Russell Hiatt

Russell Hiatt
United States   Russell Hiatt [ID #243592] Bookmark Russell Hiatt          Free Agent          OF
Home Town: Milwaukee, Wisconsin           College: University of Wisconsin           Drafted: 2047, Round #3 by Des Moines Hawks
Minor LeaguerBats (R)                      Throws (R)                      Positions: OF
AttributesOffense   [Form: Average]Defense
Age: 29Hitting: 8 Fielding: 8
Height: 6' 0"Bat Control: 10 Range: 11
Weight: 194Plate Discipline: 6 Arm: 12
Experience: 0 years Power: 12 Skill Index: 10 / 20 81
Salary: $0.20MSpeed: 14 Potential:12 / 20 12
Scouting Report: He can develop into a prolific slugger. He has decent speed. He has good overall potential. He is probably too old to improve much more.

Date Game Date Team From Team To Age Transaction Type
08/10/19 January 15th 2042 - Draft Prospect Pool 16 Created as Draft Prospect
10/02/20 May 29th 2047 Draft Prospect Pool Des Moines Hawks 21 College Draftee
03/03/21 May 21st 2049 Des Moines Hawks Free Agent Pool 23 Released
01/28/22 August 19th 2053 Free Agent Pool Ft. Lauderdale Buccaneers 27 Free Agent Signee
02/11/22 October 10th 2053 Ft. Lauderdale Buccaneers Free Agent Pool 27 Released

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