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#60550 Forum >> Discussions >> Regression after an MVP Season BigBaseballBoy11 08/20/2018 9:07:25 pm
I don't really know because I am new, but that sounds stupid to me.
#60551 Forum >> Suggestions >> Futures Game (Top Prospects) BigBaseballBoy11 08/21/2018 4:39:14 am
So, My idea is that we have a "Futures game" and select top prospects from teams across BB, and have them play. What do yall say?
#60552 Forum >> Help >> New to the game Rock777 08/21/2018 7:25:13 am
As a team down in VI, you want to focus on your younger guys. The 25/26 year old guys on your team will be part of your teams core, while guys over 30 are mostly expendable. That said, some of the existing players are not great.

Barrera may have some value as a defensive backup, but really can't hit at all.

Sims looks a bit better offensively, but without any hitting reports I would be cautious. Also not really good enough defensively.

Cook has no hitting scout reports which is really unforgivable for an OF.

Here are some links that can be helpful:

Fielder Replacement Settings
Rough defensive guidelines
Pitcher Roles
When to listen to the AI

Scouting report value ranges
Projecting Players
Projecting Managers
Draft Pools
Guide to Drafting for Positions

#60553 Forum >> Help >> New to the game Rock777 08/21/2018 7:51:15 am
Also, be aware of growth rates and player advancement rate when you are signing new players.

Players usually advance at a fairly even rate ~2 years per level, but each player is a little different. If the AI recommendation is Rookie Ball for a 22 year old, he isn't ever going to truly be ready for the majors. You want your guys to be at least in AAA by the time they are 25.

Each player has different skill growth patterns, so it can be difficult to judge skill growth. Many players grow very slowly until they are 21. But if you see a 22 year old player is only gain 3 points a year, and he still only has 50 SI, consider that he may never reach his potential. Many players never reach their potential. For a 14 you may not care because he may still make a good player even if he doesn't reach his potential, but consider how long it will take for the guy to be useful. There does not appear to be any value in leaving a 27 year old in AAA (except possibly for position training). They are probably better off sitting the bench in the majors.
#60554 Forum >> Discussions >> The Venting Thread Jason2327 08/21/2018 2:52:57 pm
Your guy is off to a horrible start is all. Hr’s are killing him along with walks right now
#60555 Forum >> Discussions >> 2037 Draft (Round 4) Jason2327 08/21/2018 2:59:01 pm
Ya Santana will still hit good
#60556 Forum >> Leagues >> III.2 Philliesworld 08/21/2018 5:13:42 pm
I still just think your team has to much talent to relegate. But I could be reading your team wrong.

The 2035 "slugger tandem" is back! In 2035, De La Garza, and Shwarz (MVP that season) combined for a total of 78 homeruns and 238 RBI's, and OPS. of .888, and .893 respectively. Makeing the heart of the HRB lineup deadly.

In 2036 they combined for 51 homeruns, and 156 RBI's, and .708, and .736 OPS. And the,offense while still solid, lacked the true slugging 3-4 hitting.

But it seems their back on track! Thru 37 games they have hit 19 homeruns, 69 RBI's, and 1.057, and .957 OPS.

With youngster Hayashi thriving in leadoff spot versus righties. And 37 year old "Ageless" somehow still maintaining his +.300 batting average at the #2 spot. We've been killing righties. Lefties not so much. We still have a losing record versus lefties.

Also I have my best outfield ever! Versus righties I got Hayashi, Shwarz, and De La Garza. All great offensively, and all have 17+ range. Versus lefties I have Dyer, Shwarz and De La Garza. Also all have 17+ range. I moved Garza from SS to CF this season, since I finally found a true SS in Valezuela off of the waivers.

Updated Tuesday, August 21 2018 @ 5:16:00 pm PDT
#60557 Forum >> Discussions >> Regression after an MVP Season Philliesworld 08/21/2018 5:43:44 pm
Don't worry, he'll bounce back. Just like in real life players have ups and downs, and high's and low's. They all have their streaks. And sometimes they'll have a career season, that is above and beyond their normal average. And they'll also have off-years where nothing seems to go right. Out of these happenings the SAT theory has arisen. SAT is an acronym for a "skill adjustment theory". It implies that at the beginning of every season a players skills are randomly and forcibly changed up to 20% of what the skill shows. This is strongly supported by the game manual where it says the skills can vary up to 20% from the visible value. The reason for skill adjustment is so theres variation from season to season, just like real life.

Hope that helps!

Also, my own 2035 MVP had a hard regression season in the following 2036 season. Which is somewhat normal since an MVP season is usually an above average career season. But, that said I've seen players follow up a MVP season with an even better one.
#60558 Forum >> Suggestions >> Futures Game (Top Prospects) Philliesworld 08/21/2018 5:49:49 pm
Suggestions similar to this have been thrown around before already. Such as a Fall Ball league, where you'd get to send five of your minor league prospects for some extra training. Or a Youth Classic. And I'm all for any of them. Anything that gives us more control in how our minor leaguers are trained.
#60559 Forum >> Discussions >> 2037 Cup Thread Philliesworld 08/21/2018 6:03:09 pm
Hydrogen versus Mercury. Love it! Makes a great newspaper headline.

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