Óscar Tejeda

Óscar Tejeda
Mexico   Óscar Tejeda [ID #172650] Bookmark Óscar Tejeda          Free Agent          1B
Home Town: Ciudad Apodaca, Mexico           School: none           Drafted: 2035, Round #4 by Mercer Island Grizzlies
ProfessionalBats (L)                      Throws (L)                      Positions: 1B
AttributesOffense   [Form: Average]Defense
Age: 29Hitting: 5 Fielding: 13
Height: 6' 1"Bat Control: 13 Range: 10
Weight: 203Plate Discipline: 9 Arm: 17
Experience: 0 years Power: 5 Skill Index: 10 / 20 84
Salary: $0.20MSpeed: 12 Potential:13 / 20 13
Scouting Report: He can be amazing in the field. He has good overall potential. He is probably too old to improve much more.

Date Game Date Team From Team To Age Transaction Type
03/23/18 May 29th 2035 Draft Prospect Pool Mercer Island Grizzlies 17 Latin American Academy Signee
02/14/20 May 29th 2044 Mercer Island Grizzlies Free Agent Pool 26 Released
06/26/20 March 14th 2046 Free Agent Pool Plantation Polar Bears 28 Free Agent Signee
07/10/20 May 3rd 2046 Plantation Polar Bears Free Agent Pool 28 Released

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