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#76400 Forum >> Leagues >> IV.4 Squiddcatt 08/07/2020 10:05:41 am
2/3 report and interleague play.
West before Interleague
1. 29-21 Deadwood
2. 29-21 0 GB Inglewood
3. 24-26 5 GB Columbus
4. 23-27 6 GB National City
5. 23-27 6 GB Kirkland
6. 22-28 7 GB Oklahome City

West after Interleague
1. 64-46 Deadwood
2. 63-47 1 GB Inglewood
3. 61-49 3 GB National City
4. 61-49 3 GB Oklahoma City
5. 55-55 9 GB Columbus
6. 48-62 16 GB Kirkland

West team records in Interleague
39-21 Oklahoma City
38-22 National City
35-25 Deadwood
34-26 Inglewood
32-28 Columbus
25-35 Kirkland

As we can see the west DOMINATED the east winning a combined 203-157. The 5th place team in the west in better than the 2nd place team in the east. The 4th place team in the west is also better than the first place team in the east.

Oklahome City Bobcat Season Records by Round

As we can see the Cats continue to get better as time passed and can be a true potential worst to first story starting the year 1-9, and also being last after the first innersquad play and being tied for 3rd now.

OKC Bobcats records vs East teams
Binghampton 7-3
Gastonia 6-4
Coconut Creek 7-3
Moorhead 6-4
Fort Wayne 3-7
Savannah 10-0

Great Intersquad, hope for great things to come for the Cats.

Updated Friday, August 7 2020 @ 10:06:54 am PDT
#76401 Forum >> Suggestions >> Trade Matchmaking System envican 08/07/2020 10:09:50 am
Does the draft system distribute talented players to each team evenly? I've always wondered if it pre-assigns prospects to each teams draft boards
#76402 Forum >> Discussions >> 2046 Draft Kinthin 08/07/2020 10:10:50 am
@ Jwrose

I bet we had some claims on the same couple guys, haha.. I didn't get any, but I lucked out the other day on a 1B/OF claim, so I'm not upset.
#76403 Forum >> Help >> Fielding statistics analysis Amhaja 08/07/2020 11:49:27 am
Ok thanks
Appreciate the comments :)
#76404 Forum >> Help >> Fielding statistics analysis Rock777 08/07/2020 1:32:06 pm
ERA-FIP isn't super useful. If your pitcher gives up a lot of hits, their ERA will be higher. People assume that giving up a lot of hits means the defense is falling down on the job, but some pitchers just give up a lot of hits because they are not good. For instance, they might have great control, but no velocity, CoS, or movement. So they don't walk anyone, but they are throwing meatballs. If they are also a ground ball pitcher, they could have a great FIP, despite being a horrible pitcher.
#76405 Forum >> Suggestions >> Trade Matchmaking System Rock777 08/07/2020 1:33:34 pm
No it doesn't. That is a suggestion I made in the past.
#76406 Forum >> Discussions >> 2046 Cup hurstdm 08/07/2020 4:24:53 pm
Goodness gracious, Cheyenne and Minneapolis just played one of the tightest, best cup ties ever.
#76407 Forum >> Discussions >> 2046 Draft Rock777 08/07/2020 4:29:56 pm
4 round draft now, mostly bare

I'd disagree. I generally pulled garbage in the old system. Doesn't seem much different to me. Fresno pulled a POT 15 in 8th round last season. I didn't see that in the old system. And if you stopped drafting after 4, no chance you'll pull that POT 15 in the 8th.

It was a luck fest before, and its a luck fest now. Biggest difference is that a lot of the POT 13s and POT 14s are getting weeded out while they are in highschool now. So we never actually see them develop and turn into the 13s and 14s that they really are.
#76408 Forum >> Leagues >> III.1 patborders 08/07/2020 4:32:32 pm
We certainly enjoyed interleague.
#76409 Forum >> Leagues >> Legends League Discussion Coolhand 08/07/2020 5:22:38 pm
I'm happy to spearhead the effort to "Feast on the Beast from the East"

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