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Location: Midwest City, OK (Plains)

League: IV.6 - West

Owner: theonlyroberts send message
          [since February 20th 2018 | last seen December 16th 2018]

Manager: Eddie Ferrara

Ballpark: Midwest City Memorial Stadium

Rank: #139 - Rating: 144.93

Fan Mood: 96.75

Prestige: 19

Color: Black & Yellow

Team Notes:

• Oct 08 2038: Cristian Nunez was released.
• Oct 08 2038: Cristian Nunez was inducted into the team Hall of Fame.
• Jun 04 2038: Myles Rudd was claimed off of waivers.
• Mar 20 2038: Young Jin Kwon was released.
• Mar 02 2038: Héctor Martinez was claimed off of waivers.
• Jan 15 2038: Matt Garner was released.
• Jan 15 2038: Ulbrecht Krämer was selected to the national team of Austria.
• Apr 29 2037: Adrian Jacobs was released.
• Apr 18 2037: Adrian Jacobs was claimed off of waivers.
• Apr 10 2037: Fidel Morales was released.

League Record:

Wins: 76 Losses: 78 Pct: .494 Last10: 4-6 Streak: W2

Ave: 5.2 - 4.9 RS: 797 RA: 756 DIFF: +41


Group 35 [2 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Oct 16 2034: New Feeling in Yakima - by Den on December 17th, 2017

Fans are really concerned that the new owner has no clue as to what he is doing. They are already wishing they would have supported the previous owner a lot better.

Apr 07 2028: Youth Movement Brings New Life to Yakima, On and Off Field - by Toon Squad on July 22nd, 2016

Yakima, WA - Last season, when manager 'Doc' Ferrara walked into the Falcon's clubhouse at 8:00 AM, coffee in hand, he was the only person stirring in the building. He would sit down at his desk and read the Yakima Herald while the club's seasoned vets rolled in to the clubhouse like clockwork. "I could set my watch by Jesse Hampton, who would walk in every morning at 8:30, shave, and be the first ballplayer on the field," Ferrara recalled. "He never faltered. Taisei [Kanemura] took right after him, which is probably why he never missed a game last year."

Despite the routine and hard work, the Falcons were exactly average last year. There was no clubhouse drama, but there was no excitement either. The Falcons appeared rusty, aged, and tired. Niel Picco, clubhouse leader and first baseman extraordinaire, retired last season, but came out of retirement as a player/manager for the LL 6 Wichita Falls Cardinals. Without Picco, the Falcons lost the clubhouse shenanigans that forged the brotherly bonds that led the club to 3 straight promotions, and two pennants.

On day one of spring training this season, it was clear to Ferrara that the 2028 Falcons were not going to fall into a mundane routine.

"With 6 rookies on the roster, the clubhouse mood is much more lively," Ferrara told the Herald. "Korey [Young] and Christian [Nunez] keep everyone on their toes with their pranks and shenanigans. No one is safe from their practical jokes. One morning, I heard Jesse cussing under his breath. Something about peanut butter in his shoes. After hearing that, I keep my uniform under lock and key, safe from the boys tinkering hands."

On the field, the rookies are playing with boundless energy. "It is really fun to watch," declared backup catcher Raul Fernandez. "The games the Falcons have been playing feel exciting, and the energy is electric. These rookies are something else. The fans can see that, I'm sure of it. The crowd seems to be cheering louder, and showing up more consistently. Our broadcasters are having more fun with their commentary as well."

The Falcons Fans have plenty to be excited about. Yakima has opened the season 7-3, and are tied for first in the league. The Falcons open a cup series with the St. Paul Killer Bees this afternoon. The series should be fun to watch, as the youth are playing with heart in the Heart of Central Washington.

Aug 21 2025: Home Stretch - Falcons in First before final 60 matches - by Toon Squad on January 2nd, 2016

Yakima, WA - Thanks to the starting pitching and some breakout performances and steady contributions, the Falcons find themselves in first with a commanding lead of the division.

"I'm proud of my boys," manager 'Doc' Ferrarra said regarding the season. "They managed to climb the ladder through the dog days of summer after a difficult start. Bauta, Picco, Suzuki, Ramirez, they are all performing as well as we had hoped. Kelley and Hale are also always solid contributors."

The Falcons open a 10 game homestead tomorrow, and expect to manage their 9 game lead in the division. Ace Ricardo Bauta will face off against Cy-Young candidate Darren Short in the first match.

Aug 29 2023: Falcons finish Owls, sweep them in 3. - by Toon Squad on August 3rd, 2015

The falcons have been playing a form of baseball that 'hurts so good' for the fans. Omitting today's game, the last six games have been decided by one run, three of which have gone into extra innings. Of those six games, the falcons only dropped one, the series finale with Santa Ana.

"Santa Ana is a competitive club, and it is always a close match between us," said manager Clarence Meyers. "It came down to who executed better, and in the end, the team did their jobs and worked their way to a series win against a highly skilled group of guys."

The next series was against the orange Owls, the team that is currently the number one threat to throw Yakima into relegation. It was a tight series, and the crowd got to experience four innings of bonus baseball between the first two games. Dominating pitching performances compensated for the nearly dormant offense in the first two.

The first game started with some uncertainty, as starter Pedro Ramirez allowed two consecutive extra base hits to give the Owls an early 1-0 lead. This didn't last for long, as a pair of RBI walks from Picco and Noble gave the falcons the lead.

"That was a busy inning," said 1B Niel Picco. "We had ducks on all over the place, but we didn't execute as well as we could have in some key at bats."

The owls tied the game at 2 in the 3rd inning, and gained the lead in the 6th. Ramirez lasted 5 1/3 innings, allowing 2ER. He was relieved by new acquisition Humphrey, who immediately proceeded to give every fan and all of his teammates a collective heart attack, loading the bases on walks and hit batters, and allowing several runs, before being relieved by Dougherty.

"The ball was not coming out if my hand right. I should have taken a second to dry off before entering the game," Said Christian Humphrey.

Dougherty pitched 3 solid innings, although he blew the save in the ninth. He was relieved by Forte, who kept the bases clean till the end of the game, and earned his first win in a Falcons uniform. Joel Morgan hit a walk off double to score Mike Johnston in the bottom of the eleventh inning to win the game.

"I hit the right pitch at the right time, and the water cooler felt refreshing after playing 11 in the hor desert sun," commented Morgan.

Morgan walked off again the next day, following dominant pitching from Hogan (7IP, 2ER) and crew (5IP, 0ER). Hogan, despite the best performance of his young career, did not earn a win, as the Yakima offense was snoozing.

"I did what I could, and still helped my team to a win," explained Hogan. "Overall, I am proud of my performance."

Morgan, when asked about his recent clutch streak, was quick to give credit to his comrades. "I wouldn't have been able to do this without [fujimoto and Johnston]. They got on base and gave me the opportunity to drive them in. These wins are team victories."

The third and final game of the series was a blowout, with the falcons exploding for 12 runs, and not going to extra innings for the first time in the series. According to Captain Clarence, "It was a relief."

Picco hit a grand salami in the first inning. "I saw a pitch I wanted, and I got a good piece of it," explained Picco. "I'm glad I could put it over the wall in that situation."

The falcons start a four game set with Santa Ana September 1st. They look to continue their 3 game winning streak.

Aug 20 2023: Future Falcon Special: top prospects - by Toon Squad on July 31st, 2015

As a franchise, it is always important to look towards the future, as well as the present, to determine success. The future is bright, in the near and far future. As always, young hitters are coming through the system, and there are few touted pitching prospects in the system. Here is the prospect roundup for mid season 2023!

1. Marco Blanco

This 18 year old Phenom is having a rough start at rookie ball, but his potential is through the roof! He has a cannon for an arm and he can cover more ground in the outfield than most major league outfielders. He has the potential to be a good hitter with plus power, with a golden glove to boot. He should reach the big club by 2025, which is perfect timing.

2. Jeremy Jackson

A recent acquisition, the 18 year old is already a terror on the basepaths, and he carries a cannon in the outfield with plus range and the potential to fill a trophy cabinet with gold gloves. He should reach the big club by 2025.

3. Theo "The Cannon" Suzuki

Suzuki lives up to his name, carrying the best arm in recent memory, along with a stellar hit tool, plus power and a rounded offensive build. By far the most advanced prospect in the system, he should reach the big club as soon as he proves he can hit AAA pitching as well as he has hit the other levels of pitching. He will shut down opposing baserunners and add to an already potent Yakima offense.

4. Stephen Lewis

Reigning from the island nation of the Bahamas, Lewis is a plus baserunner and versatile fielder, who speaks softly and carries a big stick. He figures to be a corner outfielder with prodigious pop and a cannon to boot. He should hit the bigs by 2025.

5. Federico Espino

The highest ranked pitcher in the system, Espino can be a plus pitcher if he can cut his walk rate and/or increase his strikeout rate. He can crack the 2025 rotation if he learns to keep runs off the board and runners off of the bases.

Honorable mentions

These next two prospects are highly touted by the organization, but less so by the independent scouting organizations. They figure to be good additions to the ballclub.

10. Federico Arcia

Arcia is a potent offensive force and a great corner infielder and outfielder. He has plus speed, a strong arm, and good range for a corner infielder. He figures to join the big club in 2024, and will likely play outfield, as Nate Lewis figures to be the starting 3B for the foreseeable future.

12. Orlando Duran

This 20 year old, L/R Puerto rican is a recent acquisition, and is faster than everyone around. He possesses a very good hit tool, plus power and plus Fielding, and he can cover a lot of ground. His arm plays well in left field and at second base, and he should hit the show by 2026.