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Joined: 03/25/2020
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Palm Bay Orioles

Broken Bat Baseball
A way to trade players with division rivals and other users for the real gm experience. Including a trade deadline
Joined: 02/20/2020
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Shreveport Gators

Broken Bat Baseball
This gets my vote as the most badly needed feature.
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Pembroke Pines Gators

Broken Bat Baseball
It would be fun, and add a ton to the experience, but as has been discussed many times before it would be open up the system to all kinds of issues. The only way to avoid a person controlling multiple teams and trading all the best players to one of them would be to have someone monitor all the trades manually. I don't see Steve signing up for that level of moderation.

Either that or each league would need a commissioner to approve all trades or something. It's just not an easy thing to implement and would open up a ton of complaints about fairness and shenanigans.

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Haverhill Halflings

Broken Bat Baseball
Are you arguing with yourself? Or do you guys just have really similar usernames :)

I'd agree. It would be nice. But I've never seen an implementation that was wasn't abused. Too hard to make a reality. It would probably cause a lot more damage than good. I like to consider it a trade when I swap players with another team through waivers.

EDIT: BTW, we do have a "trade" deadline. You can't claim or sign any players after September 1st.

Updated Thursday, October 15 2020 @ 2:39:01 pm PDT
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Longview Goldendoodles

Broken Bat Baseball
One of the reasons I enjoy this game so much is because we can’t trade. I am in another baseball sim that allows trading and the sharking that goes on really diminishes the user experience. Beware what you ask for.

Sure it’s frustrating to lose out on waiver claims and have weak draft pools. It may seem like it’s difficult to improve your team but allowing trading and the shenanigans that could create would damage the Broken Bat brand.

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Updated Sunday, October 18 2020 @ 7:43:08 am PDT

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