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#63291 Forum >> Suggestions >> Drill Down Stats for All Games, All Years for Players Rock777 02/22/2019 10:59:53 am
#63292 Forum >> Discussions >> Official Draft Change Discussion Rock777 02/22/2019 11:01:53 am
It saves a bit of database space to make room for more scouted skills.

That is not how DBs work. It doesn't save any space. DBs don't actually save all that text for each entry.
#63293 Forum >> Discussions >> Official Draft Change Discussion Rock777 02/22/2019 11:03:33 am
I find it hilarious that Mike is whining and crying about how "private information" would lead to rampant cheating in HW, but then proposes doing the same thing in BB, LOL!
#63294 Forum >> Baseball >> 2018-19 Offseason JoeDaddyeous91 02/22/2019 12:38:27 pm
It's incredible that all of these names are still available.
Keuchel, Jose Iglesias, Gio Gonzalez, Clay Buchholz, Kimbrel and of course Harper.
I'm under the belief you can never have enough SPs, and to see those three names out there still is pretty incredible to me.

Bryce has to be going to the Philadelphia at this point.
#63295 Forum >> Discussions >> Official Draft Change Discussion MukilteoMike 02/22/2019 12:54:38 pm
What in the world are you talking about? My suggestion doesn't include any private information. Once again I need to recommend for you to actually read posts.

Here's a quick synopsis of my suggestion--
1. Include more information to the scouting report, in particular, range, arm and a slightly more specific potential SI.
2. Create a minimum potential SI for the first few rounds.
3. Increase draft options to around 15 players.

Edit--Those are in order of what I think is most important. I'm not sure 3 is necessary if 1 and 2 were implemented, and I actually wouldn't be in favor of 3 without the first two.

Updated Friday, February 22 2019 @ 1:07:30 pm PST
#63296 Forum >> Discussions >> 2039 Season 5L1NK 02/22/2019 1:54:35 pm
16.5 games above relegation with 32 games left. Appropriate time for September call ups? You bet your @$$! I'm crackling open a bottle of champagne if I can pull off an above .500 record.
#63297 Forum >> Help >> Arm Strength and Infielders Seca 02/22/2019 2:29:34 pm
Arm is a gravy stat at every position but C.

I like 15 on the left side of the infield, but it's far from required (imo). I used an 11 arm SS for the better part of the last decade. He did fine. 8 at 2B is fine. (Mine has 6).

I think it's astute you are looking at DPs. I think they fly under the radar for a lot of managers. Very important on both sides of the ball.

Broomfield (Legends) is a good case study. They are last in the league this season (with half as many turned as #11). Position knowledge > fielding > arm is how I would prioritize things for turning lots of DPs. That hierarchy is consistent with the Roadrunners results this season.
#63298 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion Seca 02/22/2019 3:21:49 pm
Doldrums now. Waivers done. Minors done. Already tinkering with spring training deployment.

If I counted right Dinos have a survival number of 25.5. McCarty working through another double digit injury. Father Time catching up to him.

I am amazed Broomfield is making up ground with that defence. Guess Haselrig was right to be looking over his shoulder.
#63299 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion Haselrig 02/23/2019 1:31:28 am
The Murillo injury was a big blow to our momentum. Moves a MR into a starter spot and forced me to bring my prized AAA P up early. Gonna be a struggle.
#63300 Forum >> Help >> Arm Strength and Infielders amalric7 02/23/2019 3:17:50 am
Yeah, I don't think Arm matters at 2B, but a good Arm at 3B can be advantageous (or you might think, I have no numbers to back that up) and I believe its a huge plus at SS - you can get by with solid fielders (13-15) or an average Arm, but ideally you want as much Range as you can get, so two out of three is the aim I guess.

And it took me a few seasons to figure out that double plays really matter here. We were not a defensive team by any means when I started but we're much better now. Similarly, GIDP on offence is an absolute killer. I've purposely added guys to my lineup that have good OBP skills as we transitioned from a pure power team, but look at O'Conner - for a lefty catcher there hasn't been any real negative fielding impact: throws out 35% of base runners and won a Gold Glove last season. Plus his AVG and OBP are good at the top of the lineup. BUT...look at those GIDP numbers, and extreme groundball tendencies...I wonder just how much that affects my offence. I've played him at the bottom of the order at times in the hope it might minimise the damage but I'm not sure it makes a huge difference. I just hope the good outweighs the bad.

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