager Sonny Hibbard addressed the media with the lineup changes. "Leo (Leonardo Rodriguez) has 31 bags this year. He should be leading off, even though his average hasn't been great." Hibbard said. "Having Leo lead off should get him some better pitches, because teams don't want him on base."

The team's revised lineup should help drive in more runs, if Rodriguez is on base.

Apr 29 2034: A's Clean House. Again. - by mike_levitt on November 2nd, 2017

Oakland has had a long history of being a frugal team. Starting out the season with a 7-17 record (.292), the team decided to return to their unwritten rule budget, indicating no player can make over $500k per season.

The team cut 11 of 13 pitchers, and one 2B (Chase Peck) that made $550k.

Manager Sonny Hibbard addressed the media.

"We didn't expect the tough start to the season, but here we are" Hibbard said. "When a player hits .292, that's a decent average. Winning .292, not so much."

The team let go some great pitching talent, but when you win less than a 1/3 of your games, it's wasted talent. The team was wise to let these vets go, so they can find better teams elsewhere.

The team may make similar moves in the batting lineup, but that remains to be seen.

"I'll use the players I got" Hibbard said.

Jul 13 2033: BREAKING NEWS: A'S FIRE KERR AFTER RIPPING OWNERSHIP - by mike_levitt on September 5th, 2017

The Oakland Athletics have fired Manager Wally (Buzz) Kerr. The firing came after comments he made to press members, after the team's afternoon press conference.

The team released a one statement posting, on their social media outlets.

"The Oakland Athletics have hired Sonny Hibbard as their new Manager, replacing Wally Kerr. Manager Hibbard will be with the team tomorrow, in their finale against Memphis."

Players wouldn't comment about the move, which indicates that the team asked staff and players to not comment on the situation.

Kerr was not seen around the clubhouse, so it's not known if he has cleared out his office, or if that was done for him.

Further details to follow.

Jul 12 2033: Oakland wipes out outfield, saving $5.2 Million annually after the move - by mike_levitt on September 5th, 2017

The A's are known for frugal baseball, and that proved true today, when the team cut 4 players from the roster.

Gone are Outfielders Hodge, Tsuda, Tamayo, and Dolan.

GM Tivel said the moves were to get the team in a positive bottom line position, and was not a commentary about the individual players.

With the team being 34 games back, there seems to be the movement back to under $1 Million contracts.

Buzz Kerr tried to put a positive spin on the moves, but the media could read through his sarcasm. "Baseball is an expensive game, and this team needs to be fiscally responsible" Kerr said.

Privately, Kerr was more vocal about his frustration with Team ownership in "not properly drafting, ignoring free agent talent, and cutting talent that is actually good to build around...Welcome to Oakland!"