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Location: Mount Vernon, NY (Northeast)

League: V.2 - East

Owner: godunidax send message
          [since June 27th 2018 | last seen June 27th 2018]

Manager: Denzel Payne

Ballpark: Mount Vernon Field

Rank: #164 - Rating: 135.46

Fan Mood: 104.01

Prestige: 58

Color: Red & Blue

Team Notes:

• Aug 09 2036: Team acquired by godunidax.
• Jul 21 2036: Shane Dalton was released.
• Jul 09 2036: Team relinquished by dailywins.
• Apr 10 2036: Team acquired by dailywins.
• Apr 09 2036: Team relinquished by Max Coulomb.
• Nov 04 2035: Nolan Bauer was named the Rookie of the Year.
• Oct 20 2035: Team acquired by Max Coulomb.
• Oct 08 2035: Carl McCoy was released.
• Sep 14 2035: Team relinquished by Cubsfan37.
• Jan 15 2035: Charles Morin was selected to the national team of Canada.

League Record:

Wins: 87 Losses: 73 Pct: .544 Last10: 6-4 Streak: W1

Ave: 4.8 - 4.4 RS: 774 RA: 708 DIFF: +66


Group 95 [0 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

May 12 2025: Ummm..... What? - by FMcgriff1b on December 6th, 2015

Despite having a superior team than last year. Same players with the youngsters being largely improved and not many old players regressing. The team went from a .500 team last year to the league punching bag. As well as making it to the 5th round of the cup last year and now going 7-9 in the group stage against division 5 and 6 teams. It is unlikely that the team will advance past the group stage. Many are looking at the new manager for answers. He had this to say "We've lost a lot of one run games and the offense just can't bring players in........" and then he proceeded to run away.

Aug 04 2022: Dean Thompson reaches milestone - by FMcgriff1b on May 12th, 2015

Had the same title for a press release not too long ago. This time Thompson has reached the 500 save plateau. A truly remarkable achievement and his 503 career saves puts him second all time in the history of Broken Bat. The four players at the top of the list in saves are all currently active so things may change. Early in his career he was the only guy in the bullpen his managers trusted so he would pitch 2 and sometimes 3 inning saves. Which hurt his numbers a bit but has taken up the 1 inning closer role for the past few seasons.

Thompson always a fan favorite had this to say:

"I've never counted or checked how many saves I had. Other people pay more attention to that stuff. I just want to help my team win and I guess saves are a way of determining clearly with a number whether or not I helped the team. I'm very proud to have been with the team from division VI to the Legends league. People ask me about retirement sometimes now that the dream of being in Legends league has come true. Now I still want to win it all."

Four players have been with the team from div. VI to Legends League.
Thompson: 4 time all star 3 time all league player.
1b Sun
Rookie of the year, 5 time all star, 1 time all league, 2 time gold glove winner.
SS Rosales
2 time all star, 1 time all league, 5 time gold glove winner.
P Harvey 6 time all star, 1 time all league team.

Mar 02 2021: II. 1 - by FMcgriff1b on January 10th, 2015

The outlook for the Cubs in the 2021 season is less clear than previous years. For the past 8 seasons the team has placed either 1st or 2nd. The team has also projected to do very well and this year the team is ranked first in the division according to the Broken Bat ranking system. However, a quick look at the other teams in the division and there are no push overs in this league. Here's what owner and GM Andrew Erickson had to say:

"I've never been afraid of relegation since I bought the team until now. Relegation would be a very disappointing season for us but for once I can see it as a possibility. All the teams are young and well put together."

The team has played against the Baton Rouge Gulls before. Only for one season in division 5. The Gulls won the division and the Cubs came in second that year. "We finally caught up to them and we're closely matched again. We want to come out on top this time. Each game will be a battle. I think the whole team is excited for it and rearing to go."- Charles Mantle 2020 MVP

(The only other team to beat the Cubs in recent years was the Wilkes Barre Ravens who won the division in III.1 two years ago and is now in Legends league.)

The Cubs are the only team in the East division to never have played in the Legends league. "The history of some of the teams we're playing against is intimidating but you can't look at past seasons. We're a good team and we stack up fairly well with the other teams in the division despite our organizations humble past."- new rookie manager Jerry Manning

Nov 04 2020: Hangul Song and Angel Robles retire at 37 - by FMcgriff1b on December 28th, 2014

Four seasons ago the Cubs signed two free agent players that would be integral players in moving the club fom div 5 to div 2 . " These two players carried the team at times and in the last four years the team has been unable to sign any impact players like these two. Haneul Song, a Korean born player, quickly became the team ace and won 21 games and became the team's second ever Cy Young award winner. His era was even better the next three years and ended with a 3.15 era over those four years. Robles was an all star three times and an all league team member twice in the four years with the club. " He got on base,scored runs and gave us more power than we expected out of him. He slotted extremely nicely in the number two spot. His production will be missed"- manager Bailey Historically the Cubs, over the past ten seasons, have not kept players over 35. They made an exception with these two. Robles at 36 was benched partway through the season. Song had a 3.15 era which was the worst of the five staters. Harvey was next with a 2.48 era. "His numbers were great and most years that would make him a number one pitcher but his season was a bit overlooked because of the other guys." - owner Andrew Song did not play in the playoffs and decided it was time to retire. "We'll miss both those players and they leave some holes in the line up that may need to be addressed in free agency. Let's hope we can attract someone this year unlike the past three seasons."

Nov 01 2020: Cubs pitching solves Cardinals big bats and wins championship - by FMcgriff1b on December 24th, 2014

Cubs win the series in five. Oddly the teams most dominating pitching performance, most likely in team history was the team's only loss. Darnell Harvey coming off a 15 game injury went into the ninth with a no hitter. However, after a walk they had a bunt single. The only hit against him all game. Then closer Thompson comes in and gives up a double and both runs score. Cubs lose 2 -1. Thompson should be forgiven as he had 4 saves showing that the teams were more closely matched than the 4games to 1 result. Congrats Borrego on a great season and I'll see you in division 2.