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#59482 Forum >> Discussions >> Draft Round 7 jclemen2 06/22/2018 1:28:44 pm
Well this was disappointing. I thought I found a decent prospect for this late with great hitter, above average slugger, and good potential.

Potential is 10. :(
#59483 Forum >> Discussions >> Draft Round 7 Rock777 06/22/2018 1:52:12 pm
@jclemen2, looks like a really nice LF/1B/DH. Wish I could find guys like that in the draft.

Updated Friday, June 22 2018 @ 1:52:53 pm PDT
#59484 Forum >> Help >> Team Evaluation JJNZ 06/22/2018 3:05:09 pm
First up - love the logo!

You're certainly not out of the race - either to promote or to avoid relegation so here's a couple of pointers.

- you have a lot of guys in the majors without hitting comments and I think this shows up in your stats.
- Very impressed with the defense
- Pitching looks solid enough - put Albuqueque back in A ball if you're gonna keep him - looks like a lost cause to me, you're better off kicking him to touch and picking up another arm

Guys I'd consider cutting (in addition to Albuqueque)
Amador - looks like an OK back up C, but at 91 SI and 27 years old he needs to be playing every day and I don't think hes good enough for that.
Black - not much of a bat, 4th OF at best
Bench - he's a worse version of Atherton, he's not going to get many AB's so let him go
Berra - should not be playing SS with 7 fielding. Utility bench guy at best
Rojas - do not cut! but don't let him play 3B anymore, Atherton is your best 3B. Give him the DH slot.
Banks - can't hit, I think you can upgrade upon him
Cooper - needs more AB's, slot him in every day and I think you'll reap the rewards. Can play him at 3B if required
Verhoeven - great bench bat, but also has enough glove that he could justify being your starting SS

Pitching looks fine although aging, try to pick up a 25/26 year old 12-13 pot guy who can grow behind your veterans for next season.

Hope that's of some help!
#59485 Forum >> Discussions >> 2036 cup Mesh77 06/22/2018 3:22:26 pm
All but one last sixteen matchup went 2-0 (or 0-2, if you like).

The Aliens had their righty starters out in league play so they weren't available to face righty-susceptible Manhattan. Sent out two lefties...and suffered two 1-run losses. Oh well.
#59486 Forum >> Discussions >> Draft Round 7 Cactusguy21 06/22/2018 3:59:32 pm

10 potential though is the issue with him. That means his Bat Control and likely his PD are gonna be negligible.
#59487 Forum >> Discussions >> 2036 cup Seca 06/22/2018 7:24:25 pm
Dino - Battle Creek series much as expected.

Game 1. 2 out in the 2nd. Battle Creek sequence 6 of their 7 hits in the game for a 5 spot. Dinos spaced their 11 hits well enough to only score 2.

Game 2 Dinos were cut down by one of the 15 pot starters.

Best of luck to Battle Creek and the remaining teams. Thanks all for another fun cup.
#59488 Forum >> Discussions >> Draft Round 7 Rock777 06/22/2018 8:34:36 pm
His BC is certainly starting out low, but given his scouting report he could easily end up looking something like this:

18 Hitting
12 Bat Control
13 Plate Discipline
14 Power
6 Speed
8 Fielding
10 Range
6 Arm

Take scouting inaccuracies into account and he could be a pretty nice guy for round 7.
#59489 Forum >> Discussions >> 2036 Draft - Round 6 Lacisum Utama 06/22/2018 9:43:36 pm
Wow that breaks it down well! Thank you! Ive been lucky. Just missed out on promotion my first season and now looking to gain ground this season and get back towards the top. Changed managers. Released a bunch of old guys and went to FA originally but now looking at drafting. I have a backlog of talent I feel and looking to improve it. Already have a few POT 15/14 guys on the majors trying to build around that and get as much bang as i can in the drafts. Will do more research but you gave me a great start!
#59490 Forum >> Discussions >> Draft Round 7 Lacisum Utama 06/22/2018 10:08:27 pm

ehh clicked the international pool by mistake
#59491 Forum >> Help >> Looking for some Veteran advice for a guy in his Sophomore Season Lacisum Utama 06/22/2018 10:30:52 pm
Greatings BB Owners! I have been here for about a season and a half. 133-112 Record so far. (1:87-73 2:46-39) Finished 2nd last season after cooling off down the stretch which is when I decided to start making moves/rebuilding.
In the off season I took a chance on a new manager, Released some older players, signed some free agents and have been drafting up a storm.
I am looking for any and all advice any of you more experience owners might have. Can be as small as moving the team to a new location or as big as nuke the team and start over. Go into the nitty gritty like I am a veteran, any candidates for stealing? Pitch count limits? Anything that jumps off the top of your head I am interested in, even if its just a hello. Looking for multiple opinions if possible as everyone has their own style/experience.
Ideally I would like to build around pitching and I think this recent all star game speaks to that as 4/6 pitchers on the team were from my organization. But only 2 position players who were both backups. My philosophy for pitching has been a 6 man rotation the first third to half of the season to see whose got it. Switch to the 5 man when I have a solid rotation after moving guys around from the minors. And then a 4 or 4.5 man down the stretch If I have a weak link still. All with pitch counts at 180 or whatever the highest is. Batting has been RHP loaded with lefties, LHP loaded with righties, switch players around who have low averages against that type. Havent touched the management settings the last owner had.
Anyways! Greetings all! Look forward to hearing how you like the team! Hope to play against you and win the Ship one day!

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