Amarillo Hall Of Fame

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Hall of Famer Brad Logan
United States   #1 - Brad Logan [ID #11399]     OF
Home Town: Rochester, Minnesota           School: none
Hall Of Famer                     Bats (R)           Throws (R)           Positions: OF 1b
Games 1894, AVE .260, OBP .303, SLG .513, OPS .816, H 1514, 2B 304, 3B 141, HR 296, RBI 981, SB 667
Notes: When you think speed in this franchise, you think Brad Logan. A big part of the 2006 Champion Amarillo Wranglers(then the McKinney Longhorns) when he set a regular season franchise record 89 stolen bases. He holds the franchise record for career slugging percentage at .513, and he was a 2 time League MVP, and 4X All-Star. He played 18 seasons with the franchise from the time he was 21 to 38 years old in which he stole a total of 667 bases which holds the all-time franchise record to date.    
Induction Date: Aug. 23, 2031

Hall of Famer Earl Singleton
United States   #1 - Earl Singleton [ID #11404]     OF
Home Town: Yonkers, New York           School: none
Hall Of Famer                     Bats (R)           Throws (R)           Positions: OF 1b 3b
Games 2062, AVE .286, OBP .362, SLG .503, OPS .865, H 2150, 2B 514, 3B 77, HR 322, RBI 1192
Notes: Singleton played for the Amarillo Wranglers (formerly McKinney Longhorns) from 2005-2019. He is a 7 time All-Star who, at the time of induction, is the Amarillo all time career leader in HR's(322), doubles(514), and OPS(.865). He was also a big part of the 2006 Championship season.  
Singleton receives this honor on May 7th of the 2030 season, and becomes the first member of the Hall Of Fame.