Fumiya Yokoyama

Fumiya Yokoyama
Japan   Fumiya Yokoyama [ID #171587] Bookmark Fumiya Yokoyama          Free Agent          P
Home Town: Fukuoka, Japan           School: none           Drafted: 2035, Round #3 by Littleton Cthulhu
Minor LeaguerBats (R)                      Throws (R)                      Positions: P
AttributesPitching   [Form: Average]Defense
Age: 29Velocity: 5 Fielding: 5
Height: 6' 0"Change of Speeds: 11 Range: 9
Weight: 186Movement: 5 Arm: 6
Experience: 0 years Control: 12 Skill Index: 7 / 20 63
Salary: $0.20MStamina: 10 Potential:11 / 20 11
Pitch Repertoire: Fastball, Changeup, Slider, Cutter, Splitter
Scouting Report: He will have the stamina to be a starting pitcher. He has good overall potential. He is probably too old to improve much more.

Date Game Date Team From Team To Age Transaction Type
03/09/18 April 7th 2035 - Littleton Cthulhu 24 Asian Leagues Signee
03/09/18 April 7th 2035 Littleton Cthulhu Free Agent Pool 24 Released

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