Sandusky Warriors

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Location: Sandusky, OH (Central)

League: V.1 - East

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          [since July 11th 2015 | last seen December 14th 2018]

Manager: Jim Cooper

Ballpark: Dioxin Field

Rank: #257 - Rating: 110.68

Fan Mood: 101.59

Prestige: 5

Color: Red & Blue

Team Notes:

• Jan 15 2038: Pierre Saint-Domingue was selected to the national team of Haiti.
• Jan 15 2038: Timm Reinhardt was selected to the national team of Germany.
• Jan 15 2038: Klaus Wägner was selected to the national team of Germany.
• Jan 15 2038: Rick Baas was selected to the national team of Aruba.
• Jul 02 2037: Carson Baxter was signed as a free agent.
• Jan 22 2037: Robert Salmon was claimed off of waivers.
• Jan 15 2037: Dale Hong was claimed off of waivers.
• Jan 15 2037: Harrison Morgan was selected to the national team of South Africa.
• Jan 15 2037: Bartek Dąbrowski was selected to the national team of Poland.
• Jan 15 2037: Pierre Saint-Domingue was selected to the national team of Haiti.

League Record:

Wins: 75 Losses: 75 Pct: .500 Last10: 3-7 Streak: L3

Ave: 5.2 - 5.6 RS: 785 RA: 842 DIFF: -57


Group 15 [0 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Nov 04 2020: Dragons Get New Ownership; Make Major Changes - by Ezaco on December 29th, 2014

New owners took over the East Lansing Indians baseball club last week, and they didn't hesitate to make sweeping changes.

A re-branding campaign was immediately announced, renaming the team from the Indians to the Dragons, and changing the team colors to an orange and black scheme. "The idea is to inspire confidence and pride in our team," said new General Manager Jacob Taylor. "Indians are so common and generic.. we needed something new. Something unique."

The name is not necessarily unique, with 12 of the 756 teams in the United States being named 'Dragons', as opposed to only 10 being named 'Indians', and another 8 being named the closely related 'Braves'. But the campaign is a natural move for new ownership. The acquisition was also marked by reducing the size of East Lansing Stadium. The new changes include bringing in the outfield walls to 340 in both corners, with a 400 feet center field, and evening all wall heights to 8 feet. The foul area has also been shrunk somewhat to hopefully increase more playable balls. The most drastic change, though, has been the reduction of seating to 13,000. A necessary change for a team that saw an average attendance of 6,912 last season, it still is the mark of a struggling franchise.

Roster changes were not left out, either. Veteran Manager Ron Jennings was let go following a 75-85 season (434-491 over six seasons with the team). The Dragons are now putting the burden on first-time manager Carl Vance.

"Coach Jennings wasn't a good fit for us, in the end," said Taylor. "We were looking for someone more patient and willing to work with the players, and we think Carl gives us that. We're willing to give him his first shot to put us where we need to be."

Age also appears to be a focus factor for the Dragons, as they released veteran First Baseman Darren Warner (All-Star and Gold Glove Winner, 2017) after an 11 year career with the team, and First Baseman Kees Goossens even after a year worthy of making the Aruban National Team.

Two young players were drafted as additions to the team in the form of Outfielder Paul McKnight and Catcher Curtis Lackey. These first two acquisitions indicate the move towards a younger roster, and Taylor indicates these moves aren't the last as the team waits for the new pre-season to begin making even more drastic moves.

"We have no illusions." Taylor says. "We are a team in a rebuilding phase. We're not going to be able to compete for promotion this season. This season is for us to find our footing and turn over our roster. But within the next two seasons we are going to be ready to make a move."

With those evened expectations, fans can't be too upset with a middling team that the Dragons are expected to be. We will see what the new season brings.