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#71544 Forum >> Leagues >> III.1 shikago 02/19/2020 6:35:31 am
Haverhill is on fire! A double digit winning streak that almost equals your run differential. Seems like the bad luck to start the season really turned around for you.
#71545 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion afreespirit 02/19/2020 7:12:44 am
Now is the time when the RNG turns against us.

40-10 was a damn good run while it lasted.

#71546 Forum >> Leagues >> II.1 Seca 02/19/2020 7:24:03 am
Grats to Cedar Rapids on Walter. Dinos looked hard at him, but in the end didn't put in a claim.

Staley's debut not quite what we were hoping for. He managed not to get murdered as neither of the HRs he surrendered were in his everyone-gets-a-hit inning. But 2 HRs in 5+ doesn't do much to alleviate our concerns that he will have trouble keeping the ball in the park with limited movement.
#71547 Forum >> Help >> FIP michaeltodd2 02/19/2020 9:04:24 am
Pitching. Pitching, pitching, pitching. Building a decent pitching staff is like an art form in this game. I have numerous pitchers I've been working on for over a year of real time...pouring over stats, watching the games playout, etc. I have a few pitchers who started out real well, but recently they seem to hit a wall. Who to give up on and finally cut?? It's hard to let some players go, lo! Particularly when they still have a little growth left. So just how important is FIP, to most experienced managers? If I got a guy whose on the fence as to whether or not I should cut him, and he's carrying a 4.50 ERA with a FIP of 6.50 for instance? Or the flip side, I got a pitcher with a 7.00 ERA and a FIP of 3.50 in 50 innings played? Should I keep him? Any thoughts would be appreciated, thanks.
#71548 Forum >> Help >> FIP PrivateSnowflake 02/19/2020 10:46:03 am
You can fix ERA with better defenders. You can't "fix" a high FIP.

That said, it's too early to give up on Villanueva. He's got a ways to grow and imo, it takes a pitcher a couple of seasons to get going.

Who's the other guy? Ricci? Good HR rate, groundball pitcher. Your defense isn't bad, but it is severely lacking in range in SS and 2B, which are plus positions in that category.

How about Vigil at 2B full-time, Panja and Arias platooning at 1B and please send Heaton back down! You'll stunt his growth bringing him up early. Where is reads "overmatched at this level" will someday read "learned all he can" and even then, I'd leave him down for a few more weeks to squeeze every last drop of training out of him. Dude is going to be your star, make sure he can develop into one!
#71549 Forum >> Help >> FIP michaeltodd2 02/19/2020 12:15:23 pm
Much thanks dude!
#71550 Forum >> Announcements >> Slow server today... admin 02/19/2020 3:48:43 pm
For those who also play Hardwood, it appears that the server is running a bit slow today.

#71551 Forum >> Leagues >> III.1 Rock777 02/19/2020 4:51:30 pm
Thank you so very much for the jinx...
#71552 Forum >> Help >> FIP Rock777 02/19/2020 6:09:21 pm
I think FIP is overrated. It doesn't tell you anything about how many hits the guy gives up. I think its more helpful to look at things like WHIP, H/IP, BB/IP, K/IP, HR/IP and GB/FB.
#71553 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion afreespirit 02/19/2020 6:45:31 pm
One of the most frustrating things about this particular slump is the cratering of fan mood. At the start of the season it was around 124. We go 40-10 (with a 15 game winning streak) and 14-8 in the Cup and fan mood increases to about 145 and we become the top ranked team in BB. Then we get eliminated from the Cup by a IV team and lose 9 of 10 to two top ranked teams and fan mood plummets to 113.

How can we lose more fan mood in 12 games (1-11) than we gained in 74 (54-20)? In fact we lost more than we gained during a 15-0 run (17-2 counting Cup games) and a 17-6 stretch or 34-8 before the current 1-11.

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