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#79748 Forum >> Suggestions >> Pinch Hitting Rank lostraven 01/17/2021 7:24:47 am
Sure, I can understand not wanting to add more complexity.

So instead of picking which inning the player gets pinch-hit for from the drop-downs for each player, the replacement would be a "Rank" number? And each player would have a drop-down, number from 1 to ... 17, since that's the max number of offensive players? For both LHP and RHP?

Updated Sunday, January 17 2021 @ 7:33:19 am PST
#79749 Forum >> Suggestions >> Some changes... lostraven 01/17/2021 7:36:04 am
I too would rather keep the empty Cup day as a rest day for pitchers than have yet another relatively empty day in the offseason. I've heard enough complaints over the years of the offseason/preseason being a little too long, particularly with the change moving Draft Round 1 back one week.

Updated Sunday, January 17 2021 @ 7:40:27 am PST
#79750 Forum >> Suggestions >> Some changes... NotGood88 01/17/2021 8:28:23 am
I personally like the empty Cup days just fine, I only really have 2 consistent starters and 3 on-and-off guys, I always like it when everyone gets a rest so De Smet and Solis can get more starts.
#79751 Forum >> Suggestions >> Some changes... Jason2327 01/17/2021 10:18:09 am
Hate the empty days but yet don't want the extra longer offseason
#79752 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion still_c 01/17/2021 7:29:43 pm
#79753 Forum >> Suggestions >> Some changes... Rock777 01/17/2021 10:00:35 pm
The extra day at the flip does give Steve more time to deal with any emergencies (both real life and game related). Also, it might mean the flip is completed earlier, giving folks more lead time to fix up their team and put claims in on players.

The current Friday off, doesn't really provide any benefits.
#79754 Forum >> Leagues >> III.1 Rock777 01/17/2021 10:01:33 pm
Its that time of the season. When us superstitious types are afraid to breath ;)
#79755 Forum >> Suggestions >> Some changes... admin 01/17/2021 10:06:52 pm
There are two issues...

1. The Friday without any of games (real time day off).
2. The advancement of game dates without games.

I don't particularly like increasing the off-season by a day, but it would be helpful turning over the season and potentially folding in new features in the off-season.

I understand people like the game hiatus to reset their pitching -- but it doesn't really make any game sense.


#79756 Forum >> Suggestions >> Pinch Hitting Rank Rock777 01/17/2021 11:06:00 pm
do away with the Pinch Hit For LHP/RHP checkboxes

Are you referring to the vLHP and vRHP inning to replace? I would hate to lose those. That is one of the few places we currently have good control over, and a significant part of the strategic part of the game... Figuring out how early you should pull a lefty for righty hitter depending on what their pitching staff setup looks like.

This would drastically change the game. Everyone would just set their LHP to come in as early as possible to wipe out all the good LH Hitters (or vice versa). I think it would be a huge step backwards for control over our teams.

I would have to give this idea -1000.

Updated Sunday, January 17 2021 @ 11:08:36 pm PST
#79757 Forum >> Leagues >> III.1 amalric7 01/18/2021 12:16:05 pm
Allow me. Thought we might actually win our third series in a row last night (winning one has been the exception this season) with Lockwood on the mound, but instead he landed his first loss for us (6-1, 9 starts). If only we had more of the likes of him instead of the BP types we've had to put out for the most part. He may be 32 and making just over $4M but I'm tempted to retain him for next season.

Which will almost certainly be in LLIV, as expected. Making up 9-10 games with just 28 games left is asking way too much of this lot, but there's not much chaff to get rid of, still a fairly young team. There have of course been some terrible performances, almost all on the pitching side, so maybe changes need to be made for change's sake.

Best of luck to all for the stretch run.

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