Douglas Tygart

Douglas Tygart
United States   Douglas Tygart [ID #250676] Bookmark Douglas Tygart          Free Agent          P
Home Town: Virginia Beach, Virginia           High School: Boone High School           Drafted: 2044, Round #8 by Cincinnati Stormtroopers
Minor LeaguerBats (L)                      Throws (R)                      Positions:
AttributesPitching   [Form: Average]Defense
Age: 20Velocity: 1 Fielding: 4
Height: 6' 0"Change of Speeds: 2 Range: 8
Weight: 205Movement: 3 Arm: 4
Experience: 0 years Control: 1 Skill Index: 2 / 20 18
Salary: $0.20MStamina: 1 Potential:10 / 20 10
Pitch Repertoire: Fastball, Slider, Curveball, Changeup
Scouting Report: He will always be wild. He may be limited to only a few innings. He may never get out of the minor leagues.

Date Game Date Team From Team To Age Transaction Type
10/25/19 January 15th 2043 - Draft Prospect Pool 16 Created as Draft Prospect
03/13/20 September 12th 2044 Draft Prospect Pool Cincinnati Titans 17 High School Draftee
03/13/20 September 12th 2044 Cincinnati Titans Free Agent Pool 17 Released

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