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Location: Vista, CA (West)

League: V.10 - West

Owner: njfe0890 send message
          [since March 30th 2016 | last seen December 14th 2018]

Manager: Lewis Stanley

Ballpark: Vista Stadium

Rank: #484 - Rating: 71.79

Fan Mood: 100.57

Prestige: 17

Color: Black & White

Team Notes:

• Jul 07 2038: Luis Olivas was released.
• Jul 05 2038: Leo Roy was released.
• Jul 02 2038: Elliott France was claimed off of waivers.
• Jul 02 2038: Chad Goodwin was claimed off of waivers.
• Jul 02 2038: Ray Gavin was claimed off of waivers.
• Jun 27 2038: Genji Konno was released.
• Jun 24 2038: Leo Roy was signed as a free agent.
• Jun 04 2038: Genji Konno was signed as a free agent.
• May 25 2038: Tomas Segui was released.
• May 25 2038: Andrés Cardona was released.

League Record:

Wins: 80 Losses: 73 Pct: .523 Last10: 3-7 Streak: W1

Ave: 5.3 - 5.0 RS: 817 RA: 771 DIFF: +46


Group 80 [0 | Eliminated]

Press Releases:

Jul 27 2027: RE: Bellevue Pitching Woes - by yumajoe518 on May 28th, 2016

My club is like wise been suffering from pitching mediocrity especially with starters really my winningest starter is a mid reliever with 18 wins. luckily my woes seem to be salvageed somewhat by my bull pen but still i think i have ony 2 or 3 pitchers in all that are onder a 5.0 era. I am bouyed and in first palce in my division due to an outstanding offense i have 8 starters batting over 300 with 2 bench guys also over .300 and that has led to a league leading + 166 differential. Belevue when you have the pitcher draft figured out pass it along... good luck

Jun 25 2027: Ithaca Insane - by yumajoe518 on May 19th, 2016

I gotta give the general manager over there in Ithaca a shout out that is some cajones there. will it pan out in the next few seasons? we will have to see. but courageous ! props

Sep 30 2026: My Beavers are at the Tiger of Loveland - by yumajoe518 on March 29th, 2016

So the second 3 game series and the next to the last meetig a four game series to end the season. Can my Beavers pull away so that the last meeting is meaningless or will Loveland push my club to the limit.
my club is relatively healthy going into this 3 game series; although, I would love Van Dyke one of my season long offensive producers was not missing the first 2 games of this series.
We are hoping for a sweep but even just stealing one from lovelands house will allow us to come away with a six game lead.

Sep 08 2026: Game of the week Loveland coming to Burien - by yumajoe518 on March 23rd, 2016

the Beavers are hosting the tigers for a huge 3 game series. With the Beavers having a 4 game lead in the west over the tigers, My Beavers could be sitting pretty with a sweep but my Burien Manager is at least expecting a series win. this season our pitching has really improved with some young guys having really developed in our farm system. The Bats have always been lively with the Seasoned team Captain and really the soul of our club for his whole 10 plus year career as a Beaver Cruz Valadez.
A must watch game.
We hope the Loveland Tigers bring their best because we will bring ours. If they do it will be a fan favorite for the ages...

Aug 19 2024: Frazzled - by yumajoe518 on October 15th, 2015

i don't get it. I have the top 2 hitters in the league the home run leader leader 3 different guys a 12 game winner pitcher and an closer in the top ten and a pitcher in top 10 in strikeouts now im not saying I should have clinched the pennant but really how is it possible to have only 37 wins and 70+ losses ? im to the point where this simulation is messed up there is no consistency to stats and win loss as I can tell...
I may have to give up on it... I just see how this my last season finishes then bye unless some one can give me a reasonable explanation>
plus I notice I get some players at the end of the simulation that I never picked in anyshaope or form like quintero this past offseason>?