Harlingen Aardvarks

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Team: Harlingen Aardvarks [ID #221] Bookmark Harlingen Aardvarks

Location: Harlingen, TX (Southwest)

League: VI.8 - West

Owner: None

Manager: Pete Haas

Ballpark: Harlingen Ballpark

Rank: #433 - Rating: 79.68

Fan Mood: 99.41

Prestige: 10

Color: Yellow

Team Notes:

• Mar 14 2048: Chris Kamida was released.
• Jan 15 2048: Federico Estrada was selected to the national team of Puerto Rico.
• Jan 15 2048: Shui Su was selected to the national team of China.
• Oct 08 2047: Seymour Lind was released.
• Sep 26 2047: Team relinquished by DR2020.
• Mar 27 2047: Team acquired by DR2020.
• Mar 14 2047: Oliver Ashcraft was released.
• Mar 14 2047: Dave Simpson was signed as a free agent.
• Jan 15 2047: Federico Estrada was selected to the national team of Puerto Rico.
• Nov 04 2046: Pete Haas was hired as the new manager.

League Record:

Wins: 0 Losses: 0 Pct: .000 Last10: 0-0 Streak: -

Ave: 0.0 - 0.0 RS: 0 RA: 0 DIFF: 0


Group 103 [0 | Still Alive]

Press Releases:

Jul 02 2036: Pete Leonard pitches a complete game shutout on Aardvarks debut - by Tabula Rasa on June 17th, 2018

Last night we saw an epic performance from the former Buffalo Bisons pitcher Pete Leonard. The veteran pitcher pitched a complete game shutout on his debut for the Aardvarks. He only gave up three hits.

The veteran who recently signed for the contending Aardvarks was pleased with his own performance: "I always go into a game with the mindset not to give up any runs. It worked this time! I had them (East Orange Nationals) guessing the whole game. I just love the change to go out and play. Love being here and I hope I can carry this momentum with me for the next game".

Jun 20 2036: Aardvarks go into Win now modus - by Tabula Rasa on June 14th, 2018

Today the Harlingen Aardvarks suprised the baseball world with the acquisition of former All-star player Mateo Prado. After advocating the youth movement this comes as a suprise move!

GM Tabula Rasa acknowledged that the move seems contradictory to the strategy of the front office. But he explained the move by pointing towards the current standing: "We're only four games behind the league leader. It's our goal to gain promotion to league V and we believe that we must do anything in our budget to succeed. We looked at our current roster and we weren't happy about the production from the second base position. We believe Mateo can fill the gap and produce straight away. He will also be a mentor to Oliver Ashcraft who is slated to be his heir".

Will this plan succeed? We will find out during the duration of the season.

Jul 09 2035: Nobody's save - by Tabula Rasa on April 3rd, 2018

The newspaper Harlingen today featured a black frontpage today with the text"A sad day in Aardvarks history"

The ace of the franchise 36-year old Christian Madrigal recieved some bad news yesterday when he was called to the GM office. Unfortunatly the long time pitcher doesn't have a future with this franchise anymore.

GM Tabula Rasa explained that, like the release of Kyle van Dyke yesterday, this move is in the best interest of the franchise. While losing Madrigal will hurt our on-field performance on the short-term our believe is that this move will pay off in the future.

We are not in contention for a playoff spot and the performances of Christian will only decline over the years. This is a business decision. We just need his spot in the rotation for the development of a prospect.

Drafted at the age of 17 by the then Aberdeen Sharks Christian stayed loyal to the franchise for sixteen years. It is expected that he will be admitted to the Aardvarks Hall of Fame in the next few days.

Jul 07 2035: The future is now - by Tabula Rasa on April 2nd, 2018

A shock release by the Harlingen Aardvarks! Longtime pitcher and Youth product of the club Kyle van Dyke was released eaerlier today. While the pitcher was 31 years old many believed that the Texas-native still had something left in the tankt.

GM Tabula Rasa explained the move by pointing out that the club is no longer in contention for the playoffs. While Kyle is a great guy and a reall contributor we don't see him playing for us on a higher level. He performed great this season but at the time that our squad is ready for the playoffs he will be too old.

Aug 14 2034: Riots in the streets! - by Tabula Rasa on November 30th, 2017

M Tabula Rasa adressed an angry mob of fans after Harlingen Aardvarks is suffering a losing streak of 9 games. The GM "Please calm down guys.. We know this isn't the season we where hoping on after moving the Franchise to Harlingen. The transistion from the cold Unalaska to the hot sun in Texas didn't go as well as hoped. The batters turned cold and the pitching is abysmal. We will continue to work hard to turn this around. This is a lost season, but it will not be a lost franchise!"

The crowd calmed a bit after the opening statement. And the GM continues,'We're currently rebuilding the squad to be competitive in the future. We believed to be further into this process, but the current results have shown otherwise. I say to you: We will turn this around!"