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Corvallis Ravens

Broken Bat Baseball
Ah, another one of those players that I'd like to see fully develop, just to see what the end result is. But I'm not in LL6 just goofin' around, and I don't think I can commit a slot to Ruiz.

Assuming he's a 10 POT, and optimistically hoping for something like 85 SI, you'd get something like 18 Hitting, 14 BC, 13 PD, 6 Power, 10 Fielding. May end up getting on base, but you normally want your 1B to power a few balls over the fence. Tough to justify keeping him. Still, fun seventh-round pick from the 1B pool.
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Glendale Marshals

Broken Bat Baseball
A possible 1B/DH that hopefully becomes a 11 or 12 potential player.

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