Danbury Hall Of Fame

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Hall of Famer Pablo Valentín
Mexico   #4 - Pablo Valentín [ID #90528]     SS
Birthplace: Mexico City, Mexico           College: none
Hall Of Famer                     Bats (R)           Throws (R)           Positions: SS 2b
Games 1377, AVE .271, OBP .352, SLG .429, OPS .781, H 1348, 2B 370, 3B 33, HR 116, R 757, RBI 622, SB 266
Notes: rem - add info at later date

Hall of Famer Roy Hicks
United States   #7 - Roy Hicks [ID #93015]     1B
Birthplace: New York, New York           College: St. John's University
Hall Of Famer                     Bats (L)           Throws (L)           Positions: 1B
Games 1719, AVE .292, OBP .340, SLG .528, OPS .868, H 1713, 2B 494, 3B 58, HR 256, R 947, RBI 1006, SB 43
Notes: What a first baseman! A six time All-Star! Take a look at his stats and you will see a man who belongs in the HOF even before his playing days are done. Even at 34, when this was written, he was an All-Star and carrying the team as he has done for most of his career. What a stand-up player! Sadly, Roy Hicks career with the club ended at the beginning of the 2034 season as contract talks broke down and the parties decided to call it quits and part ways. We wish Roy well and thank him for his exceptional service to the club. Good luck going forward Roy!

Hall of Famer Eugene Wyatt
United States   #11 - Eugene Wyatt [ID #69018]     P
Birthplace: Austin, Texas           College: none
Hall Of Famer                     Bats (R)           Throws (R)           Positions: P
Games 1149, W 30, L 93, S 764, ERA 4.02, BAA .254, WHIP 1.414, IP 1449⅓, K 997
Notes: Eugene just recently celebrated completing his 550th Save! He is still active and going strong with the Rocky Mount Yankees in North Carolina...Update: Season 2030 finds Eugene going 17 games before giving up his first earned run of the season and his era stands at 0.55! Not bad for a 38 year old! Update: Season 2031 - Eugene has recently reached his 600th save! WOW! And he is 39! What a workhorse! Wyatt ends season 2033 with 675 saves with 1006 games in appearances! He is 41 years old and the question is will he return for season 2034 so he can reach 700 saves? Tune in! UPDATE: On 10/13/2034, Wyatt has reached 700 saves!! Eugene reaches the end of season 2035 with 735 saves! Will he come back for season 2036 at 44 years old or finally retire at age 43? Update: Game Date: Sep 30th, 2036 - Eugene Wyatt has stepped down as the official closer of the Danbury Yankees after 763 saves in his career with the club. He feels at this point of the season he is hurting the clubs slim chances to get to the playoffs; he will pitch in another capacity for the club for the last 20 games of the regular season. Eugene Wyatt has finished the season and perhaps his career at 44 years old and a total of 764 career saves.Truly amazing feat and sign of durability! Eugene Wyatt, 45, has been demoted to AAA before the start of the 2037 season as he is most likely at the end of a great career. He will be released and we wish him the best of luck! He had 764 major league saves!