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Team: Harlingen Aardvarks [ID #221] Bookmark Harlingen Aardvarks

Location: Harlingen, TX (Southwest)

League: VI.8 - West

Owner: Tabula Rasa send message
          [since June 24th 2017 | last seen February 19th 2018]

Manager: Melvin Fujii

Ballpark: Harlingen Ballpark

Rank: #611 - Rating: 47.82

Fan Mood: 81.74

Prestige: 7

Color: Yellow

Team Notes:

• Jan 15 2035: Antoni Dudek was selected to the national team of Poland.
• Jan 15 2035: Anastasios Dimitriou was selected to the national team of Greece.
• Jan 15 2035: Wu Yong was selected to the national team of China.
• Sep 12 2034: Brent Mathews was released.
• May 10 2034: James Toole was claimed off of waivers.
• Apr 29 2034: Connor Tilley was signed as a free agent.
• Jan 15 2034: Moved to Harlingen.
• Jan 15 2034: Antoni Dudek was selected to the national team of Poland.
• Jan 15 2034: Anastasios Dimitriou was selected to the national team of Greece.
• Jan 15 2034: Wu Yong was selected to the national team of China.

League Record:

Wins: 0 Losses: 0 Pct: .000 Last10: 0-0 Streak: -

Ave: 0.0 - 0.0 RS: 0 RA: 0 DIFF: 0


Group 20 [0 | Still Alive]

Press Releases:

Aug 14 2034: Riots in the streets! - by Tabula Rasa on November 30th, 2017

M Tabula Rasa adressed an angry mob of fans after Harlingen Aardvarks is suffering a losing streak of 9 games. The GM "Please calm down guys.. We know this isn't the season we where hoping on after moving the Franchise to Harlingen. The transistion from the cold Unalaska to the hot sun in Texas didn't go as well as hoped. The batters turned cold and the pitching is abysmal. We will continue to work hard to turn this around. This is a lost season, but it will not be a lost franchise!"

The crowd calmed a bit after the opening statement. And the GM continues,'We're currently rebuilding the squad to be competitive in the future. We believed to be further into this process, but the current results have shown otherwise. I say to you: We will turn this around!"

Apr 18 2034: "We want our money back!" - by Tabula Rasa on October 30th, 2017

Last night screaming fans stood outside the Front Office building of the Harlinger Aardvarks demanding their money back after another disastrous defeat. The Aardvarks are now 3-13 and 1 in 9 over the last 10 games. GM Tabula Rase climbed upon a bucket and adressed the furious crowds, "We're not in the place we wanna be right now. We thougt we would be further in our rebuilding process, but the reality shows we're not. In the start of this season we cut some low ceiling vets and replaced them with upcoming youthfull players. These guys need time to adjust to the Major League level. Please folks! Give the team time!

After the crowd dispersed the GM added to a reporter of the Aardvarksonline blog, "We have a lot of youthfull, talented players who aren't their yet. And we have some more experienced (still young) players wo haven't completely processed the franchise move from the cold Alaskan climate to the heat of Texas. Due to the different climate our pitchers are really strugling and the bats are (how paradoxical) cold...We're confident that we will improve"

Apr 07 2034: Wadsworth gets the call! - by Tabula Rasa on October 27th, 2017

When entering the Triple-A clubhouse of the Anaktuvuk Pass Lumberjacks Leroy "The Wall" Wadsworth is tapped on his shoulder. Gm Tabula Rasa wants to see him in the locker room. "You're going up" are the words of Tabula Rasa when the young gun enters the room. Tabula continues: "We've released old man Watson, grab your gear and report to the Aardvarks clubhouse"

Due to the bad start to the season (2-7) the GM considers this move the right way to go. Watson was contracted last season as a stop-gap between previous shortstop Stenstrom and the young talent Wadsworth. After consulting with different experts GM Tabula Rasa considers Wadsworth developed enough to get the call. The GM explains: "Wadsworth is our future, but now he is also our present. We just need his bat in the line-up and i truly believe he will excel at the defensive aspect of the game."

The supporters of the Harlingen Aardvarks expressed their excitement after the news broke out. Their looking forward at watchting the most promising talent out of the minors splash out on the big stage.

Apr 03 2034: Slow start for the Aardvarks - by Tabula Rasa on October 26th, 2017

The Harlingen Aardvarks are off to a slow start in their division. Manager Fujii proclaims that nothing is lost, but he does state that "the bullpen needs to show up and contribute".

The manager continues, "We where in a few close games that we lost because of the performance of our bullpen. It's their job to finish the game in good fashion and not get blown away like they did."

Gm Tabula Rasa adds: "We have a young group, but the guys can only perform this bad for a limited time."

Mar 20 2034: Fresh faces show up for the real work - by Tabula Rasa on October 23rd, 2017

With the dawn of the new season upon us the line up of the Harlingen Aardvarks show a lot of fresh faces. Due to some qood performances in AAA and in Spring training the prospects "Big Mag" Hernandez, "Baron" Burr and "Lucky" Hays where al deemed ready for a call-up. Hernandez and Burr will both line up in the outfield while Hays will start from the bullpen.

All three men will get their time to adjust to the big leagues but we do hope that the get of to a nice start. GM Tabula Rasa states: "We believe these guys have more potential than the men they will replace. We're hoping to further develop their skills in the bigs, because the where clearly done in our minors."

With the call-ups there are also some losers. Tommy Whelan got cut from the roster. According to the GM: "Tommy is a great guy and a true sportman, but we believe the other guys have a higher ceiling. We wish Tommy al the best in his further career."