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Canton Tornados

Broken Bat Baseball
I have a player who is closing in on 1,000 career league stolen bases. Including cup he is at 1,110. Does anyone have a somewhat modern day player who has reached 1,000 in league?
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Fall River Naughty Dawgs

Broken Bat Baseball
Dan Shuaghnessy ... tomato can.

http://brokenbat.org/player/154262 +

.. skipped one

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Waterloo Dinosaurs

Broken Bat Baseball
The 2 best base stealers I have seen are Elkins and York. Neither of them made 1k, but both played in upper leagues for their careers.
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Lawrence Hawks

Broken Bat Baseball
Here are the top base stealers in BB history (>950, pulled from team career stats page, so I believe cup is discounted). I looked at the player ID and only looked up what I thought would be the younger guys - Format is: Name / SBs / Link / Last Yr Played

E. Heath 1354 http://brokenbat.org/player/92506 34
L. Dean 1328 http://brokenbat.org/player/32854 19
S. Mathews 1302 http://brokenbat.org/player/78643 30
Z. Hardin 1268 http://brokenbat.org/player/32607 19
K. Sexton 1263 http://brokenbat.org/player/37214 22
F. Reynolds 1250 http://brokenbat.org/player/94531 36
E. Valera 1226 http://brokenbat.org/player/38751 22
T. Harper 1211 http://brokenbat.org/player/39754 18
J. Arroyo 1204 http://brokenbat.org/player/7361 19
J. Villa 1178 http://brokenbat.org/player/10660
M. Saenez 1176 http://brokenbat.org/player/17406
C. Virgil 1163 http://brokenbat.org/player/67764
A. DeJesus 1156 http://brokenbat.org/player/27901
A. Campos 1146 http://brokenbat.org/player/93463
H. Rodriquez 1144 http://brokenbat.org/player/16287
E. Vasquez 1140 http://brokenbat.org/player/20704
D. Carrick 1127 http://brokenbat.org/player/114634 45
C. Zavala 1112 http://brokenbat.org/player/30409
D. Reyna 1111 http://brokenbat.org/player/43472
H. Robert 1110 http://brokenbat.org/player/28780
B. Robertson 1107 http://brokenbat.org/player/14220
D. Mathews 1105 http://brokenbat.org/player/83926
J. Campos 1104 http://brokenbat.org/player/41307
G. Hoyle 1101 http://brokenbat.org/player/154800 48
S. Richardson 1095 http://brokenbat.org/player/93740
H. Manning 1088 http://brokenbat.org/player/53853
D. Michael 1075 http://brokenbat.org/player/89707
Y. Sumurakami 1073 http://brokenbat.org/player/88672
I. Navarrete 1071 http://brokenbat.org/player/5302
E. Cuevas 1070 http://brokenbat.org/player/9689
C. Watson 1069 http://brokenbat.org/player/21537
G. Mosley 1064 http://brokenbat.org/player/18375
B. Warner 1049 http://brokenbat.org/player/99025
A. Ornelas 1049 http://brokenbat.org/player/16739
B. Lloyd 1047 http://brokenbat.org/player/35732
J. Hodge 1043 http://brokenbat.org/player/15784
S. Olson 1038 http://brokenbat.org/player/73979
C. Hubbard 1036 http://brokenbat.org/player/33078
R. Miyagi 1036 http://brokenbat.org/player/125773 39
L. Serna 1032 http://brokenbat.org/player/97372
L. Spahn 1029 http://brokenbat.org/player/12372
C. Boone 1029 http://brokenbat.org/player/63250
C. Yanez 1027 http://brokenbat.org/player/6015
S. Koch 1025 http://brokenbat.org/player/25804
A. Fingers 1024 http://brokenbat.org/player/14617
J. Huang 1023 http://brokenbat.org/player/6298
T. Jenkins 1018 http://brokenbat.org/player/39114
J. Terrell 1017 http://brokenbat.org/player/26956
L. Tapia 1015 http://brokenbat.org/player/39637
B. Thomas 1004 http://brokenbat.org/player/17102
D. Peters 989 http://brokenbat.org/player/2782
P. Jones 981 http://brokenbat.org/player/135330 44
E. Arriaga 974 http://brokenbat.org/player/105445 46
R. Valdez 970 http://brokenbat.org/player/91745
A. Colon 969 http://brokenbat.org/player/18321
E. Reyes 961 http://brokenbat.org/player/71767
M. Norman 959 http://brokenbat.org/player/11335
M. Leon 957 http://brokenbat.org/player/44297
L. Ramirez 950 http://brokenbat.org/player/16892

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Burlington Remnants

Broken Bat Baseball
Th all time greatest record for SB is 1374 and is held by Jacob McCormick

For active players the leader is Johnnie Bourne age 33 with 945 SB. To make the all time greatest list he will need a minimum of 1111 career SB. Only 166 SB to go. Will he make it?

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West Fargo Turtles

Broken Bat Baseball
Players who had lots of steals for multiple teams wouldn't make that list, like this guy who is my team's all-time leader despite only being on my team for eight seasons. (He had 1,150 across his career.)

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Lawrence Hawks

Broken Bat Baseball
Ya... I see now that it is only counting SBs for that player while playing for that specific team. Whoops!

Afreespirit - how did you come up with McCormick? Are there pages that have all previous players that I could run a crawler on?

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Burlington Remnants

Broken Bat Baseball
At the bottom of the league page there is a link for All-Time Greatest. This covers all of Broken Bat.
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Lawrence Hawks

Broken Bat Baseball
Even better! Thanks!
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Boulder Free Zoners

Broken Bat Baseball
This probably fits as a suggestion,but Steve make these buttons bigger so people are drawn to them- on the occasional evening when I have free time to waste, scrolling through all time BB stats keeps me entertained......

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