Iván Cano

Iván Cano
Colombia   Iván Cano [ID #248678] Bookmark Iván Cano          Free Agent          P
Home Town: Barrancabermeja, Colombia           School: none           Drafted: 2045, Round #4 by Cincinnati Stormtroopers
Minor LeaguerBats (R)                      Throws (R)                      Positions: p
AttributesPitching   [Form: Average]Defense
Age: 21Velocity: 5 Fielding: 5
Height: 6' 1"Change of Speeds: 4 Range: 10
Weight: 204Movement: 7 Arm: 5
Experience: 0 years Control: 1 Skill Index: 4 / 20 37
Salary: $0.20MStamina: 5 Potential:10 / 20 10
Pitch Repertoire: Fastball, Curveball, Forkball, Changeup
Scouting Report: He can have a major league curveball. He will always be wild. He will be able to throw all day. He has good overall potential.

Date Game Date Team From Team To Age Transaction Type
10/25/19 January 15th 2043 - Draft Prospect Pool 16 Created as Draft Prospect
05/06/20 June 15th 2045 Draft Prospect Pool Cincinnati Stormtroopers 18 Latin American Academy Signee
05/06/20 June 15th 2045 Cincinnati Stormtroopers Free Agent Pool 18 Released

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