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#74033 Forum >> Discussions >> Out perform rating gocubs16 05/27/2020 9:45:04 pm
ok this pitcher has been the only one who has gone out and played like an ace definitely keeping him for a while hoping he pitches a little better next season but no is just gonna be like Nolan Ryan outta nowhere it would take a while

Updated Wednesday, May 27 2020 @ 11:04:07 pm PDT
#74034 Forum >> Help >> Help - Dire Request Ced 05/28/2020 1:06:20 am

Man, those were the days. Edgar Palmer stirred the drink that season. Timely hits, walks or homeruns. Whatever the team needed, he seemed to have it.

Kokawa was the best player I inherited when I took over the team. The man rolled out of bed hitting .300.

Adam Werner lead a dominant pitching staff that also featured pre-potential search poster boy and 15 POT Derrick Chapman.

If I could steal the pitching and BB production from that team, I might have a chance next year.

Well, my second season in charge is the year we are talking about in my ownership, now twenty-fifth of course, I draw Legends League Birmingham in the Cup. I'm feeling I've got a chance, no particular reason. The thing not a lotta people get is I've always managed Denver through instinct and not much math, and I've got home field advantage to me that's a future W in my mind. First game we barely win, second we lose heavily and I'm thinking ok, this second one is foreshadowing, the next one may not be as competitive. But yeah, we won the third and advanced. And they won Legends 3 times in 4 years in the '23-'26 seasons. Shoutout to kladu, wherever they at.

Next season, I see Birmingham's transactions and their DH is adios. And I can get him for one third of his $6.75M salary, what a deal. Legends All-Star three years in a row including the past season and no waivers necessary he is a free agent. So I pick him up and what an underpermormance, you know?! I mean here is an all-star, all-league, gold glove accolades and I even think he garnered some league MVP votes! Thank you Denvy ballot stuffers.

Hell, I wonder if there are managers out there with stories like that as you sorta look up the ladder, you know, and help improve your club by seeing what's working around our lil fake baseball world lol.

Updated Thursday, May 28 2020 @ 1:07:13 am PDT
#74035 Forum >> Leagues >> IV.2 Samsung Lions 05/28/2020 3:04:21 am
Middletown = middle of the road for most of the league stats, except for the honour of leading the league in outfield assists.
#74036 Forum >> Leagues >> II.1 Seca 05/28/2020 4:09:01 am
Get our 3rd straight 4 game series tonight. Tough stretch.

Still surprised by the swing this season LH vs. RH. Last season the Dinos had a .426 win % vs. LHP and .619 vs. RH. This season its .637 vs. lefties .460 vs. RH.

I can't mouse over OPS on my tablet. Batting average shows little change vs. LH but down 25 points vs. RH. That dip can largely be pinned on Smiley and Rocha (and James replacing Kenyon).

Lots of factors. Not having to face Manhattan's 2 lefties helps that ledger. Still a little surprising the effect of 1-2 guys having down (not even bad, just down) seasons has on the column.
#74037 Forum >> Leagues >> IV.2 AssumedPseudonym 05/28/2020 4:18:25 am
 I was honestly expecting your pitching to be higher ranked and your offense lower ranked, like almost the reverse of where they are. Pitching might be around the middle of the pack, but offense is very solidly up around 4th in a lot of categories. Unearned runs are killin’ ya.

 Regardless of that and what Texarkana is doing in front of you, you’re putting a pretty respectable season together. This, as they say, why we play the games.
#74038 Forum >> Help >> Help - Dire Request Haselrig 05/28/2020 7:50:04 am
That dude is a monster. I'd love to see him on my draft board. I'm one of the few who'd throw him in the OF just to get that bat in there. Judging from my track record at defense and flat shameful OA numbers this year, sometimes you think you're crazy as a fox, but ends up you're just crazy.

Every good thing I've done in this game, I stole from somebody else. I learned how to put a roster together by watching MrTwoPlums make move after move and win title after title. The Seattle Ricky slapped the "ain't gonna sign no 12 POTs" snobbishness out of me with those reality defying teams that knocked me out of the final four in a cup one time and ran around the other Legends powerhouses at the time.

Then there's all the discord/chat folks. JJ, Pvt. Snowflake, AP where we hammered out the finer points of how to build a team. The Legends seasons and titles that came out of those is pretty amazing. It's that, how the other people here chose to play this game, that makes it so exceptional.
#74039 Forum >> Help >> Help - Dire Request PrivateSnowflake 05/28/2020 7:54:17 am
Hell, I wonder if there are managers out there with stories like that as you sorta look up the ladder, you know, and help improve your club by seeing what's working around our lil fake baseball world lol.

You have no idea.

Best advice I got was talking to Hasel, JJ, and Tiger. Followed those guys right up the ladder. Then lost to all three in Legends. Jerks.

And if Seca knew how many seasons I dissected his pitching stats in the late 20's, trying to emulate those settings, well...then it would just be weird.

But yeah, I looked at the successful clubs. Biggest eye-opener was some of them weren't any more talented than mine. Pick a club who's style is similar to what you want to do. That's a great jumping-off point. You can tweak it from there.
#74040 Forum >> Discussions >> Out perform rating jolson3 05/28/2020 9:52:52 am
Seems like a keeper to me. I would love to have him on my team.
#74041 Forum >> Leagues >> VI.30 timothy 05/28/2020 5:03:43 pm
Slumping! Feel like I'm a couple pitchers short, but we'll see how it shakes out.
#74042 Forum >> Help >> Help - Dire Request JohnnyBoi62 05/28/2020 5:24:19 pm
I would just like to add that, like Babe Ruth calling his shot, I was swept for the first time this season today.

Yup, should have kept the old trap shut and just kept logging miles on 2045 :D

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