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Location: Deerfield Beach, FL (Southeast)

League: VI.7 - East

Owner: AssumedPseudonym send message
          [since October 26th 2016 | last seen December 12th 2017]

Manager: Pete McAndrews

Ballpark: The Rat Hole

Rank: #268 - Rating: 107.59

Fan Mood: 144.80

Prestige: 3

Color: Gold

Team Notes:

• Aug 31 2034: Sergio Vásquez was claimed off of waivers.
• Aug 09 2034: Roberto Suarez was claimed off of waivers.
• Aug 02 2034: Ed Christiansen was claimed off of waivers.
• Jul 21 2034: Juan Santiago was claimed off of waivers.
• Jul 09 2034: Alberto Espinoza was claimed off of waivers.
• Jul 02 2034: Armando Minoso was claimed off of waivers.
• Jun 27 2034: Rasheed Cannon was claimed off of waivers.
• Jun 08 2034: Rod Cooney was claimed off of waivers.
• May 21 2034: Hank Stanton was claimed off of waivers.
• May 14 2034: Enrique Bellan was released.

League Record:

Wins: 104 Losses: 37 Pct: .738 Last10: 7-3 Streak: W2

Ave: 6.5 - 3.9 RS: 916 RA: 548 DIFF: +368


Group 57 [0 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Aug 06 2033: To All Good Things An End… - by AssumedPseudonym on September 12th, 2017

 After having swept the top three teams in VI.7 West, the Rats saw their 19-game winning streak snapped at home by the visiting Morgantown Mountaineers. It stands as the longest winning streak in franchise history, eclipsing the franchise record 16-game winning streak of 2021 (which itself surpassed a record of 13 straight wins, set two seasons prior and matched once earlier in 2021).

 “It’s been a helluva run,” manager Pete McAndrews said in an interview after the 10-9 loss. “I’ve got to hand it to the [Fayetteville] Cubs, they’ve been stubborn at there at the top of the division. Nineteen games in a row, and we picked up, what, two games on them? We’re in for a great pennant chase this season.”

 In addition to the winning streak, the Deerfield Beach Rats took over the top spot in all of Broken Bat in regards to fan mood. “The support we’ve gotten in this run is just phenomenal,” the team’s owner said in a press release shortly after the winning streak came to an end. “They’ve been turning out in droves, both here at The Rat Hole and at other league ballparks across the country. Fan Appreciation Day for Game #1 of our last home series is going to be something special this season!”

Jul 16 2033: Rats Mid-Season Player Report Cards - by AssumedPseudonym on September 7th, 2017


Rodriguez: A+ — Leading the league in several pitching categories and near the top of most of the rest, “C-guez” is the leading candidate for the Cy Young Award.
Rojas: A+ — The league leader in saves. He’d be heading the list for for Reliever of the Year if there was one…
Ordonez: A+ — …And Ordonez would be right behind him. His record out of the bullpen speaks for itself.
Robinson: A — “The Chosen One” is arguably having an off year after last season’s performance, but has been getting better results.
Caputo: A — He’s putting up better numbers than even Robinson nearly across the board, save for walks, WHIP, and innings pitched.
Kong: A — Picked up in the off-season for the long relief job, he’s excelled to the point of taking the rotation spot of Roberts.
Tyson: A — His presence is a strong contributing factor to the Rats’ nigh impenetrable bullpen.
Harrell: A- — The spot starter on the rotation has seen more work in long relief appearances, and would likely replace Roberts as a starter if not for Kong’s performance.
Roberts: B — He’s been a solid starter, make no mistake, but he’s lost his starting job to the rejuvenated Kong.
Woods and Sexton: Incomplete — With fewer innings between them than any single pitcher on the team, their sample sizes are too small for a valid grade.


Lee: A+ — After his MVP year in ’31, this season only seems mildly disappointing for “The Beast.” He’s recovered from a slow start nicely.
Jang: A+ — Acquired to replace the disappointing Chambers, Jang is having a career season hitting at The Rat Hole’s expansive field.
Ramon: A+ — He leads the team in OPS and had a 26-game hitting streak in the first half, and has been exceptional at the hot corner.
Sakai: A — The league’s leader in batting average and on-base percentage would be an easy A+ if his fielding were just a bit sharper.
Rosario: A — Even though he’s lost a step, the crafty infielder still knows how to swipe bags and lace doubles all over the outfield.
Lemus: A- — The scintillating defense he provides helps overcome the uninspiring RISP of an otherwise very solid bat in the lineup.
Farrell: B- — Brought in as the latest short-term center fielder, he held the fort nicely until Ingle was ready for the Bigs.
Černý: C+ — He’s been serviceable though hardly spectacular, whether at the plate or behind it.
Jonsson: C- — His lackluster bat is a letdown after last season, but his impressive work in the field makes it less unpalatable.
Chambers: F — A dismal start to the season proved to be the last straw, and he was cut as soon as Ingle promoted from AAA.
Ingle: Incomplete — With only fifteen games under his belt, it’s too early to give a grade on “Pretty Boy”. He’s shown great promise, however.
De Santis, Boswell, and Ikeyama: Incomplete — The bench has been solid, but not really utilized extensively enough to grade properly.

Oct 28 2032: Rats’ Season End Report Card. - by AssumedPseudonym on July 18th, 2017

 Despite high hopes coming into the 2032 season, the Rats stumbled out of the gate and never really recovered. By the time they any semblance of momentum built up, it was well into the second half and interdivisional play was already over and done with. Still, that being said, the 29-21 finish to first season the organization has had away from VI.7 since 2008 does show promise for the future.

 “It was a near thing,” manager Pete McAndrews said, referring to the team’s upcoming demotion from V.4. “Just another win here, another win there, and we could be having a whole different conversation right now. Too many things needed to go right coming into the last cycle of the season, and they just didn’t.”

 Here’s the team’s year-end report card:

Home Games: F — The team’s 36-44 record is reminiscent of the 2029 campaign, and in all the wrong ways. “Fans aren’t going to look back on the stadium’s early years fondly,” is all veteran outfielder Gilbert De Santis had to say about it.

Away Games: B — Also reminiscent of the 2029 season was the markedly better play by the team on the road, who have a history of performing well away from home. Going .500 on the road is a fairly typical goal at the start of a season, and might be the only one Deerfield Beach pulled off.

Divisional Play: D+ — Given the team’s 20-30 record against divisional foes in the first half of the season, this is a surprisingly good grade, with their strong finish giving them a 49-51 divisional record. “Not good enough,” superstar outfielder Jung Hwan Lee said, refusing to speak through his interpreter. “We finished good, but we started too bad. We must start and finish good.”

Interdivisional Play: D- — The West was not kind to Deerfield Beach in the 2030 season, finishing in a tie with the Barnstable Ducks for the division’s worst interdivisional record. “At least we had Lubbock’s number,” veteran DH Rick Webb said sourly, regarding the 7-3 record against the West’s #2 team.

One-Run Games: F — The Rats won few squeakers this season, with only Kona having a worse record than Deerfield Beach’s 19-27.

Offense: B — While not nearly as electric as the 2031 season, the Rats turned in a solid offensive performance this season. The team as a whole consistently posted from third to fifth in many offensive categories, with Jung Hwan Lee, Yoshio Sakai, and Eduardo Rosario featuring prominently among the league leaders.

Defense: D+ — The Rats had their share of defensive woes, finishing with the third worst overall defense in V.4 this season. Third base, center field, and right field were particularly troublesome, though the latter is acknowledged to be partly blamed on the dome’s ceiling. “We should repaint it to match the uniform trim,” quipped Bill Tsao, whose acquisition helped solidify the shaky outfield defense.

Starting Rotation: B+ — The starting rotation was impressive, and the move to a four man rotation after interdivisional play is undoubtedly a large part of the team’s drastic improvement in the last fifty games of the season. Justin Robinson and Caesar Rodriguez, the latter of whom was V.4’s winningest pitcher, finished the season with more innings pitched than any other pitcher in the league, with both posting ERAs of under 3.50. Billy Morrison’s 3.94 ERA after last season’s spectacular effort as the setup man is also worth mentioning.

Bullpen: D — Given the state of the bullpen, it’s little wonder Robinson and Rodriguez tried to keep the ball as long as possible. Numerous configurations and attempted short term fixes proved ineffective, leading to desperate signings and frustrated cuts. “We couldn’t get it done, that’s the long and short of it,” southpaw Bobby Bond said. Aging veteran pickup Wally Edwards turned in a serviceable performance, one of the better of a disappointing season. The Rats badly need youngsters Eric Peterson, Alfredo Ordonez, and Luis Rojas grow into their roles, and the sooner the better.

Overall: D — The finishing record of 76-84 and demotion to either VI.7 or VI.8 puts a lot more tarnish on the season than even the bright spots can hope to overcome.

Oct 09 2031: Rats Topple Titans, Clinch Division! - by AssumedPseudonym on April 28th, 2017

 It’s official: Deerfield Beach is going to V.4 for the 2032 season.

 With the magic number sitting at 1 and the second place Largo Titans hosting the game, the Rats did what they seem to have been doing all season, allowing a few early runs and letting the bats come to life in the late innings to take the win. The Rats already held a one run lead when third baseman Johnny Clark put the game out of reach, slugging a grand slam that narrowly cleared the towering left field wall.

 “I didn’t think I got enough of it to get it over, but I’ve never been good at physics,” he quipped in a post-game interview, drenched in champagne and wringing it out of his jersey once the bottles had run dry. “I’m just glad they didn’t have the blowers on out there.”

 The Hood River Nine are likely to clinch VI.7 West by the end of their current series, their magic number standing at 2. The season series between Deerfield Beach and Hood River is split evenly at 5-5, with each team having swept the other at their home ballpark.

 The Rats also hope to hold a ceremony during their last homestand of the season against Stillwater to honor Eduardo Rosario’s accomplishments in VI.7. He took possession of the league’s all-time record for runs scored earlier this season, and is only one double shy of the all-time league leader in that category.

Jul 14 2031: Deerfield Beach Mid-Season Report Card! - by AssumedPseudonym on April 4th, 2017

Overall record: A+
 The Rats are on a pace that could see them setting a team record for most wins in a season. That’s really all that needs to be said on the subject.

Home record: A
 Winning two games out of every three on their home turf is a marked improvement over the previous two seasons under the current team ownership. Their 30-14 home record for the first half of the season is impressive, wrapping up the first half’s home schedule with a sweep over the formidable Hood River Nine. But really, who needs home field advantage…

Road record: A
 …When you can nearly do as well on the road? Winning three games out of every five on their opponents’ home turf — 22-14 at the All-Star Break — is nearly as impressive, on pace for a mark rivaling the 50-30 road record from the 2029 campaign. “That’s what rats do, they bust into your home and make a mess of things,” pitcher Edward Power joked.

1-Run Decisions: A+
 Tadao Sakurai might not still be with the organization, but his summary at the end of the 2029 season rings possibly even truer this season than it did then: Rats win squeakers. They’re not only set to win a higher number of 1-run victories at this rate than they did with the 19-10 mark from two seasons ago, they’re on pace to win a higher percentage, as well.

Run Differential: A+
 Two seasons ago, the Rats came within a whisker of winning the division with a negative run differential. This season, there’s little chance of that happening with the club being well over a hundred runs to the positive.

Offense: A+
 The grades might sound like a broken record, but it’s hard to put lower marks for Rats with the numbers they’ve put up this season. Longtime catcher Victor Harrington, retired from the field but still with the organization as the batting coach, has been given a lot of credit for the team’s performance, with the Rats leading the league in many offensive numbers. “I might not be much help on power, but I can make sure they make contact,” Harrington said in the press conference announcing his new position with the organization shortly after his retired from playing. And it shows: The Rats not only have the highest team batting average in the league, but hold half of VI.7’s top ten individual batting averages.

Defense: A-
 Boasting the second best overall fielding percentage in the league behind only Hood River, the only thing that keeps their defense from rating an A+ is the fact that most of the defensive performances on the club are middle-of-the-pack to upper-half. The key to their defense so far is that they haven’t had any one position played under the curve, but have been solidly dependable all around without necessarily being spectacular.

Starting Pitching: B-
 With two pitchers wielding an ERA of under 4.00 and the other three under 5.00, the starting rotation has proven sufficiently effective at keeping the opposition held down enough for the offense to bludgeon them with a steady onslaught of singles and doubles. While the youngest members of the rotation in particular have experienced some growing pains, the offense has been potent enough to take them off the hook on numerous occasions. This is especially true considering that…

Bullpen: A
 …The bullpen has been a virtually impenetrable bunker for shell-shocked starters to seek relief from, with nearly as many wins as the starting rotation and the fewest blown saves in the league. Setup man Billy Morrison, revitalized after a performance last season that nearly saw him on the chopping block, is particularly worthy of mention, being one win shy of a share of the league lead and sporting an ERA that would lead VI.7 if he had enough innings to qualify. When Justin Robinson and Caesar Rodriguez aren’t throwing complete games, the Rats have a bullpen capable of bringing almst any offense in the league to a screeching halt.

Overall: A
 It’s hard not to brag a little about the way the team has been performing, especially following the losing record of the 2030 season. The fans have been been expressing their approval as well, selling out a hefty percentage of home games this season while briefly even cracking the top twenty in fan mood for all of Broken Bat — and that’s something to squeak about.