Carlos Villarreal

Carlos Villarreal
United States   Carlos Villarreal [ID #183976] Bookmark Carlos Villarreal          Free Agent          3B
Home Town: Mount Sterling, Kentucky           College: Murray State University           Drafted: 2037, Round #5 by Charlotte Chili Peppers
Minor LeaguerBats (R)                      Throws (R)                      Positions: 3B 1b
AttributesOffense   [Form: Average]Defense
Age: 29Hitting: 9 Fielding: 7
Height: 6' 5"Bat Control: 8 Range: 14
Weight: 235Plate Discipline: 11 Arm: 10
Experience: 0 years Power: 12 Skill Index: 10 / 20 84
Salary: $0.20MSpeed: 13 Potential:12 / 20 12
Scouting Report: He can develop into a prolific slugger. He has decent speed. He has good overall potential. He is probably too old to improve much more.

Date Game Date Team From Team To Age Transaction Type
08/31/18 June 25th 2037 Draft Prospect Pool Charlotte Chili Peppers 20 College Draftee
07/06/19 June 27th 2041 Charlotte Chili Peppers Free Agent Pool 24 Released
10/04/19 August 19th 2042 Free Agent Pool Sugar Land Leopards 25 Free Agent Signee
11/08/19 March 14th 2043 Sugar Land Leopards Free Agent Pool 26 Released

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